• Ask Anything

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    There are a lot of basic questions on Mail Art that are often asked and answered. This group might be the first place to look for answers. I will do my best to answer, but hope that other members can help out as well.


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     AKA Anna Banana Appreciation Band (ABAB) The theme is Bananas & Anna Banana.  Many of our members are « bananas » themselves, others are »fruity », a few are « nutty », and one is completely « ape ». If you are none of these, don’t worry we can help you with specially designed projects and exams …

  • Mail-Art Projects List

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    This is group for all general Mail-Art Projects. Includes a link to a blog where 99 authors publish their projects. Want to see all projects: follow the link for Website. Please only comments about mail-art projects or announcements. Other comments will be removed.

  • mini mail art

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    one could say this is a group for the small minded or those interested in shrinking the archive...

  • The W.Reginald Bray Appreciation Society

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    Some say that Reginald Bray is the founding father of the mail art movement. In 1900 this chap even posted himself. This group aims to test the patience of the postal service. What is the strangest object that you have been sent?What is the most bizarre object that you can send? In the 1980s I onc…


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    This Group celebtrates Boring, ordinary, dull, commercial Postcards that feature aspects of our everyday life – such as streets, roads, houses -- and are, in a strange way, interesting because they are so uninteresting. Join in and share your Postcards of our Boring world.

  • exchange "faces"

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    Do you collect free post cards! Do you want to exchange them with one with a face on it? Then, send me as much as you want of any free post card you have or you can find and i will sent you back one with a face on it!


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    Where the envelope is the art and the art is the envelope.  Identify as such with a DO NOT OPEN, CONTENTS NOT ENCLOSED, or other such warning...


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    D O N 'T J O I N U S ! ! ! !

  • Digital Art

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    A place for digital artists to talk about their art.  We can share information and techniques.  This will also give us a place to talk about the acceptance and sometimes non-acceptance of this new art form.


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    A Group to promote the world wide acceptance and use to the word ZALOP.  ZALOP means ABSOLUTELY NO WAY DEFINITELY NOT NADA NIX.  It is essential this word is said in an emphatic tone. Accents do not matter in this regard.

  • Test Tower (1953-2018)

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    Received this news today (19-1-2020) from Jack Latteman: Dear mail art friends,   Several mail artists have asked me recently what has happened to Test Tower, also known as Ron Stenberg, who most recently lived in Chehalis, Washington, USA, about 30 miles from Cascadia Artpost in Olympia. Thanks t…

  • Dobrica Kamperelic (1947-2020)

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    Dobrica Kamperelic (Serbia) died today, read the news on Facebook. This Group is made to share the news and to place postings to remember him. His Open World magazin was his life-work.


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    "WHO KNEW MICHAEL VOO DOO?" is the question that appeared on the edge of an envelope that I received from Adam Roussopoulos (detail pictured to the left), and after finding out just a handful of facts, I'd like to know more about this enigmatic mail artist. Michael Voo Doo was a prolific mid-1980s …

  • Thinking about Mail-Art

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    Bernard Suits' book "The Grasshopper" analyses play which many would think is a facet of mail-art. What other thoughts do you have concerning mail-art


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  • Sponsor Group IUOMA

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    The IUOMA is free for all members because of the many sponsors that donate to the IUOMA or because of the IUOMA bookshop that brings in money to keep this platform alive & free. you can visit the bookshop at: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/iuoma and when you order a few books, a small fee will be …

  • Australia Embassy

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    This is a group for Australians to connect with each other or for others to connect with Australians!

  • Group for Cat-Lovers

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    A group for people who love Cats -- everyone's invited to join, and their cats, of course. We welcome all Cat lovers and any and all Mail Art that features anything about Cats or Kats. Group formerly known as Katerina Nikoltsou.

  • Mail Art UK

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    I'm just interested to see how many mail artists in the UK right now. Are you one?