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Klein Project

A beautiful call...participate...!



In 2010 fifty years of that action are memorialized art call for their creator Yves Klein, JUMP AL VACIO (November of 1960) that with the pass of the time transformed in icon, in the one which refers to a new strategy in the diffusion of the creative chore.

The re-interpretation to 50 years of this action proportions the topic that summons us.

KLEIN 50… Continue

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I want to send out a call for mail art to do with the theme…


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New project: Art Detox 2010

Visit ART DETOX… Continue

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Best wishes for 2010!

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Donations Accepted

Since the keeping online of the IUOMA-Platform absorbs quite some effort and money, I just added a donation option to the platform. Donations will be used to send out IUOMA-materials for FREE.

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Flowers for my brother

Beginning this year The tragedy with my brother took place. A lot of mail-artists send in Flowerscard for my brother. Most he did see before he died on March 11th 2009. The complete collection of mail is now slowly being scanned and will be published on a blog in memory of my brother. You can fins it on:

I am still in the process of scanning and publishing, but the collection will slowly… Continue

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Statistical programms removed

I removed the statistical programm at this NING site because I believe it brought some pop-up advertisings and also caused the site not to work correctly. Please let me know when you find faults. I will try to correct them. Thanks for the mail-artists that reported the eroors to me. - Ruud

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Ougoing Mail-Art

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New memberlist is coming soon

With all the new members joining the IUOMA I am preparing a new publication with the 500 members (when we reach that number) which will be available in hardcopy format too. A digital version will be available for free for a few months so you have access to the memberlist when you want to.

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Mail-Art in the MoMa - New York

I am very pleased to report that the Museum of Modern Art, New York, currently has an on-line catalog of the "John Held, Jr. Collection of Mail Art Periodicals," an annotated inventory housed at the Museum of Modern Art Library.

It can be accessed at:…


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Spammer removed

The spammer : has been removed from the IUOMA network. Thanks for the members who alerted me. It is early in the morning here, so all her postings and the account she created have been remolved. If someone new comes with no connections with mail-art whatsoever and pure intentions to SPAM, They will be removed.

Ruud Janssen

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Braincell 726

Ryosuke Cohen's project still is running strong. Will he succeed in reaching 1000 issues?

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Mail-Art project by Peter Küstermann - Germany


Dear Mail-Art friends,

twenty-seven years ago, I edited my first Mail-Art Catalog for Peace still during the cold war. In re-united Germany, I have started now teaching Mail-Art in the army. My students are former soldiers with experience in Kosovo and Afghanistan. Most of them were still born in the GDR = East Germany.

They have chosen to be re-trained as kindergartners and educators, i.e.: men in a traditional women´s profession. Their… Continue

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Thanks Carla!

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B&W and Colour-Version of the IUOMA Member list. This book contains an overview of all members that joined the platform from November 13th 2008 till January 12th 2009. The IUOMA is now 20 years old. On this electronic platform the old and new IUOMA-members have joined in again. Each member created his/her own page with its own look. A screen capture of each member is included.


Two… Continue

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gallery 7 - Mail-Art call

please send Mail Art for a Mail Art event in February! Open Themed, any size, documentation to all, Art to be shown in Gallery 7 during the event. Please send now for February 12th, 2009 event...
Send to:

# 7 West Ave. B
Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 USA

Thank you for your participation!

Jenny Soup

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As an experiment I have now set the IUOMA-Platform open for all new members. So they don't need an invitation anymore. This way everybody who wants to become a member of the IUOMA actually immediately is one. That comes close to the original idea of the IUOMA. For me as moderator the task to check if spammers come in and I surely will remove them if they add postings unrelated to aspects of mail-art. - Ruud Janssen

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New Book available

B&W Version of Statements Collection on Mail-Art by Ruud Janssen. Reprint of statements written in period 1993-2008 on the subject of mail-art. These statements were first published as pamphlets. Later on the Internet, and now as a collection in one book. Some statements and texts were also published on the Internet first and later as print-out sent into the network. The last part of this book contains visual statements made when the Millennium… Continue

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CHAT is enabled

The CHAT-function has been enabled on this IUOMA-platform. It means that there is an extra button where you can go to the CHAT-place. You can see who is online and communicate directly to them (if they are on the same CHAT-place as well). It works direct and quick. On the Main Page of the IUOMA-platform there is a small CHAT-window as well. You can follow the chat-sessions, take part, and discover this new tool.

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Want to support the IUOMA with a financial gift via PayPal?

The money will be used to keep the IUOMA-platform alive. Current donations keep platform online till 1-oct-2020.   If you want to donate to get IUOMA-publications into archives and museums please mention this with your donation. It will then be used to send some hardcopy books into museums and archives. You can order books yourself too at the IUOMA-Bookshop. That will sponsor the IUOMA as well.










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