20 years ago I came upon a stash of Time Magazines circa 1952. These have followed me around long enough. If anyone wants them and is willing to pay the shipping I'll send them to a good home. (in the states). Just so you know, they are not, for the most part, in pristine condition. I have ransacked them (mostly the covers) for my own nefarious ends but there's still usable stuff in them. Now that the internet has become an inexhaustible archive of ephemera this may seem to be a ridiculous offer but for the proud and the few who relish the smell of rotting old magazines, and I count myself among that select group, they are here waiting for a good owner. Once again, these are not eBay worthy but they are like gold to the right person. If you just want one or two I'll send them along gratis. The whole stash comprises about 1 1/2 milk crates worth and there are a few from 1972  as well. Let me know.




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Thank you

I hadnt been able to find / locate this discussion again or remember its name alas and so couldnt  say thank you here.

So was very glad t just get an email alerting me to this comment and to get here by pressing the link ! (So embarrassing :)


I do want to thank David here, it was a pleasure to recieve the copies of TIME and their beautiful wrapping.


A tonic.


many thanks  David.


(It has galvanized me to be more  pro-active in seeking collage materials.)




I'm all about galvanizing.


Anyone else out there want some of these? I have a lot left.

Some galvanizing in Greece?

Just ONE,please,  David, as it is all the way to Greece.

I sent you info to your "messages". Thanks

Okay Katerina. Please allow 56 weeks for delivery. (This is a joke). I will send one out shortly.




Wel, it's great being galvanised ! :)


I just noticed my two pristine and uncut copies are from the year of my birth !  So that's quite something, for me to reconnect with then when ...


(I may not have the heart to cut them)

Thank you for the box and the magazines, David. Much appreciated.
You're welcome, BG


The magazines arrived safe-n-sound -- thank you so very much! Each mag is super-great: the advertisements, news clips, and illustrations distracted me for quite awhile. The musty paper smell was an added bonus -- combined with the scent of coffee wafting through my small SF apartment, it caused a storm of inspiration. 

A string of work will be on it's way to you very very soon...




Wait just  a minute. Circa 1952? I wish I had storage because I am certainly one of those rats who pack. You may have none left given the date of this posting. I'd love a couple if you need postage I'll send it.




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