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San Francisco, CA

United States

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a friend of mine who exchanged art showed me some cool thigs; i found some kindly strangers' addresses and sent them queer little postcards i had made. some people liked them and sent me things back. also more addresses. so i made more peculiar postcards and sent them to creative strangers,. also envelopes full of wonderful paper things and the odd package containibg weird and beautiful shit. it was a lot of fun for a long time, then i stopped for a while. now i want to create cool things to mail to other people again and fill my mailbox with fine and curious things. so i am starting up again.
Sparrow 13
aka Baron von Velcrowe, Elvis Velcrow, Sadie Velcrow,
Taqueria El Velcrow, Ragtime Crowboy Velcrow et alia
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  • Edward

  • Bonniediva

    Thank you, Dear Vel (Squirrel Lee... !!! ) Love the postcard. As always, my mailman is a lucky guy. 

  • Jokie X Wilson

    I think I just saw your message. I think you sent it back in March. In case I didn't answer already:

    Jokie X Wilson

    620 Eddy Street No 24

    San Francisco CA