So many people have sent me so many things that, in order to catch up, we'll have to work right through the Republican Convention. I hope that's okay with most of you. Sometimes you have make sacrifices. So Linda has sent me many many things since I departed for California and now upon my return. We'll start with these very cool collages and ATCS that give you a sense of her versatility. Of course I couldn't resist using the design in the lower right for a...

…a fashion statement. It looks a little Miro-ish to my eye. Linda has also sent me some three d art.

In the middle ground what looks like a pile o' pens is in fact a pile o' pens shrink wrapped and affixed to a postcard. It arrived safely and completely intact, Linda. In the background a portrait of Rembrandt to which Linda has subtly attached a ruby earring. (See inset) I would have scanned it but ruby earrings are not a friend of the scanner bed. Thank you, Linda.

Carina has also sent me a museum's worth of art.

Starting with this found ferd'nand trash po and proceeding to

Carina's own deconstructed (blown up would be more accurate) comix that move easily from low to high art and back again. Lower left is part of Carina's cool chalkboard stuff queries with an added bonus portrait of Crystal Gazer, a girl I went to Eleusis High with though I have no idea how Carina knows that.


The latest arrival from Carina, the Bionic Cat, was something I ordered in January but it was apparently out of stock at the time. Unfortunately not all the parts arrived so we're still waiting for the 1) head, 2) remote control, 3) and the English Instruction manual. Don't get me wrong, the Finnish one is wonderful with illustrations by Ernie Bushmiller and I'm sure it's in a very readable technical language but it is in Finnish which is actually closer in origin to Klingon than Norwegian though most people know this by now. Please also note the bird (lower left) who is drooling over the prospect of a letter from God. In this way, Granlund reflects our own thirst for something Divine in the mail box. (direct quote from the Artforum article). Thank you, Carina. (Toot in Finnish is Töt). (I think).

Finally, this great ripped collage from Jay…

which makes me want to enter the forest even if the bear is there. It can't be any scarier than the far side of our screens at the moment.

Thank you, Jay.

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Comment by Dean aka Artist in Seine on July 21, 2016 at 10:01am

So we just need to change the words to the song to "Big Ape no cry, da da da    da, Big Ape No Cry"

"Said, said, said I remember when I used to play music.   In the government yard in Trenchtown"

Thank you for the trilogy blog. 

Comment by David Stafford on July 20, 2016 at 9:03pm

You're welcome.

Comment by Carina on July 20, 2016 at 9:00pm

Thanks for the wonderful blog, David!



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