Please submit 1 8x5" work of art signed and dated. this will be photocopied for the zine, the originals archived for a late in life project!

    Please mail in an A9 or similar sized envelope and decorate the mailing envelope as this will be used as an original cover for the Sugar Cube Zine!

    Every 12 submissions the Sugar Cube Zines will be created and mailed to each person who submitted work unless I cannot read your return address or name , I will do my best!!

      Any smaller works, poems, essays, reading lists, jokes, quotes you may want to send will also be included but are not required! I will include flyers for this ongoing call in your mail so please spread the word as this is very slow going as I am not firmly established in the network as of yet because I started my mail art journey in November of 2022.

      Nude is fine x-rated will not be included. 

      This is a short and simple call as it is only 1 piece of art and an art envelope so please consider submitting today! This project is my baby and I truly am super EXCITED to have this workout, please encourage your network to participate as well. I thought the original hand bound envelope cover would be encouragement as it is a different idea! 

      Thank you so much for your participation! 

Sugar Cube Zine

c/o stephanie lentz morrison

27880 delton street

madison heights MI 48071


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Sounds good Steph. I'll make something and send ;)

Until then, sugar cubes to you...............

That is a lovely image! I'm EXCITED to receive your submission! 

Hi, Stephanie.


Is this the kind of an art piece you would like to have? Would a standard postcard format of 105 × 148 mm be suitable?

It is wonderful thank you!

yes absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sending something for your zine.

That is awesome thank you!


 i will be sending an art abstract soon , and please confirm receiving it

i do not believe i have recieved flying sugar cubes i know i have not received but should i check my sugar cube zine file for some other style submission?

Hi, did you receive my submission?

I sent my submission to the address posted here, but it was returned as Insufficient Address.

Sugar Cube Zine

c/o Stephanie Lentz Morrison

27880 Delton Street

Madison Heights, MI 48071

shall it be a special topic? do you copy in colour or shall we submit something in black and white? :)



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