20 years ago I came upon a stash of Time Magazines circa 1952. These have followed me around long enough. If anyone wants them and is willing to pay the shipping I'll send them to a good home. (in the states). Just so you know, they are not, for the most part, in pristine condition. I have ransacked them (mostly the covers) for my own nefarious ends but there's still usable stuff in them. Now that the internet has become an inexhaustible archive of ephemera this may seem to be a ridiculous offer but for the proud and the few who relish the smell of rotting old magazines, and I count myself among that select group, they are here waiting for a good owner. Once again, these are not eBay worthy but they are like gold to the right person. If you just want one or two I'll send them along gratis. The whole stash comprises about 1 1/2 milk crates worth and there are a few from 1972  as well. Let me know.




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Sounds interesting, how much to ZIP CODE  57732 ?



Let me do some research. I'm not sure how much they weigh at this point. I'll let you know.


I think my building would collapse if I added another magazine to my collection of collage fodder.  I'm Canadian anyway, so you won't want to be mailing them here.  But these would indeed be a treasure!

Well, I must send you one to complete the experiment...

Hah!  I'd love one David - will report on the ensuing collapse.



Box 41021

Loon Island P.O.

Port Coquitlam, BC   V3C 5Z9


If poss maybe I could ask for one or two, do ya think ?


all the best


of course...

Brad et al

I decided that I'm going to give these mags away two or three at a time. Partly because of the hassle of packing them all up and partly because I'm enjoying being a mysterious benefactor. (J. Beresford Tipton Jr., at your service). So if anyone would like a couple let me know. (While supplies last). Brad, yours will go in the mail tomorrow.



David -- I'd love to be the recipient of two or so issues of Time! I'm crazy about the old ads and such -- great to use for postcards. And how's this? I'll happily send you some goodies made from some pages of those old mags... :-)



wunderbar....I'll try to get them out shortly to you...

--flutter flutter flutter--


Do you need a mailing addy? If so, here you go:


Jennie Hinchcliff c/o

Red Letter Day

PO Box 170271

San Francisco, CA. 94117


Just let me know if I should send along anything to you in the meantime; a little bit of "scratch" to pay for postage, etc. ...


I'd love to receive a couple David, if I may. 


Enjoy yr mysterious benefactions !  :) Great idea. I'll send someat to you ere long...


My address is :------

Laurence Roberts

Ty'n Coed,40, Boleyn Road, Upton Lane, Forest Gate, LONDON E7 9QE

England, UK.






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