What do you like the most? Postcards or envelopes?

I myself like both. Only with the current rates, the sending of a postcard costs the same as an envelope. So when I send out a postcard, it costs the same as sending out an envelope with included 3 postcards. So I am sending out mostly envelopes the last years.

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Exactly. I do the same for the same reason. Also I now prefer the A5 format, because that is the maximum size for sending (at least here) with minimum postage.

Several mail artists send just as postcards, like Mim and many at "365" group.

Artist-in-Seine and Valentine send postcard/hard card format without a French envelope :-)

And i have to occasionally send "as postcard only" for some mail art projects.

But I prefer mail art in the standard, light-weight Greek air mail envelope,

easily fits in the minimum 90 euro cents postage:

I usually send postcards. In the USA, there is a difference in postage. 33 cents for postcard; 46 cents for a letter. The rates are going up again tomorrow, so I'm not sure what they will be now. I can laminate postcards, too. I laminate most of the ones going overseas, just to make sure it makes it there safely and untorn.


wow very cheap! 

In Japan 72 yen postcard, 110 yen regular size letter. It went up last year due to the tax raise... I have no income so I have to consider when and now depending on my situation... 

These are wonderful postcards! I like your idea of using postcards for photos. It's the perfect size. I like postcards more than ever since discovering the Gelli print plate. I can pull page after page of prints, then cut and attach to sturdier stock for a lovely PC. 

Envelopes because there is always some suspense!

Yes! To make a whole ritual out of the anticipation! 

I prefer Envelopes... Homemade ones to be more exact... "Mail Art".  I'm in a scrapbook group here on the ning site and we have "Mail Art" swaps every month.  Right now we are all working on a Spring theme...Anything having to do with Spring. I love getting back 10 envies to see what everyone has created on which ever theme it is for that month.  When I do send out a letter or even just a quick note in the mail, I always try and have some mail art on the envelope.  With the good ole' usa raising the price of postage each year, it's getting ridiculous, we might as well make use of our outside envy and not send any Naked Envies...lol  ( I have a stamp that says" Don't Send Naked Envelopes" ) lol  Here is just one of my "Mail Art Theme" envies I'm making for Spring:

I have brayed the background with Orange Marmalade ink, and also used a stencil and stencil paste with different colors of stencil paste for the Flower and have also stamped tiny flowers and stamped where an address can be placed along with a stamp saying on the bottom.  I also have the back of the envy brayed and also stamped with flowers and a butterfly stamp image that has a map image of the world.

I too like the element of surprise of what an envelope can bring.  It's so much fun to open up your mail box and see a colorful envelope there waiting for you, and you know that isn't a "bill" in that envelope... :) :)



I know this is a silly question but I am quite new to mail art,  when you say you like envelopes do you just send an envelope or do you put a card in it too ?       I have only sent a couple of pieces of mail art and both times I sent an envelope with a card,  I guess sending postcards is cheaper.

I am in a mail art group on Facebook and the theme was the colours of our season,  for me it is Autumn and here is one of the pieces of art I sent.  The photo is of the front of the envelope,  the opened envelope with the card in it and also the front and back of the card I made as well.   I hope the person likes it.

Postcards and envelopes cost the same postage. So mostly mail-artists like to play with the envelopes and also include something.This could be a card, but also collage or any other kind of surprise....

envious... envelope cost double in Japan.

thus for new friends or when I want to save money or do mass mailing, I would send postcards.... 

I am new to mail art also so don't have much experience. But the few mail art envelopes I have received so far have contained an enclosure. It's been fun to open them and find a piece of ephemera and a note. It doesn't have to be much. I think most mail artists would appreciate getting paper of any kind to use in their art.



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