Calling all cats! Housecats or wild cats; kittens or adults; real cats or imaginary ones; in a garden or in a house; one alone or paired or in a clowder! No other critters (or humans or hybrid-creatures), please, just CATS in their world! (Cards with violence or nastiness or politics or fanaticism or non-cat critters will be excluded from the online show.)
All styles of art are welcome -- hand-drawn, collaged, painted, digitally created, photos, sewn, ... -- anything that can be put on ONE SIDE of a postcard and then mailed. On the postal side, please include your return address!
"2020 CAT POSTCARDS" will be digitized, organized, and posted online in spring 2021. (Your card will not be returned.) Postcards in this MailArt project may be kept in Lois' collection, or shown in a local gallery, or donated to some MailArt archive, and some might be re-sent or given away in the future.

Please mail one POSTCARD showing at least one cat to arrive in California before the end of 2020.

Lois Richter ("2020 Cats")
P.O. Box 7
Davis CA 95617-0007