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This is a place to explore all things trashpo (Trash Poetry)and found objects.  Trashpo is 1) economical 2) environmentally responsible and 3) challenging. It's a great way to repurpose all the trash that our planet is buried in!

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trash-po trans-po tation

Started by Lucky Pierre. Last reply by Diane Keys Jul 11. 4 Replies

somewhere in LA in an underground garage...

The TrashPo Litzer Prize - Landfill of Fame

Started by De Villo Sloan. Last reply by De Villo Sloan Jul 1. 369 Replies

Mail-artists are making astonishing breakthroughs in Trashpo, and they are recognized through the TrashPo Litzer Prize. Nominations for the TrashPo Litzer Prize (based on the idea of the Pulitzer Prize) can be made by anyone. Please post scans and…Continue

DKULT KookbooK.

Started by Diane Keys. Last reply by Diane Keys Jun 19. 8 Replies

Please post your recipes for inclusion in the first and last ever Dkult KookBook!! This has been a long time coming since the pre_Dkult days of DKatering. We have certainly come a long way!here is the cover!!!…Continue

Tags: cookbook, dkult

Restroom News

Started by Holly Cooper. Last reply by Diane Keys Apr 25. 66 Replies

Ya'll I haven't done any mail art lately as I just can seem to find the creativity for it. I've been in a long derth. But I do collect some odd bits of paper that I enjoy. I am an educational consultant and visit schools. Here's a great news sheet I…Continue

About Junk Drawers

Started by Dan Mouer. Last reply by Dan Mouer Mar 3. 35 Replies

Not that kind of junk and not thse kinds of drawers... Hey, we all have them. I have several. They are veritable trasher troves of useless and useful-but-forgotten stuff. Papers, letters from lost lovers, dried up fountain pens, church attendance…Continue

What the hell is DKult?

Started by Diane Keys. Last reply by De Villo Sloan Jan 18, 2013. 28 Replies

DKult was originated by DeVillo Sloan-- a Kult comprised of my 'fans' ---DKulters. He was the only one at the time and possibly even now.   But It has evolved into a friendly neighborhood Kult devoted to the worship of trash and  the creation of…Continue

Official Trashpo Handbook & DKult Directory

Started by De Villo Sloan. Last reply by Mail Art Martha Nov 6, 2012. 7 Replies

OFFICIAL TRASHPO HANDBOOK & DKULT DIRECTORY(This document is always under construction. Your comments and contributions are welcome! Just leave a message/pics in the comment stream, and I will update.)Aesthetic Trashbook - (see Trashbook) Angie…Continue


Started by De Villo Sloan. Last reply by De Villo Sloan Nov 2, 2012. 12 Replies


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Comment by De Villo Sloan 3 hours ago

I hope DKULTUK as well as our amazing French Trash poets won't be offended; I just have to share this.

Comment by Dan Mouer 4 hours ago

Priceless, Yves! Perhaps we could consider handbag trash as a subcategory of junk drawer trash...a more gendered and portable variety, that is.

Comment by yves maraux 5 hours ago
Comment by Diane Keys yesterday

Right now in addition to the trashdollars and tickets issued sparingly for the commissary, we are supplementing with rocks. the smoother rounder ones fetch the highest value.  We believe in returning to the ancient ways, but also embracing the future. Why? because we are creating a utopian future. I auditioned for the upcoming reality show on FOX called Utopia. why? because if I made it onto the show, I would spread the word and it would become a DKult with its' very own self governing government. Since Dkulters are used to going hungry, it would give us a definate advantage surviving in the wildness. We can manufacture the trashuts at the complex, and then bring them in. The Dkult animals are actually held in higher regard than anyone. Their amazing senses of smell help us find trash more efficiently and it spares us from rolling in dumpster of rotten food looking for artworthy bits

Comment by De Villo Sloan yesterday

This is priceless. We now have D-Kanines and U-Kanines. There are D-Kats as well. Yes, Snooky is one of the few recognized trash dogs to date.

Martha raises another issue. She has floated her own currency. This is in addition to the already established Trash Dollars aka Trash Dolls:

D-Konomy - Trash Dollars, D-Dollars, Trash Dolls 

Borderline Grafix has also issued his own version of trash currency. Ultimately, I imagine there will be some sort of global trash currency.

As for Rebecca Guyver, she has developed a fixation with frogs. More on this forthcoming.

Comment by Mail Art Martha yesterday

I have to clarify that Sacha the sniffer dog in the picture is not mine, I was allowed to be his handler for the day as a special favour.It needed written permission from the Chief of Police, the President of the Association of Dog Handlers, the Bishop of Cloudcukooland, the Commissioner of Outer Retailia and the Union of Street Cleaners of Snailmail-on-Sea. All of whom need to attend meetings and conferences and symposiums, which takes ages. This is so you understand that it is not usually possible for me to use dogs in my Trashpo gathering. It is all done by hand.

Comment by Mail Art Martha yesterday

I am chuffed you all liked the eBookie, but i cannot claim the glory or the responsability. It was written by Amapola Gallo, ghost writer to the Queen. I admit that when she was recommended to me I was doubtful because of her name but she turned out fine. It shows one must not be prejudiced.

The font for Princess DKult is sort of sorting itself in my brain while I finish all the stuff currently bothering me. I am so happy to have something to do which is not simply self indulgence although I shall enjoy it very much. I have to dig up an old computer still with Windows XP because the free program I use for font making has not been upgraded for the other OS. I hope it all still works.


Comment by Diane Keys yesterday

I'm seeing a pattern here--doesn't Rebecca G's dog sniff out trash for her? this must be UKanine's special gift. I think the D-Kanine program would have fared much better if Snooky hadn't gotten drunk with power and insisted on heated dog chalets,  imported exotic meat, and a 24 hour grooming salon. It turned the pooches into typical lazy Americans who refused to do anything but gorge themselves all day. I would hope UKanine's would make a better example.

Comment by De Villo Sloan yesterday

Martha, I think your Queendom book is wonderful! The Trashpo & DKult entries are my favorites, of course.

I notice your mention of the trash-sniffing dogs. Based on this & some related things I've seen lately, I believe the D-Kanine program should be revisited. The idea of admitting dogs to DKult was abandoned but maybe it was too soon & the moment might now be upon us.

I have shared a video of dogs that have been trained to drive vans with KDJ. I am hoping she might lend her talents to the revival of the D-Kanine program.

Regardless, the Queendom book is masterpiece, IMHO.

Comment by Diane Keys yesterday

Wow!!! that is amazing Martha!   that DKult is included is really fantastic. The more documentation we have the better in case it all just vanishes unexpectedly one day.  Love the cauliflower necklace and all the other witticisms in the boek. i hope your tourism office has many of these to hand out. yet another great reason to visit the UK!!!!

and the font would be amazing. I have already had her collaborate by writing her alphabet for you. I will snail mail it. She goes to a private school for LD so how cool would it be to be able to use her own font as school! why not celebrate their differences. They are the innovators and out of the box thinkers!!


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