Comics in mailart

There is no group about comics in mailart or mailart with comic-elements yet.

As some people wrote in their profile they are interested in/ like comics: here is the group for it.

Have fun :) 

and feel free to join / invite more members

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  • Rebekka Schmidt

    thank you Willemien for the comic-mailart!! Also for the comic-ATC..I really like the post-stamp-combination.  I will send you some mailart the next days.

  • Heleen de Vaan

    Such a good idea, Rebekka!

    I love comics!! (and I love ligne claire drawings). So I would like to join :-)

    Though to some personal life tasks I am a rather slow responder at the moment (there are still people here at IUOMA to whom I owe one or more mail art replies..). Hope that that is no problem for you (and I expect to have more time at the start of the new year).

  • Rebekka Schmidt

    no problem! :) mailart = slowart :)

    cool, so we are 3 people at the moment. If it happens that we are more I would make a little zine for us with the results. :)

    I open a thread for this in the discussion forum here.