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Stephanie Blake's Colorful Past

This is the way all class photos should look and they should all include warnings about Darci Bush who by all accounts has grown up to be a perfectly normal person (the suits advised me to add this). Lotta work went into this one.  As well as riotous color, lots of detail and the signature touch: the price tag, as Stephanie looks ahead to her eBay years. Thank you, Stephanie. I predict a warm reception for this piece. …


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Two from Svenja

Straight outta the mean streets of Heidelberg comes Svenja's Mail Art Nuns and Running Man with Camel. Svenja, like so many others, has sent me two (2) things before I could even blog one....(insert sound of smitten brow here). I love Svenja's wrap around technique and I'm going to try it soon. I can hear those national geographic maps a callin' me. I will need some help deciphering the text here, Svenja as my German (like my French) is limited to Woe est der toiletten. …


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A Treat Grows in Brooklyn

Another exhibit from the museum of small things by curator Theresa Williams. Weaving a story around an old Cracked card that depicts Brooklyn of long ago, Theresa reimagines the scene as it might unfold with the current residents of the contemporary epicenter of the hipness. I don’t envy Jimmy in his wonderment. Thank you, Theresa.

A small story:…


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Booty from Angie

Angie has been steadfast in sending me her pieces WBOB (without benefit of blog). Here are just four of the things I've received since April including but not limited to: A pair of ATCS featuring a beautiful babe (possibly Jean Shrimpton) and a blue footed booby. The model has a haptic noose around her face, the booby seems content to sit aukwardly upon his continent. Also an alphabet card constructed from signage and a large breasted lingerie model proudly deploying her voting franchise. I…


Added by David Stafford on June 30, 2012 at 10:52pm — 2 Comments

Theresa Williams Small Thing #2

Theresa Williams wears a great many hats, most of her own devising. The one that sent me this is the curator of the International Museum of Small Things, a post she has held since April when Mr. Fenwick passed away and gave her, with his dying last grasp, the small key to the small museum. It exists, like many rare and exotic things, in Bradner, Ohio. In fact, on the way in to Bradner there’s a big billboard that says, “Welcome to Bradner, Home of the Giant Pickle.” Many people have lobbied…


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From Carina of Petsmo

The Slow Def Blog Jam continues, even in the searing heat of summer. Tonight we feat Carina Granlund, my Finnish friend who has sent me this wonderful Robot made with “an easy etching technique using gum arabicum.” Carina, I want to know more about this technique.

The robot is of the mid-century modern variety, anxiety-ridden and and prepared (he carries…


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The Beaver and the Mockingbird

I went home to see my mom (age 96) a few weeks ago and I noticed a Mockingbird singing away at the top of a telephone pole in front of her house. He sang for (what seemed) like five hours straight (with breaks for water and insects). I thought, “Now there’s a guy who likes the sound of his own voice.” Birders will interject, “but it’s not his voice. It’s a compendium of bird songs plus whatever other sounds he fancies.” True dat. But five hours! This is like Barbra Streisand singing for an…


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A Little Late

Added by David Stafford on June 21, 2012 at 5:59am — 5 Comments

Stephanie Blake and the Invisible Tower

Okay, the invisible tower is a stretch but bear me out here...Remember when you had huge CD towers poised like monoliths around your stereo? (Remember using the word "stereo?") Well, gradually and not so gradually those towers have been disappearing, fading into the limbo of orphan technologies. And there...is your invisible tower which is what Stephanie has condensed into one piece with multiple purposes: 1) archiving not just the covers themselves 2) but more importantly the experience of…


Added by David Stafford on June 18, 2012 at 12:19am — 2 Comments

A Girl from Kloof

Lesley Magwood Fraser and I have a little dialog going about art, what it is, whether we can legitimately call all our creations art. On the days when my meds haven't reached stun I tend to be less sanguine about my own projects. Lesley, on the other hand, is filled with the hopefulness that Kloofians are famous for. To bolster her argument she, like Katerina before her, quotes Warhol to good effect. One thing is clear, Lesley's drawings are chuffworthy. Like most Kloofites she profits from…


Added by David Stafford on June 17, 2012 at 7:55pm — 3 Comments

Katerina's Blue Period

As I may have mentioned I am behind in my bloggin'. In fact, some people have sent me more than several things that I haven't gotten around to acknowledging. Believe me, I will catch up but it may take a while. Katerina of Thessaloniki is one such person who, I think, has sent me four, count 'em, four artworks. (Frederick's of Hollywood is another but we'll save his story for some other time). Many of you have remarked that Katerina's Blue Period began this spring when the Aegean turns from…


Added by David Stafford on June 9, 2012 at 2:18am — 3 Comments

Janine in Spring

Janine has been sending me things like crazy this spring. Like this joyful Matissean envelope.

And inside....

...this cornucopia of color, a garland of shoes with Mr. Pritt and me trapped behind scissorhands...Smashpo,…


Added by David Stafford on June 1, 2012 at 5:08am — 10 Comments

A Rendezvous in Paris

I am so far behind in my blogging that I may never catch up. Forgive me, everybody. But I am starting here with a piece that arrived from Dean just before we departed for Europe.

It’s a wonderful riff on the Vizma Art Barns or whatever they are with one of Dean’s strange stories on the back that creates more loose ends than it ties up. Which, of course, is the way we…


Added by David Stafford on May 31, 2012 at 5:31am — 16 Comments

French, James and Granlund

Let’s lay this blogjam to rest with the lawyerly grouping of French, James & Granlund. Apparently Austin James has a secret life. But have no fear. His piece “Mood No. 6: My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult,” is definitely drawn from the gentler side of the Thrill Killers. Isadora Duncan is what comes to mind. Thank you, Austin.


Next Carina Granlund sent me…


Added by David Stafford on April 23, 2012 at 4:22am — 1 Comment

The Cheryl Penn Dilemma

The Cheryl Penn Dilemma What are we to do with Cheryl Penn? Her art, always masterful, always protean (look it up, I did) always dreamlike in its complexity or complex in its dreamworld evocations. Shifting beneath your feet as you reach out to its varied meanings and tangled up in the dreamworlds of others, mingling at some height high above the earth. The Penn-o-sphere. The air up there is rarified (Esoterically distant from the lives and concerns of ordinary people) but not hard…


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Stephanie Blake's Whirligig Mug Shot

Thanks to Nancy Bell Scott or whoever coined the term Blogjam. It’s the perfect word for my current affliction. Apologies to all whose mail art has been languishing near my scanner. Let me begin with Stephanie Blake’s Whirligig Mugshot which amazed both of us by arriving without a scratch. Not even a torn edge.


 I know many of you will be tempted to try…


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The Orchard Beach Codex

Some of you may remember the Orchard Beach Codex. For those who don't a quick recap. The OBC, so-called because it washed ashore in Old Orchard Beach, Maine in 1947, is an obscure collection of medieval documents cobbled together some around the turn of one of the centuries. At one time, many scholars say, the OBC was over 6,000 pages long, its pages consisting of a compendium Bible quotes, language primers, advice for the lovelorn and recipes for kippered snacks. Over time the OBC was…


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The Caption and Tenniel

This just in! The latest boekie (Sp?) from Skybridge Studios: A solid gold hit! An artifact from the Summer of Love (sorry, you missed it, kids), An accordion mash up that bestrides several worlds all at once including but not limited to: Jefferson Airplane, Grace Slick, Alice in Wonderland, Recreation drugs and Froggie Went a Courtin'. I have thrown Zeus into the mix because he just hates, hates, hates to be left out. …


Added by David Stafford on February 26, 2012 at 12:39am — 4 Comments

Katerina, Tictac and Kerri

Another triple header this week starting with a lovely Valentine from Katerina Nikoltsou....I think this reads Love Again but it could be a Greek word as well. I wish I'd had the time to send out Valentine's this year....maybe next year...Thank you, Katerina...Hope all's well in turbulent Greece.

 Next up: Big Hair from Starnberg...the fabulous Mona Lisa Winehouse from…


Added by David Stafford on February 18, 2012 at 9:54pm — 7 Comments

Lesley, Svenja & Skybridge

It's been a good week on Alamo Drive for mail art. First up: Lesley Magwood Fraser's strange creature.

 It could be a turtle or an echidna or a spina bifida. We just don't know. However, scientists at Bell Labs suggested that colorization may help identify this little guy.…


Added by David Stafford on February 9, 2012 at 4:38pm — 5 Comments



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