Some ADMINISTRATION – yes I’m getting a rash at the thought, but here goes.  Please check up and see if the current status of your contribution is correct and if not, add a comment so that we can all know how everyone is doing.

Letter A  - De Villo Sloan COMPLETED

Letter B – Cheryl Penn COMPLETED

Letter C – Lauriana Glenny  COMPLETED

Letter D – Cleveland Wall  (In progress - comments have been added to discussions)

Letter E –  Angie and Snooky (In progress - comments have been added to discussions - finished?)

Letter F – Laurence Roberts (Not a word - please send update)

Letter G – BAA (In progress - comments have been added to discussions - finished?)

Letter H – Katerina Nikoltsou COMPLETED

Letter I –  Lesley Magwood Fraser COMPLETED

Letter J – Lindsay Stewart (An update please Lidsay)

Letter K –  John Bennett COMPLETE

Letter L –  Maria L      Not a word - please send update)

Letter M – Jennie Hinchcliff (An update please Jennie - although you have been busy :-)

Letter N –  Heather Miller  COMPLETED i believe?

Letter O – Litsa Spathi (Please send update on progress)

Letter P - Bifidus Jones (Please send update on progress)

Letter Q - Planet Susannia (COMPLETED)

Letter R - helen amyes (COMPLETED)

Letter S – Rosa Gravin (COMPLETED)


Letter U – ejva:nsva (Update please :)

Letter V –  JF CHAPELLE (I know this is in progress - update please)

Letter W - Alfonso Filiere COMPLETE

Letter X – TIZIANA BARACCHI (Newest participant)

Letter Y -  Samuel Montalvetti (I think COMPLETE??)

Letter Z – Lisa Iversen COMPLETE


That is 13 completes I think, a few in progess and some very quiet.   It would be great is we could ALL be made aware of how its going.

Thank you!!

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TICTAC is completed already, I also commented about it few weeks ago on the main discussion page.


SORRY TICTAC - I missed it this time - will change discussion - THANK YOU :-)

hi there cheryl. Yes N is in the post as of last week. I know that Lauriana and Lesley have received it already. thanx



Y from Argentina came today to Thessaloniki, so Samuel's is COMPLETED...and very nice!

My postbox was bulging today - so exciting! T arrived from Tictac, it is so pristine and beautiful I didnt want to touch it. Also from Tictac 3 gorgeous little ATC cards, pristine as well. A huge colourfilled postcard from Douglas Galloway in San Bernadino (isnt there a song about San Bernadino?) -  thankyou new friend! AND a delightful card from Heather Miller - Fish Tank Not! Very spoilt.

So for Project 26 I have got B, C, H, N, T, W, and Z.

Sorry this should have been on a blog, not the project 26 page...

thank you Lesley...i am glad you liked the T and the ATCs...i did not expect they would be there so quickly, good to know. :-)


Note from EVJA (China) They are having trouble with NING :-( (also!) for the 'update status' discussion, my contribution is (could it be?) completed! all of the U's are now wending their way through the mails. specifically, thanks to nsva snatching them from my hands and sending them off. you can see his take on the whole affair in my photoalbum :)
Cleveland Wall, Laurence Roberts, Lindsay Stewart, Marie L, Jennie Hinchliff,  Litsa Spathi - News pretty please???

In process of posting out 


been using addresses on envelopes --- but am now searching here for addresses -- can't find them -- yet !




I did leave message on one of the threads here t' other day. (But who can keep up with all on iuoma !).

In process of posting out now
Letter M was sent out this morning! (March 3rd) -- sorry for the delay... :-)




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