Spammer Alert - Is there such a thing as an IUOMA moderator?

I thought it was a little strange that 11 new people joined IUOMA at the exact same time.  Just a heads up (no pun intended) I'm thinking we've got some ghost accounts that just opened and one potential spammer.

The verbiage of the message I just received is dubious at best.  Just keep an eye open.  My guess is a few of you will receive similar/the same messages.

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I agree. I got a strange message from someone who said they were an Israeli soldier. 

Yes, there is a group:

Spammers Mail-Art

we post a suspected spammer

and Ruud Janssen will investigate and eliminate if it is a spammer.

When so many new members appear it is because the moderator let them in after checking their details. Members never get in automatically but are always checked on fake ID and IP-numbers.

So no spam of fake accounts here, just a moderator on vacation checking every week if new members wanted to get in.

best wishes,

Ruud Janssen

The spammer 'isreali soldat' got through, but got removed a day after he started spamming.

Thank you Ruud!

I think there's a spam group or discussion.  I came across it before and yes I think all open registration communities get spammers and phishing expeditions on occasion. 

I am new on IUOMA and just received an email saying the individual had something to disclose to me and couldn't because IUOMA was a public site.  Then there was a link to an email address.  I went to check and could not find the individual as being a member.  It sounds much like the information on Spammer alert 2.  Does this happen frequently to members?

I have had two or three spammers in the last few months.  They get ejected pretty fast when reported. 



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