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At 1:38am on October 21, 2011, PIRO said…

Hi Kemal

I recieved your Mail Art Today.  Thank you so much!!!!! Nice surprice.

At 10:06am on October 17, 2011, Maria F said…
Hi there! i ll check my archive and let you know if there s anything from you. Sorry for not informing in time.
At 9:39am on October 7, 2011, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Merhaba Kemal!

You must have received my 2 new "Futuristanbul" cards that I sent on September 12th? It should not take so long to arrive.

Also, I sent 4 cards to you on MARCH 11, 2011, and they never arrived? Please check with post clerks a Sirekci post office. Maybe they did not put them in your post box? I am worried.

My cards are in envelopes and should have no problem in the mail.

Please check to see if they arrived.

Or...I shall make for the third time, new mail art for Futuristanbul!


At 8:15pm on October 1, 2011, PIRO said…

Hi Kemal

Glad you got the fururistanbul card.  Best wiches !!!!!!!

At 3:46am on September 19, 2011, Celestino Neto said…
Grupo Toca do Lobo - Mail Art Call

Convocatório de Arte postal
Projeto Mago – Mage Project

Convidamos voces para participarem do nosso Projeto de
Arte Postal
Mago ou Magi, plural da palavra Persa antiga magus,
significando tanto imagem quanto "um homem sábio",
que vêm do verbo cuja raiz é "meh", significando grande, e em sânscrito,
“maha". Mago usualmente denota aquele que pratica a magia ou ocultismo;
no entanto, pode indicar também alguém que possui conhecimentos e habilidades
superiores como, por exemplo, quando se diz que um músico é um "mago dos teclados",
pois toca com perfeição o instrumento musical.

Tema: Mago
Técnica: Livre
Tamanho: A4 ( no máximo)
Inicio do Projeto: 2010
Término do Projeto: 3 / 11 / 2013

Qualquer pessoa pode participar,
Artistas e qualquer pessoa ao redor do mundo, enviando trabalhos com o tema “Mago”.
Não Haverá Júri e os trabalhos recebidos não serão devolvidos.
Os Trabalhos serão catalogados e estarão disponível no blog da Toca do Lobo sem valor comercial.
Exposição dos trabalhos online no blog oficial da Toca do Lobo e exposição em espaço público.
Os trabalhos podem ser enviado para o endereço:

Grupo Toca do Lobo
Rua: Nossa Senhora Aparecida, novo Nº69 (antigo 28) Apto 21
Vila Fátima – Guarulhos – São Paulo
Cep: 07191-191
email: tocadoloboartepostal@hotmail.com
blog: www.tocadoloboartepostal.blogspot.com
At 5:25am on September 13, 2011, PIRO said…
Kemal i recieved your wonderful CAT+ today. Love it, this cat does have personality. Thank you very much. I am sending a card for "futuristanbul" tomorrow.  
At 6:13pm on September 3, 2011, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Çok teşekkür ederim, Kemal!

Your CAT+ is fabulous1 what an adorable color, and I love the "mouse", too!

Thank you for your great humor, it made me smile! And I put your cat in my olive tree!

At 11:47pm on August 27, 2011, La Koki said…
Here's an invitation to participate what will be the first art mail exhibition in Trinidad and Tobago. http://bit.ly/postalart-eng We kindly ask to tell your friends and we expect to here from you! :)
At 12:03pm on August 2, 2011, cheryl penn said…
Kemal - I received your envelopes yesterday - beautiful - thank you so much - I will be returning the ones you requested soonest :-) X
At 4:40pm on June 27, 2011, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Çok teşekkür ederim, Kemal! Bu çok eğlenceli. Ben çok beğendim!

A great mail art card from "KOZY" !

At 6:45pm on June 15, 2011, Bruno Cassaglia said…
TANKS !!!! grazie molte per la tua AMICIzia!!!! :-)  poetamailartfluxus bruno
At 11:45pm on June 14, 2011, Bruno Cassaglia said…
web art
At 2:13pm on May 26, 2011, Terry Reid said…
hi Kemal,

here is an invitation to pARTicipate in the SECREt eXCHANGE exhibitions...pass the invitation on to your friends, and let me know on my page if you will or won't be able to contribute; go to IUoMA Events...or click on the link http://secretexchange.yolasite.com/   thx, Terry Reid, and hope to hear from you

(in facebook it is at :
https://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000748977585 )

At 10:02am on March 27, 2011, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

It was great fun to meet you in Istanbul and go to the Center for Comics and Cartoons!

Thank you, Kemal, for showing us a fine exhibit!

Mustafa sends his greetings, too!

At 2:41pm on January 28, 2011, Hélène LAGACHE said…
I have received.Teşekkürler
At 2:37pm on January 28, 2011, Hélène LAGACHE said…
At 6:37pm on January 12, 2011, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Merhaba Kemal bey!

I don't know if it is because of the almost-same eyeglasses? Or maybe the fine (thinning) of your hair? But when I met this Turkish Nobel prize winner at a lecture in Athens last night, I thought: he looks like my mail art friend Kemal Ozyurt!

He was signing books afterwards, I of course got two signed: "Istanbul" and "Museum of Innocence"!

At 1:04pm on January 6, 2011, Laurence said…
Many thanks, Kemal.

best wishes
At 12:44pm on January 2, 2011, Hélène LAGACHE said…
At 9:53pm on January 1, 2011, Laurence said…
Hello Kemal, I wondered when is deadline for the futuristanbul project ?
It looks very interesting

best wishes



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