Rebecca Guy Ver, Brooke Cooks, Meeah Williams, Angie Cope, David Alan Goldberg, Beavers, Alicia Starr Ryan, Stripygoose and Mason Keys

One of Rebecca Guy Ver's amazing pastoral quilted drawings, possible comment on Brexit. The backside is a Paul Klee-like dance of zippered leatherette. Thank you, Rebecca.

A postcard of textured banners with a somber undertone from Brooke Cooks. (Caveat: I can see somber undertones in a rainbow). Thank you, Brooke.

A generous assortment from Meeah Williams. She also helpfully included a placemat to "slide under my lunch," which I have slid underneath her art. Love that chalkboard envelope. Here it is on one of my flickr entries, 1952 Marshall Field Catalog. I think it fits.

The little one's for barbecueing. Thank you, Meeah.

Big 80s hair from Angie Cope. I see somber undertones. Also lots of teeth. Thank you, Angie. (I am telling myself you made this with me in mind). Also, I have put my 2013 Banana Mail Art Entry in the post today. Please backdate it once you get it. Thanks.

Out of the blue (or ochre) I received this Howdy Card from David Alan Goldberg. Back at ya, Dave. What is Peripheral Theater? A Theater Group in Charlotte? Or just the dramas you catch out of the corner of your eye? A mystery. Thank you, DAG. (The brown ink is actually free-trade coffee from Julia's Cafe on Wendover). (I made that up).

I received these beavers some time ago but have not been able to track down the source. These are fine beavers. I admire also the hand-lettering hewn out of ink and watercolor. Thank you, O anonymous bestower of beavers.

A playful reversed out drawing (with somber undertones) from Alicia Starr Ryan, though the claims of improving FH3 889, as it turns out, were overrated. Oh gawd, I just realized those are sport's scores on the screen. (Remember, all sports references are wasted on me.) I'm just going to ignore the sports thing and concentrate on the Owl-TV taking flight at midnight or alternatively, a vampire moth/TV flexing its malevolent powers over the darkened city with somber undertones. Thank you, Alicia.

Two fowl cards from Stripygoose. On the left, a Scrimshaw Merganser and on the right an Easter Hen. The easter hen is painted on a gold leaf background which my scanner, alas, fails to appreciate. It was also #307 of 365 total that SG released on May 14th of this year. International Migratory Bird Day. Sorry, it took so long for old #307 to report. She flew behind my bed for a few weeks. Thank you, SG. Another Rhetorical Question is on its way to you as we speak.

Finally, Mason Keys of the Keys Family Players, sent me this second installment in his mail art career: a quartet of somewhat over-caffeinated guys. Very familiar faces. I thought...these look like they might make good cartoon characters so I did this...

It's a cautionary tale. Forgive me, Mason. People, like me, who never had kids are always dispensing wisdom. It because the wisdom gland has not been drained properly, as it does during parenting. This is just raw science. Thank you all. More to come tomorrow as Dave Tries to Get His Ducks in Order.

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Comment by De Villo Sloan on August 30, 2016 at 8:26pm

Great work by great artists across the board. Wow. personally (& subjectively) a triple Wow on the Meeah Williams work. She is a talent. And as for NEW talent - very impressive work by Mason Keys/

Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on August 30, 2016 at 9:49am

'Love the Marshall Fields fashion statement..

ah...State and Madison and Chicago, those were the days!

Comment by David Stafford on August 30, 2016 at 4:35am

This just in: Our Univac has identified a signature match: Those are Thom Courcelle's beavers. Also, I neglected to mention that Alicia loaned me 5000 dollars. (I intend on paying every bit of it back.)



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