From outta the blue Nadia of Barcelona sent me this monster on wrapping paper, just the kind of spontaneous effort I like to see crossing the ocean in search of meaning. Thank you, Nadia.

Then Heidi Monster sent my mom this card. And now a brief shout out to all those people, monsters and otherwise who sent my mom a card. As some of you may not know, my mom is 102....and still appreciates an artistic effort or two from the hinterlands. A most amazing situation. Mom and I salute the steadfast, the true, the solid citizens of IUOMA for their activities above and beyond. And thank you, Heidi.

Stephanie Blake from Alabama sent me one of her hermetically sealed collages. Tight, compact and always so reasonably priced. Thank you, Stephanie. (And thanks for paying the non-machineable surcharge).

Keith Chambers succeeds randomly at the altar of his old Corona. The beer not the typewriter. (Insert Rim Shot). In addition to his concrete poetry Keith sent stamps, an add and pass and some sacrilegious art that kisses the fab four goodbye. Thank you, Keith.

Alicia of Iowa by way of New Jersey sent me this collage with a perennially true message. Beautiful, Alicia. Thank you.

Lorella from Genoa sent me this lovely paper collage with star serpent envelope. Thank you, Lorella. Always appreciate work from complete strangers of which you are no longer them.

Carina of Petsmo, (the artist not the famous couturier) sent me these two cards which I have added to the Carina Wing of Our Mail Art Museum in Santa Fe. Unfortunately, Carina couldn't attend the dedication of our live Fjord water feature. It's okay, Carina, the bagpipers were lousy anyway. Thank you, Ms Granlund.

Along with Nadia and Lorella, Ewe K sent me mail art out of the wild blue, always a treat. Thank you, Ewe.

Of course I notified the authorities as soon as I received the mail art with the tire tread. They were quick in their diagnosis: It's the work of the Artist In Seine. Elusive, furtive even, the AIS has been known to dash off mail art in the dankest recesses of the Louvre, beneath the Paris Opera House and even in the chunnel men's room (Wi Fi Station). There were rumors that lumbago had sidelined him for a time but it turned out to be MAFDS, (Mail Art Fatigue Disorder Syndrome), a completely curable condition. Thank you, Mr. Seine. It's good to see your tread again.

As one of my faithful stringers, Nadine is responsible for keeping me abreast of what people are thinking in the boonies. In that capacity she sends me news clippings, purloined tapes, senate testimony transcripts. But she also finds time to send her art along. Here are three portraits, an ATC and a monoprint she made in a night class she's taking as parts of her deep cover infiltration. Thank you, Nadine. (As always, should any of my mail art fall into enemy hands you know what to do).

Way back before the dawn of time, Michael in Georgia sent me one of his refurbished Advertising pieces. A close look reveals a photorealistic drawing of the Osteoclast Precursor magnified 10,000,000 times. I have, on my own, identified this as a female Precursor based on the false eyelashes. Thank you, Michael.

Meeah in Lynnwood sent me this brilliant example of Neo-Toddlerism, a school she founded in the 70s. The helicopter fart (seen in the upper right) is one of her singular contributions to the form.

Meeah sent this beautiful ruby throat, captive in red threads to my mom. Thank you, Meeah on my mom's behalf.

And dig this envelope. This is asemic living at its finest. Every little circle contains a letter. I am just now running the entire thing through the Univac to determine if Meeah is channeling messages from another world. 

Still more of Meeah, including the game that everyone's exhaling about: Pug Tac Toe. Or C-Toe Pug for short. Plus ostriches! Our new national mascots. The dress on the left features the Osteoclathic Precursor blown up 10 billion times. She wears it well. Thank you, Meeah.

Michael of South Manchester sent me one of his subtle yet always on target collages. Thank you, Michael.

Could one of these 60s types be Thom of Vermont? We must ask the Banana for guidance. Answer hazy, try again. Thank you, Thom.

Okay, I have more but I'll keep you in suspense until tomorrow. Thanks again to everyone who sent me stuff. And forgive me my breezy manner as well as my trespasses.

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Comment by David Stafford on September 12, 2018 at 5:32pm

Hang on to your Greek Fishing Cap...there will be more today!

Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on September 12, 2018 at 3:14pm

Super nice blog of FAB mail art, thanks for sharing

(and especially nice Meeah fashion statement, too)

Comment by Ptrzia (TICTAC) on September 12, 2018 at 11:32am
What a great post and fab collection!!



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