Ficus strangulensis

81, Male

Charleston, WV

United States

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http://the 'blog' here at IUOMA
Why I am involved in Mail-Art:
I like to see what people are doing as art and share what I am doing. I like to meet people and get to know them. [DISCLAIMER: tho I am called a mail "artist", I 'cannot' draw due to a lack of proper mindset.]
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538 Hanson Hollow Rd.
Charleston, WV 25311-8025 usa

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  • Nancy Bell Scott

    That's it! The envelope looks 100% not opened, so you fooled my eyes completely. This we *can* blame on age, for starters. More than once a mail-art envelope turned out (say, a year later) to contain something I'd not realized at first. Love when that happens.

  • Nancy Bell Scott

    Oh, you keep sterling records, that's clear from what you sent me. You could send me your Leftwich contents from 2004 if you'd like, though, and not worry anymore about whether you responded. I could reply within, say, the current decade. 


  • Amy Irwen

    • Happy Friending File! Will look forward to your mailing...happy New year *!*
  • Norma Soulet

    Hi Ficus,

    Happy Monday to You!

    Something Orange is on it's way to you!

    Went out today.

  • Ptrzia (TICTAC)

    hi Fike, i have received your fab mail...thank you a lot! today i mailed an envelope  for you, hope you get it soon...happy weekend!

  • Moan Lisa

    Hi! Yer'ol'gal Mona!
  • Carolyn Curtis aka Wenchkin

    Awesome, thanks so much!

  • Norma Soulet

    Happy Birthday, Ficus!

  • Valentine Mark Herman

    Sorry but you can't join the Groucho Marx Group. This is nothing personal, as no-one can join the Group. That's what Groucho wanted, and that's what happens. There are lots of other Groups though....

  • Cody Whitby

    wow thanks for the message and these wonderful prints Fike! In a fantastic envelope with very nice stamps. all a treat. posting images in a few minutes. thanks again. 

  • Maria Consuelo Guacuto Blanco

    Hi Ficus

    I invite you to my project YOUR CITY.
    I count on your participation


    Maria Consuelo GuacutoNuevo%20Provecto%20ARTE%20CORREO.docx

  • Mark Rossmiller


    You have mail on the way. :)

  • Mail Art Martha

    Thank you Fikus for the new mailing. I have come back from two weeks Holiday and hope to catch up and blog soon and respond next week to everybody. I did a lot stuff while sunbathing!

  • HilgART

    Good to be back in touch since the old days when I was in Huntington! Keep watching the mail--I predict something coming your way...  


  • Alan Brignull

    Greetings, Fike. Yes, I've been with IUOMA for years — still prefer real mail, though.

  • Adam Roussopoulos

    Wonderful letter in the mail! Thank  you

  • Li Araki

    Really enjoyed receiving your cool art--thanks so much!  It will be a little while till I can reply because I'm in the middle of a few projects so please don't think I forgot.  My husband Dave (also on this site) liked your work so much he posted it on IOUMA Facebook.  I too am sad about Steve Dalachinsky--today, September 29th, is actually his birthday...

  • Cascadia Artpost

    I had to go see the eye doctor on Main Street in the Cascadia Diorama after viewing this envelope...

  • Li Araki

    Loved the wonderful art Fike--many thanks!

  • Petrolpetal

    mail out!

  • Jenn Miltenberger

    Thanks so much! 

  • allison

    mail out to you, fike!

  • Petrolpetal

  • stan askew

    hey fike ~

    good to hear from you! thanks for the friend invite. we moved to Hawaii to be close to family, and we love it here. hope all is well with you and yours!

    best ~ stan


    Hi Ficus! I just accepted your friend request! Thanks for friending me. Hope you like what I sent :).

  • Jenn Miltenberger

    Fike, Thanks for the recent mail. I enjoyed it! Will send something soon :)


    Hi Fike! Thank you so much for the Mail Art and printed Art Cards. I love them! I like Sci Fi, too, but am not nearly as avid a reader as you are. Hope you are well and staying safe. Best Regards, Pam

  • Judith Dagan

    I love you ('re mail art ) too. I put something in the mail for you last Sunday. Along with 4 more pieces to my M.A. friends. ♡×♡= ♡×♡

  • Vel Crowe



    incoming V-Mail

    EDA 01/14 or 0/17

    Dodgy Rodger Velcrow

  • Ifé Niklaus

    HELLO FICUS !!!!


  • Mel Anie

    Howdy, meye [new] ol' Bud; weiser I am now. I have received a package from you, today, 15 Feb 2021. The postmark is from last year! You may have received mail from me recently or you will imminently (or maybe in a few months time!). That envelope is not a reply to the mailing that I received today because, as far as I know right now, I am not a time traveller but time and other things may prove differently. I will reply to this one quite soon because I like it a lot and have much to say regarding it. Thank you. Mel Anie (PS. I still can't post or see images on here so you are just getting lots of words from me. Oh dear.)
  • Ifé Niklaus

    Hi there Ficus  ! I've been doing art mail since I was 10 years old, but I found out about IUOMA last December. So happy and grateful about it !!!!! 

  • i'm a superhero

    My step-daughter-to-be wears a pair of Fike brand Nike knock-offs when she's not wearing the actual Nike's I bought for her last week. They always make me think of you.

  • Ifé Niklaus


  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    If you like monasteries, Fike, and rock climbing to get to them, a bit of eco-holy tourism in Greece, check out google for:

    Meteora (on-the-rocks):


    Mount Athos (by-the-sea):

  • Erja Veldhuis

    Hello Ficus!

    That's super nice, thank you! I will send it to you this week!

  • dystatic

    glad you like them!

  • awyn

    Thanks for letting me know the nested birds got there okay!

  • Devin S. Turk

    Hi there Ficus, and thanks for your comment!  I'm looking forward to discovering what you send my way, whenever that happens to be!  I'm adding your address to my list, so you can expect something in your mailbox as well.

  • Gwendolynium

    Thanks for the mail, Fike, especially envelope and letter.


  • Devin S. Turk

    Hi there Ficus!  Thanks so much for the delightfully decorated envelope of art and your letter!  My reply will be headed your way in tomorrow's outgoing mail.  Happy Sunday!

  • Oscar Yeats

    Thank you for the great mail Ficus. It is truly strangulensis. 

    All hail the Great Panjandrum of Blorchistan. 

  • Gwendolynium

    Thanks for the mail, Fike, hope you are not overeating the polar bear liver! Like pennyroyal, I hear it can be toxic... I am finally getting caught up with mail after being away for a couple weeks. See you in the mail.

  • Bob Jones

  • Coco Muchmore

    I Galoot!! Thanks so much for the octo post!

    Wishing you a great evening!

  • KS

    Glad the mail found you! Cheers ~
  • Marcia Rosenberger

    Dear friend,

    I wish you a brief and peaceful recovery.

    Keeping in touch is enough.



  • Judith Dagan

    Fic, I sent a message to your iuoma inbox. ♤♡◇♧♡

  • Mail Art Martha

    Fike! those are good news! do not worry about answering your mail we will wait, you concentrate in killing those rogue cells!

    Sock it to them!

  • Gwendolynium

    That is great news, Fike! Woohoo! Keep up the good work and thanks for letting me know. And no worries, the round of mail I just sent out is my first since about March. Turns out I can't garden and do mail art at the same time, forget about walking and chewing gum. My list of correspondents may have to be curated... But I will eventually respond to all.

    In visual news, squirrels carved my jack-o-lantern for me this year. Nature is lit! ;-)