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Received: Legendary missing White Rabbit mail art by Swinx (Greifswald, Germany)

September 19, 2010 - In the depths of summer, Swinx posted this mail art print at the IUOMA. It was very popular, and I requested a large signed copy - a real favor to ask indeed. Week after week, no White Rabbit in my mailbox, Then on Saturday it suddenly appeared. I am very grateful. What is the allure of this white rabbit art that caught my attention along…


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Received: Post-feminist mail art from Jen Staggs (Dallas, Texas, USA)

September 17, 2010 - I personally appreciate Jen Stagg's mail art as much as her photos, especially shots from New Orleans I've seen elsewhere. I like receiving work from IUOMA friends that incorporates fabric, sewing, and weaving. In previous blog posts I've thanked Mariska van den Heuvel (Holland - sewn paper) and Tina Festa (Italy - woven… Continue

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Received: "Rosso Sangue" mail art from Ander Morlando (Napoli, Italy)

September 16, 2010 - From the first time I saw his mail art at the IUOMA a few months ago, I wanted to be Ander Morlando's friend. I like the clarity, vibrant color, and his mastery of technology to make art (which is better seen in his IUOMA portfolio). I've also been intrigued by the ideas Ander must have that inform his work. I especially like and ponder about his "Simbolicus erratus" series. In the piece he sent…


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Received: Bifidus Jones mail art from the vispo phase (St. Paul, Minnesota, USA)

September 14, 2010 - Bifidus Jones recently sent me a stunning piece that integrates many vispo elements that have been mentioned in IUOMA discussions, notably layering (or over-laying) and integration of image with text. I like the expansive…


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Received: Larned Justin's mail art meets Main Street (Missouri, USA)

September 12, 2010 - Larned Justin's mail art arrived, along with other pieces by Bifidus Jones (Minnesota) and Jen Staggs (Texas). In this artwork (above), Larned uses a phtoto of the classic U.S. small town upon which to overlay complementary images creating, for me, an overall vintage and ghostly impression. I had seen Larned's work at the IUOMA but until now never looked at it closely. He definitely has a…


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Received: Mail art from the prolific Arttower (Bayern, Germany)

(Homage to Arttower by DVS)

September 10, 2010 - Last week I received a packed envelope from the prolific German mail artist Arttower. The set includes postcard-size…


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Received: Agitprop mailart from Grigori Antonin (Minnesota, USA)


September 7, 2010: Grigori Antonin of Minneapolis, Minnesota sent me mailart in the last several weeks that I am just catching up with now. I've made a pact with myself, in the spirit of the IUOMA, that I'll post all mail art from members I receive. Perhaps agitprop is…


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Received: Ruud Janssen - Litsa Spathi, mail art and Fluxus stamps (Breda, Netherlands)

September 6, 2010 - IUOMA founder and artist Ruud Janssen kept up his mail art correspondence during these past weeks while traveling to Athens and Switzerland. I recently received an envelope from him that includes a page of beautiful stamps shown above (drawn by Thomas Kerr and printed by Joel…


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Received: Karen Champlin's (Mail) Art Nation (Chicago School, USA)

September 3, 2010 - Karen Champlin and I joined the IUOMA about three months ago, only days apart if not on the same day. She was one of my first friends, and it has been a joy watching her art evolve and blossom. I saw her earliest pieces as posts on this site. My first reaction was that they were assemblages of…


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Submission to Grigori Antonin's Mailart Show in Honor of Jean Genet's 100th Birthday

August 31, 2010 - This photo documents "Solo for Violin," a performance by a Fluxus founder George Maciunas. I posted this last week for a few hours during a discussion on the IUOMA board. I received enough very positive feedback from members who saw it that I thought I'd share it again. Not everybody is familiar. The discussion involved Minnesota mailartist Grigori Antonin. My point was that the photo and the…


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Received: Mailart satire Public School Science Project Third Place Winner (Minnesota, USA)

August 29, 2010 - This piece of what I am interpreting to be satirical mailart arrived in my mailbox postmarked Saint Cloud, Minnesota. The identity of the artist is unclear to me, although I believe it is from a member of the IUOMA. I've been amused by this and was also grateful to be reminded of the humorous aspect of mailart that can give you a reality check, often when most needed.…


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Received: Mailart collage and Barbie (k)not from Helene Lagache (Bordeaux, France)

August 28, 2010 - Helene Lagache sent me a very carefully assembled mailart package that represents the continuation of a somewhat fragmented conversation we've been having. When I first joined the IUOMA several months ago, I saw her beautiful mailart collages and was drawn to their vibrant colors, use of repetition, and ripped paper technique.…


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Received: Mailart drawing from Kiera Pannell (UK and Quebec, Canada)

August 23, 2010 - Kiera Pannell is producing a series of post-card size drawings at a rate of at least one per day. Many if not all of these concentrate on heads and faces viewed from various perspectives. Perplexed by the identity of these characters I was seeing appear in diverse places, I emailed her and she kindly responded from Prague (she's…


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Received: Mailart from Julian Grant of the Chicago School - Division of the Surreal (USA)

August 21, 2010 - Julian Grant's mailart arrived in New York this week. This is another item I have been eagerly anticipating this summer, and it was worth the wait. Julian is one of many mailartists I have met for the first time through the IUOMA. His blogging to share work he has received with us and his extraordinary talent have provided me…


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Report on Ohio USA Skylab Mailart Show and Vispo Conference

Visual poet Geof Huth is providing detailed coverage of the events in Ohio on his blog. Many members of the IUOMA are in the mailart show, doing performances, or leading discussions:

Thanks Geof!

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Sent: Grigori Antonin "Big Brother" poster, Antonism cult kit, uncensored Grigster interview

August 19, 2010: After the unprecedented failure of "jade ar" followed by the unmitigated disaster of "decadence of jade ar," I am shamelessly exploiting the Ray Johnson is not dead (and he might be Grigori Antonin, Librarian on the Loose, or Richard Canard) mangled urban legend:



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Received: Mailart cut-ups from Ficus Strangulensis (West Virginia, USA)

August 17, 2010: New IUOMA friend as well as old friend Ficus Strangulensis sent me a "greatest hits" package from recent years. These show his distinctive adaptation of William Burroughs' cut up technique. His letter explains what he's been doing and provides an authentic portrait of the homegrown U.S. artisitc renegade, right down to the firearms fascination. To provide a little more bio. for you on Ficus, he is also an organic chemist. His investigations into randomness and…


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Received: Meta-mailart from "Fluxus Angie" Cope (Wisconsin, USA)

August 16, 2010: In email messages prior to sending me this piece, Angie Cope stated her intention of pushing the boundaries of the collage style she has developed, particularly with an eye toward Fluxus. We both share an interest in Fluxus; and IUOMA has among its members many practicing Fluxus artists from whom we can learn and have dialogues. In this piece, I see not only some Fluxus-derived elements but also styles and tendencies represented among…


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Received: Trashpo mailart from Erni Bar (Hamburg, Germany)

August 14, 2010: Versatile artist Erni Bar finds inspiration for some of his work in the streets of Hamburg. The mailart he sent me, documented below, marks my first experience in what I think could fairly be considered trashpo:

As with all mailart, packaging must be considered carefully for practicality as well as aesthetics. So in this…


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Received: Multi-media mailart from Kim Jung Youn (Seoul, Korea)

August 11, 2010: Kim Jung Youn sent these two wonderful pieces. Here is another example showing scans just do not do justice to the original. Kim incorporates photography, collage, stamping, and 3-d lettering to create this work. They are done with incredible attention to detail and care. Both pieces were wrapped in fine paper that only add to the feeling you are receiving something from a very good friend. Thanks Kim! I am sure this is just the…


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