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From Marie Wintzer - The Complete Series - A Line

I don’t think there is much that Marie has not covered about A Line in terms of definitions in this work.  I am VERY pleased to have received the full set. 

Albert Einstein said that an attempt at visualizing the fourth dimension was like taking a point, stretching it into a line, curling it into a circle, twisting it into a sphere and punching through the sphere – welcome to another dimension – a world of beautiful photographs that come in full circle  - Marie’s Lines. …


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ZULAP - Ruud Janssen - Fluxus Word Score


The constant state of FLUX in which the Letter Z exists.  This term also indicates the operation of Z as a fractal – ie a self-similar pattern – ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (to infinity)

Situate in :The World of Emphatics

Fluxus Word given by Ruud Janssen (Netherlands) Meaning determined by Cheryl Penn (South Africa)…


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I-Catching Collages - new addition - Janine Weiss

A collage from Switzerland - Pieces of that northern country reach here in their own composite universe, a universe of displaced images from Janine.

There is a theatricality to Erni’s collages – from the envelope to the inside, they are an epitome of  double gesture – cut and paste.…


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The Mystery of the Empty Boxes

From Nadine  Wendell-Mojica and John Held Jr.

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Mona Lisa Blog 2 - RCBz Full set of Cards from the Rack PLUS!

RCBz has been a sort of Custodian of Mona, since I started the Mona Lisa mail art call.  He submitted Medi-Alert Mona and then the Not the Dulwhich Gallery image where he had digitally assembled all the  Mona Lisa’s off my blog. ( ).  As every good gallery should have, RCBz created a card rack. The Cards From the Rack series were created by RCBz from the works that had not fitted on the gallery walls.  R has sent me the whole…


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Marked: Life at Penn Planet A Serial Saga from Dean Marks

If you know people in high places, they can get you your own planet.  At least I think that’s how I got mine.  Or it could have been involuntary expulsion from earth because of a game considered too dangerous for 3 year olds.

What I think is dangerous?  WHAT higher postal powers are accountable to Dean which allowed this piece to make it through the post… Its quite unearthly.  Most postcards I receive have bite marks – not dean marks. Did Erni, The Valentine, Marie or The Inseine Guy…


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