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From Ruud Janssen and Thom Courcelle

I received mail from Thom Courcelle and Ruud  Janssen in the same week. They seem tied together in some way – so Thom – your work has informed the meaning I have ascribed to Ruud’s new FLUXUS word.


Time is short, soon there will be ZALOP of it left.  Use every minute wisely – its an un-renewable resource.

 Thank you for the accompanying note…


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A Year with Marie

I OFTEN quote The Waste Land – its one of my favorite poems by T S Eliot – and yip, I’m doing it again in light of the FAB work I received from Marie.  It’s the new year you see, and when Marie is not sending out dragons, she sends out mail like this. And here I have an extra  reason to use FAB too - even SCIENTISTS use FAB! 

Burial of the Dead. 2011?



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Mail In Male Out - ha! MAIL on View - its all in the Poetry of the Visual

This is my  January In box so far.  MANY thanks for all the  mail - I will be replying to EVERYONE as you know :-)

Mail on its way - INCLUDING 14 copies for VISPO book 2 from John Bennett and I

I think Vispo is in the air - so from my…


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The World is a Town - Svetlana Pesetskaya (Russia) joins Frieder Speck (Germany)

An artists book from FLUXRUS

 As I said on the plagiarist blog, I have waited a long time for this mail to arrive which Svetlana, a Russian Fluxus artist had posted as far back as September last year.  This is her contribution to my The World is a Town call, based on the dissemination of a book I made of the same title, words of an unknown inhabitant of Novgorod which echo the plight of the post modern condition.   The original idea was based on the Novgorod Codex.  Svetlana  titled …


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The Plagiarist

The Plagiarist Continued:

From Svetlana Pesetskaya - FLUXRUS fame. I have received her contribution to The World is a Town call AND she has returned The Plagiarist

It is always interesting to see stylistic convergence in a successful artists work. Layering, textual anomalies, overwriting, attempts to disguise the plagiarists  real intention -theft.

I think…


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RCBz - In Memorium

In Memorium of Robert Limpid Lacklustre Lewd.

RCBz sent me this set of "Mourning Cards" - which he said were based on a dream I sent him - well, a mail art dream - lets not get our wires crossed!  Dream 4 to be exact.  

Being generally of sound mind and senses I asked him to send me an interpretation of the work - that would be the one on my blog - (…


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