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18th Annual Box Show at Gallery Route One in Pt. Reyes, California through September 24th, 2017

SilentRave by Carla J Patterson (Box #140)

It's that time of year again and my 4th year…


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Year of the Red Fire Monkey Results... as they come in!

I am happy to say that pieces for the Year of the Red Fire Monkey mail art call are starting to come in and are showing up in the album I've set aside for that purpose.  Please come have a look from now throughout the end of the year, and beyond!

Red Fire Monkey Call Results

You can also see results…


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Year of the Red Fire Monkey - February 8, 2016 through January 27, 2017 - Mail Art Call

It's the 60th anniversary of the Red Fire Monkey Year, the year my brother (and fellow artist) Tom Atkins was born.  I want to share my love of mail art and mail artists with him this year and, so, I'm sending out a mail art call on this theme.  It will be a year long event starting now and ending at the end of January 2017. 

As some of you know,…


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2015 Box Show - where did this past year go!?

The 2015 Box Show is up now and will be up through September 13th when there will be a live auction.

Here's my piece for this year - very different from my original plan.  Was sick for 6 weeks and didn't have the stamina for what I wanted to do.  But, in the end, I like it nonetheless!  (Held by Graham in this photo.)

Woman made and nature made joined together… The Rough and the Smooth.…


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The Annual Box Show at Gallery Route One in Point Reyes, CA

I got lucky in the lottery at GRO and am now on the Annual Box Show list until I ask them to take me off.  Woohoo!  I love Box Shows!  

I finished my first box for the show (opening will be on August 3rd) and will take it over to the gallery tomorrow.  I really like how it has turned out and, if no one else buys it, I certainly will.  The annual Box Show is a fundraiser for the gallery so the boxes are bid on over a 6 week period.

Here's an image of my box - Blue Forest…


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New Year's Day photo expedition...

Most NY's Days we go to Miller Knox Park in Point Richmond (near where we live) to take photos.  Graham brings one of his large  format film camera  (this year, his MPP with a film back instead of single sheets of film in holders) and I bring my Nikon D40X (digital SLR).  It's a low key way to get out and do something on the first of the year and it's always sunny, even if a little too brisk to wear summer clothes.  It is a great combination of the old, the new, and the perennial and as good…


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Cancer is a big word with numerous outcomes...

Well, it's the end of September 2013 and I am just getting back here (to post a photo of my mail carrier in the 'local postal person' group).  Life just gets more and more complicated at times.  My husband got diagnosed with (luckily!) very early stages of prostate cancer a few months ago and that has taken a lot of time for research to decide what treatments, if any, he wants to undergo and, frankly, just to get our heads around it.  We've been told that his kind of prostate cancer is so…


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Trying to get back on track...

Greetings to everyone!  Here it is a new year and I'm going to try and use that as the impetus to get going on some old projects.  My mom and my husband's mom both died last year quite suddenly and just a few months apart so I pretty much lost focus on a lot of things.

For all of you who participated in my Year of the Golden Rabbit call, I am still planning on doing the documentation.  Most of it is here: …


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The Year of the Golden Rabbit Mail Art Call

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Open Mail Art Calls on Flickr

I am posting open mail art calls on my Flickr page devoted to same - if you have an open call that isn't already up here:


Open Mail Art Calls


please send me a jpg version of your call (i.e., not text!) so that I can add it.


So far, I've got 2 Year of the Rabbit calls (mine and dosankodebbie's), the book of ann call, word mail art, send me your soul,…


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The Butterfly Project (Deadline: June 2012)

Anyone who is interested may want to participate in the Butterfly Project for the Holocaust Museum in Houston Texas. They estimate that one million 500 thousand children were killed during the holocaust so they are collecting that many images of butterflies, in any media, before June 2012.  You can read more about it at:


The Butterfly Project


I'm going to send some but I'm not affiliated with…


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What a wonderful world it can be... (my life in song lyrics?)

As some of you know, I sing and write music as well as make mail art.  I've noticed lately that I often respond to questions with song lyrics!  Does anyone else do that?  I don't do it on purpose, it's just that there seem to be song lyrics to fit any and all occasions!  


My grandmother once told me that she was going to stop speaking in anything but aphorisms since they could cover anything she wanted to say and I'm starting to understand her.  


Anyway, it's…


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Happy Halloween!

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Another Artist Turns 80 - Mail Art Call - November 2010

Please join me in celebrating a carving artist I know named Roberta James and all of the other wonderful artists turning 80 this year! Send your mail art about aging, surviving time, longevity, and/or confronting the pros and the cons of being 80 to:

Another Artist Turns 80
c/o Carla Cryptic
PO Box 1274
Berkeley CA 94701

or send your digital art (a scan of…

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A Walk Away From You (Keeping Quiet) - check out our new single!

Paul Ramsay and I have been working on an experimental music single and it is now ready for listening at Please come by and check it out when you have time! It is different every time you listen due to algorithms Paul has created. It is a wonderful collaboration both artistically and musically from my point of view and I'm dying to share… Continue

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The Black and White Pattern Project

I put an ad in Node Pajomo asking for people to send me postcards upon which they have made a black and white pattern, preferably a complex one. So far, I have not had many responses and I realized I should post about it here, also. For the time being, there are only two results from this project (I add to/change/or re-envision the images sent to me and send them back to the one who sent me the postcard in the first place).

One was from Xti here on IUOMA - her black and…

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Mail Art sent out for current calls


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Death all around me, Life surging inside... this is the crux of being human.

Some updates...

My sister-in-law died on December 9th at home with her husband as was her wish. We had a wake on January 10th where many came to celebrate her life and share the loss. There was a tribute by 35 horses and riders! It was awesome. Many people who knew her but didn't know each other had a chance to meet, including relatives. There is a link to a short video of the horse parade and tribute on Jessica's… Continue

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Halloween Treats for those who enjoy them in a musical form! :)

The Vampire's Lament - that's the dark tune and original by me, music, singing, and spoken word

Thriller (the duet) - that's the comical one, written by Rod Templeton and made famous by Michael Jackson, though they didn't envision it as a duet sung by the fraternal twins inside a single artist! LOL

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Mail Art for Jessica, For Healing

Please come listen to this song I made for my sister-in-law Jessica, and leave comments there for her, or even better, send mail art to her through me for her hospital room. She will be having major surgery this Thursday Oct. 29th and will be recuperating and fighting the cancer, including chemo and so on, for weeks if not months after that. Just send things to me and I'll get them to her - she is not comfortable with her address up online.

The song sounds like Valkyries to me - I… Continue

Added by Carla Cryptic on October 26, 2009 at 10:13pm — 6 Comments

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