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E's Fan Club Add & Pass by John M. Bennett (USA), J.F. Chapelle (France), Miss Noma + MORE! A&P News

E - JMB 3.18.10`9 - 1

E’s Fan Club add & pass by John M. Bennett (Columbus, Ohio, USA), J.F. Chapelle (Merignac) Bordeaux, France), Charles Dubay (Bordeaux, France), Christopher Masse (Bordeaux, France). Created by Miss Noma (2017).


March 29, 2019 - Here is a spectacular E’s Fan Club a&p that has been patiently awaiting documentation. John M. Bennett’s distinctive art graces this homage to E – Ambassador of Utopia. The French Fluxus artist J.F. Chapelle…


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Not Your Average Jonestown: The Rise of #dsfcult (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)

DSF 3.27.2019 - 1

Mail art by IUOMA member DSF (Dopesick San Francisco) (aka Michael Kelly) (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)


March 27, 2019 - I could begin this entry with a pithy, allusive statement such as: “By 2020 every mail artist will have their own cult.”

But anyone who has grazed even casually in the Elysian Fields of the Mink Ranch (my other blog) knows I am a longtime DSF fan & can thus cut to…


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"on the oth" - A Vispo Book by Chris Wells (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Faint Press mailing from c.r.e. wells (IUOMA member Chris Wells) (Columbus, Ohio, USA)…

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Mail Art Triptychs: A Retrospective by Nancy Bell Scott, Carina Granlund, Lucky Pierre, Kerri Pullo + more!


Mail Art triptych by De Villo Sloan (NY, USA) for Karen Champlin (Illinois, USA) (circa 2013). Part of a call by Bifidus Jones (Minnesota, USA)


March 22, 2019 - In yesterday’s blog I mentioned the creation of mail art triptychs a few years back & promised to find some examples in the labyrinthine MinXus-Lynxus Archives. Ever true to my dear IUOMA friends, here are some examples from this interesting phase. The…


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Triptych (+More!) by Cristina Blank (Worthsee, Germany)

Cristina 3.20.2019 - 1

Mail art by IUOMA member Cristina Blank (Worthsee, Germany)


March 20, 2019 - I was thrilled to receive an envelope from old & dear mail art friend Cristina Blank in Germany. Both Cristina and her partner Jurgen Oliver Blank are wonderfully inventive & talented artists. They always lift the spirits & challenge the mind. Cristina Blank made some wonderful Trashpo and DKult-related pieces that I will not soon forget.



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Bonniediva's "Bon-Zine" (First Edition!) (Gurnee, Illinois, USA)

Bonnie 3.19.2019 - 1

Mail art zine by IUOMA member Bonniediva (Gurnee, Illinois, USA)


March 19, 2019 - Resuming a theme begun in yesterday’s blog, Bonniediva is another relatively new networker who is receiving faves & raves for her unique vintage-Pop approach to art and – more recently – for her FAB Bon-Zine. Bonniediva does not need me to further her praise. In fact, I would gladly nominate her for a Hardest Working Woman in Mail Art…


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Correspondence Art by Jayne B. Lyons (Lakeville, Minnesota, USA)

Jayne 3.16.2019 - 1

Mail art by IUOMA member Jayne B. Lyons (Lakeville, Minnesota, USA)

March 19, 2019 - Mail art is highly praised for offering its participants a “level playing field” with equal access. Networkers are thrilled to find a receptive audience, collaborators and mutual support from like-minded friends. The notion of the artist working in obscurity and isolation is shattered in the mail art community. My view is that mail art has actually delivered…


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"Trash Without the Po" by Vikki Johnson (Morrison, Colorado, USA)

vikki johnson 3.12.2019 - 1

Mail art by IUOMA member Vikki Johnson (Morrison, Colorado, USA)

March 12, 2019 - It’s always gratifying to see a newer mail artist – like a glorious butterfly emerging from a cocoon – begin to explore the forms, traditions & innovations unique to the Eternal Network.

So I am thrilled to share this m-a by Vikki Johnson that makes a foray into the realm of Trashpo. While Vikki demures & claims to extend only a toe into the…


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E's Fan Club A&P by Mim Golub Scalin & Others

Mim 3.11.2019 - 1

E’s Fan Club add & pass launched by Karen Eliot in 2017. This permutation includes work by Cecilia Bossi (Italy), Maurizio Follin (Italy), Martine Latrille (France), Walter Pennacchi (Italy), Mim Golub Scalin (USA), Mikel Untzilla (Euskadi)


March 11. 2019 - IUOMA friends might recall that I was designated by Karen Eliot – without consultation – global President of E’s Fan Club. To be honest, I did not need to manage another fan club.…


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Artist's Book by Cheryl Penn (Durban, South Africa)

Cover of Meta Poetry (a this and that guide to this and that Volume 1) by Cheryl Penn (Durban, South Africa)…

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"Sudoku & Paper Games" by Jean-Marc Rastorfer (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Jean-Marc Rastorfer 3.5.19 - 1

Mail art by Jean-Marc Rastorfer (Lausanne, Switzerland)


March 5, 2019 - I am thrilled to have received this exceptional correspondence art from Jean-Marc Rastorfer in Switzerland (apparently not an IUOMA member).

Jean-Marc is not an artist I recall personally from anywhere along the “long dusty trail,” but I am certainly thrilled to make his acquaintance now here in the New Order of things. Apparently…


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Stamp Collage by Ilya Semenenko-Basin (Moscow, Russia)

Ilya 3.4.2019 - 1

Mail art by IUOMA member Ilya Semenenko-Basin (Moscow, Russia)

March 4, 2019 - This is the first mail art I have received from Ilya Semenenko-Basin. I am thrilled to have this work for the M-L Archives. I adore Russian mail art  which I find vibrant and active. In particular, Russia is a powerhouse of international visual poetry. I would love to receive more!

Lately, I have spotted what I believe is a trend in…


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The State of Trashpo: Some Recent Work by Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA)

DK 3.1.2019 - 4

Mail art by IUOMA member Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA)


March 2, 2019 - Several Tenderfoots have asked me, “Rancher, what is going on with Trashpo and DKult these days?”

Pondering the question, I realized that an entire new “generation” (or wave) of Eternal Networkers has risen in the glare, glorious illumination and mythic power of Trashpo and DKult. But these newcomers have had no or only minimal contact…


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Michael Orr's Homage to Richard Canard & Picasso Gaglione

Orr - 1.28.2019 - 1

Postcard from Michael Orr (Clarkston, Georgia, USA) featuring Richard Canard (aka Richard C) (Carbondale, Illinois, USA) & Picasso Gaglione (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)

(March 1, 2019) - I know this card has “made the rounds” of Eternal Network snail mail and digital destinations. Thus it is “Old News” in a genre that has a brief shelf life until it is – perchance – reborn as “History.”

Anyway, however, I wanted to document Michael…


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