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Via S. Calenda, 105 / D 84126 Salerno (Italy).


What is "Étant Donnés"?

Marcel Duchamp, Étant - Womens (installation External)

1946 -1966. Assembling of different materials

242,5X177,8X1245cm, Philadelphia Museum of Art - Philadelphia

This three-dimensional assemblage is the work of Duchamp works in secret last two decades of his life: the only person that knows about it is the wife Teeny, which among other things helps him find the necessary materials. Part of the components of this complex structure are in fact purchased in Spain (an ancient wooden door and bricks within which is walled); other (leaves and dead branches) are collected by Duchamp during special outings with his wife accompanying Marcel driving an old station wagon; bricks used or waste are recovered in New York, for hiding the road by paper bags. When Duchamp is forced to change study and to move from 14th Street to 11th ^ a moving company takes care of the most bulky parts, while he carries the whole piece by piece and the rest with the utmost care. In 1968, when he left New York to go to spend the summer in Europe, work is now completed and Marcel Before dying cares for organizing its final presentation preparing an instruction manual for installation of the building, enclosing photographs , notes and a scale model. The work will be presented at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. At the museum visitor is initially shows only a door, there is an impediment in the wall of a room: the door is closed and to see what there is inside you have to peek through two holes placed at eye level. In this way, the work of art viewer turns into a curious voyeur. Giovanni Bonanno

Notice is hereby given that Space Ophen Virtual Art Gallery 2.0 of Salerno, after having devoted attention in 2015 to two Japanese artists like Shozo Shimamoto and Ryosuke Cohen, "inside and outside the body," ( "The World's Futures / Inside and outside the body "), in conjunction with the 56th International Art Biennale in Venice, is now planning to coincide with the upcoming 57th International Art Biennale of Venice of 2017 two Dadaist artists like Kurt Schwitters and Marcel Duchamp that summarize very well the concept of "Open and Closed / Closed and Open". The two respective international group exhibitions will be carried out over a time span of about one year (from May 6, 2017 until March 4, 2018). Sandro Bongiani Contemporary Art.

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-Scadenza of the project: 30 June 2017


Via S. Calenda, 105 / D 84126 Salerno (Italy).


International Mail Art Project "in 1887 - BORDER AREA PORT DUCHAMP"

Project "Add and Return" dedicated to Marcel Duchamp on the occasion of the 130 years since the birth (Blainville-Crevon, July 28, 1887 - Neuilly-sur-Seine, October 2, 1968)

Edited by Giovanni Bonanno and in collaboration with the Archives Ophen Virtual Art and Collection Bongiani Ophen Art Museum in Salerno.

On the occasion of the 130 years since the birth of Marcel Duchamp (Blainville-Crevon, July 28, 1887 - Neuilly-sur-Seine, October 2, 1968), Space Ophen Virtual Art Gallery 2.0 of Salerno send to several contemporary artists a postcard of 10 cm × 15 with the image of the work of Marcel Duchamp, Étant - Donnés (external installation) built between 1946 -1966, asking to speak with any technique into the card space to complete the work, and to return the card in a sealed envelope to: Giovanni Bonanno Space Ophen Virtual Art Gallery 2.0, Via S. Calenda 105 / D 84126 Salerno (SA).

This event entitled "1887 - BORDER AREA PORT DUCHAMP" dedicated to Marcel Duchamp, will be organized at the interactive gallery 2.0, "Space Ophen Virtual art gallery" of Salerno from October 7, 2017 al 4 March 2018 as a contemporary event designed to coincide with 57th International Biennial of Art in Venice in 2017, with its critique, the press release, the digital catalog and communication of the exhibition to the most important art magazines, newspapers and contemporary art sites. The exhibition will then be archived and can be visited permanently in "exhibitions space activities" Virtual interactive gallery of Salerno.


-Scadenza Of the project: 30 June 2017

Visit. The Interactive Gallery:

(After the deadline, "-" 1887 - BORDER AREA PORT DUCHAMP "will become permanent collection" Work in progress ")

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Started by Giovanni Bonanno Jun 16, 2016. 0 Replies

 “1887 – AREA DI CONFINE PORTA  DUCHAMP”Cartolina 1887 - AREA DI CONFINE PORTA  DUCHAMP,  DIGITALE 2015– Matrix / picture where you must intervene.– Matrice base / immagine in cui si deve intervenire.…Continue

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Comment by Giovanni Bonanno on June 16, 2016 at 8:23pm

Soon I will send to the artists in a sealed envelope the two postcard by Kurt Schwillers and Marcel Duchamp.   For the next exhibitions in conjunction with the 57th Venice Biennale.

Sandro Bongiani Arte Contemporanea


-A  breve invierò agli artisti in busta chiusa le due postcard di Kurt Schwillers e Marcel Duchamp. Per le prossime mostre in contemporanea con la   57 Biennale di Venezia. 

Sandro Bongiani arte Contemporanea


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