Sent: Grigori Antonin "Big Brother" poster, Antonism cult kit, uncensored Grigster interview

August 19, 2010: After the unprecedented failure of "jade ar" followed by the unmitigated disaster of "decadence of jade ar," I am shamelessly exploiting the Ray Johnson is not dead (and he might be Grigori Antonin, Librarian on the Loose, or Richard Canard) mangled urban legend:

Is Grigori Antonin your real name? There is convincing evidence Ray Johnson is still alive. Is it possible that you…?

Grigori Antonin: I am…. [Mailart Messiah].

Were you aware a global mailart movement had been launched in your honor?

Grigori Antonin: I don’t usually read the Vancouver Sun.

What issues are of most concern to you? For instance, many mailartists are concerned with oil spills and animal rights.

Grigori Antonin: Holy All-Bitter is complaining I stole his painting.

You use Ray Johnson in your mailart instead of your own picture. What do you look like?

Grigori Antonin: A jowly J.D. Salinger.

Is Grigori Antonism political?

Grigori Antonin: Nyet!

Then what about the rumors you plan to run for U.S. President?

Grigori Antonin: Write me in.

Who will be your running mate?

Grigori Antonin: Marie F., Nyet! Genet.

But he’s not a citizen and he’s dead….

Grigori Antonin: Astounding. I don’t usually read the Vancouver Sun.

Anyone else in mind?

Grigori Antonin: I leave the St. Paul and St. Peter function to my disciples.

Speaking of Minnesota….

Grigori Antonin: In my view the irony is that I stole his painting.

Do you like the Grigori Antoninism Manifesto?

Grigori Antonin: Astounding!

Then “The Girl Scout Oath” represents your philosophy?

Grigori Antonin: Right on Sister!

But your manifesto says, "Be kind to animals." You didn't seem...

Grigori Antonin: Animals, Nyet! Write in: De Villo Sloan.

So it's OK to unleash Grigori Antonism on the world:

Grigori Antonin: Drop the bombs!

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