Actually I found it under my bed. Several months ago I horrified Nancy by losing her artwork immediately after it arrived and then blaming the disappearance on our overzealous cleaning person, Consuelo. Oh, I am evil to the core. Anyway, I was cleaning up the filth next to my nightstand and thar she blew, the smell of Kordite was in the air. Consuelo, forgive me. Maybe it was a good thing it was simmering beneath me. I see it more clearly having slept on it for months on end.

The Thing Itself: How Quant

This is truly time capsule material, isn't it? The coiff, the mod-A-line dress, the happiness the product bestows (I guess that's a timeless given) but also...the tagline: "fill, tie, toss away." Toss away...toss away...toss away, the angels voices sing and then the camera pulls back far enough to see the krakatoa-sized gyre of plastic water bottles that is now a lifeform unto itself. How blithe we were, how blithe we aren't...

On the verso side

O Nancy it was sweet of you to concern yourself with her coiff which is just big enough to satisfy my bouffant craving. Though examining now through the slept over lens it looks as though it were painted on. Something about the way the ear emerges from the fur like a nascent mushroom. Finally, observe Nancy's mini collage with its archaic text quoth he. Thank you, Nancy...Alls well that ends well.

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Comment by chimerastone on May 27, 2013 at 8:47pm

I hate throwing stuff away my room is always in a mess. I hide some boxes with the intention of using them for a project. Shock Horror they were discovered and about the chucked in recycle bin. Luckily, I managed to keep the boxes, recycled cards has the right density for collage. 

Comment by Nancy Bell Scott on May 27, 2013 at 4:34pm

Dean, as a former book editor I will say this: Certainly, you CAN finish a sentence with "in," but you MAY not. Three lashes for you with a trashpo mail art ruler.

Yes Vizma, that is really hair. I think. Checking the scan from before it got sent, I see the hair is the same, so we know David didn't alter it. I didn't either, unless it happened late at night after a bad party somewhere and the memory disappeared. The egg beater reference--wow you have a *great* memory!

Comment by Nancy Bell Scott on May 27, 2013 at 4:31pm

Hallelujah! and lucky Consuelo, because I'd thought of training it out to Santa Fe to confront her. But you kept it close by you + warm, when by now I assumed it must be in a landfill. Only you could liken the ear to a "nascent mushroom." It sure is good you're around to do that. Thank you for this heartwarming blog, David. Some mysteries do end in enlightenment. We all have a great visual picture now of what your bed and nightstand look like. Poor Consuelo.  


Comment by vizma bruns on May 27, 2013 at 4:51am

Indeed How Quant, gee, David really knows his fashion history!

But Nancy, is that really hair? It looks very space-woman helmetish to me. I bet she'd get that coiff tangled in her egg beater pretty often, as you do!!

Comment by Dean aka Artist in Seine on May 26, 2013 at 11:35pm

I never knew why our Mom always used these bags to put our sandwiches in.  I know now, thanks.  Now what I'm unsure about is, can you finish a sentence with "in"?

Great blog and a great find.  What a show in.



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