Richard Canard
  • Male
  • Carbondale, Illinois
  • United States Minor Outlying Islands
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Latest Activity

Richard Canard commented on Valentine Mark Herman's group BORING POSTCARDS
"Yeah, "from Heleen--Bedankt "(I don't know if its's boring, but it's certainly weird" comment by Val M.H.) ----that's  sorta my habitual reaction to the things posted at "Boring Postcards"---- I…"
Jul 30
Richard Canard commented on Bradford's blog post USPS POSTAGE RATE INCREASE - 10 JUL 2022
"10.O7.22 ....I thought that I was more aware (than the average person) about  all matters postal---but I didn't know about this. Sir Bradford seems to be is always on top of a great many topics & helpful. Thanx for Sharing.  The…"
Jul 10
Richard Canard commented on Carien van Hest's photo

Follow the thread

"07.07.22 Dare Ms. Carien Van Hest,  ...  a mysterious image from my perspective (surely not involving  "bondage"---but I agree, the "lettering thread" business is playful & inventive. Thanx for…"
Jul 8
Richard Canard commented on Valentine Mark Herman's group BORING POSTCARDS
"06.07.22 Dare Mister Valentine Mark Herman, ...such a bizarre circumstantial  oddity.   But no relation---my background is English (New England  & even the  Salem Witch Trials --both sides if the issue---it of course,…"
Jul 6
Richard Canard commented on Valentine Mark Herman's group BORING POSTCARDS
"05.07.22 Dare Mister Valentine Mark Herman, ....It's all sort of "hit & miss" educational experience  but things like the Welwitschia mirabilis plant always turn out to be an ironic  fascinating treat for a "Boring…"
Jul 5
Richard Canard commented on SamaLama's group Thee Add & Pass Book Club
"29.06.22 Dare Rome Smith, ..& may I have the other?? SinCelery, Richard C."
Jun 29
Richard Canard commented on jon foster's blog post Anybody want to stick Miles’ face in “fun places” and then send me a picture of it?
"28.06.22 Dare Jon Foster,   .....Yes, Please! SinCelery, Richard C."
Jun 29
Richard Canard commented on Maxima Strange's blog post No Title
"26.06.22....yes, yes, I easily qualify as a "High Tech Dummy" as well.---- In fact, I often stumble across pens that refuse to  allow the ink to flow freely, & or absolutely will not write. Not to mention, the process of …"
Jun 26
Richard Canard commented on Ruud Janssen's group Mail-Art to the Moon
"06.06.22 Dare Mister Andrew Encisco,  Ms. Pam Parks & Mister John Gayer,   ...Yes, yes!!   Let's pollute the Moon as soon as possible. SinCelery, Richard Canard"
Jun 6
Richard Canard commented on Ficus strangulensis's photo

Shmuel Card of what the heck

"02.06.22 Dare Mister Ficus s., ... I agree. The Shmuel piece is "conundrous". The artist Shmuel has long produced unique  & contemplatrous  works.  SinCelery, Richard C."
Jun 2
Richard Canard commented on Mark Johnson's photo

1/10 Scale Mailable Warhol Brillo Boxes (Some assembly required)

"21.05.22 Dare MIster Mark Johnson, ...  uh, I do not normally express myself this way but: This is "cute"!!! & I like it a lot. SinCelery, Richard Canard"
May 22
Richard Canard commented on Monster A GoGo's photo

From Ferranto

"...yes, I'm attracted to it as well. Mister Matt Ferranto seems to  be blending the splish/splash & tribble school with  the touch of Ray Johnson collage."
May 10
Richard Canard commented on Mark Johnson's photo

fountain product

"07.05.22 Dare Mister Mark Johnson, ...If you have an extra---- I would be most pleased to place one of these In my R. Mutt  cardboard box file. SinCelery, Richard Canard.......Post Scriptum: That is your portrait sketch of  M. Duchamp…"
May 8
Richard Canard commented on Gwendolynium's photo

A Pruning Tragedy in Six Acts

"28.04.22 Dare Ms. Gwendolynium,  ...I used to live in Winston-Salem (Forsyth County) & fondly remember the excitement of some vague association & the first signs of spring with Forsythia. I've always admired those untamed long…"
Apr 28
Richard Canard commented on Michael Leigh's blog post The Postman Who Collected Stones
"11.04.22 Dare Mister Michael Leigh, ....have long been curious about the Postman Cheval & regret that I missed it during my one "touristy trip" to France years ago. All I've seen before were a few photos & this video seemed to…"
Apr 11
Richard Canard commented on Thom Courcelle's blog post >>The Act of Resistance Through [Mail]Art<<
"11.04.22 Dare  Mister Thom Courcelle, ... what is this?  Mail art reduced to reading a newspaper article??? (I, for one have been watching television for decades.) Are you suggesting that mail artists can be thinking artists as well???…"
Apr 11

Profile Information

Mail-Artist since:
Early 60's
My Website (without http://):
Why I am involved in Mail-Art:
Initially pure folly. Nowadays I visit the IUOMA practically everyday as if it were a part of the oatmeal routine.
My Mail-Adress (snail and/or E-mail)
409 South Emerald Lane - Carbondale, Illusion-62901-2140 U.S.A. .........

03.20.11 Dare Ruud Janssen, Obviously (I suppose), I have no website here--just  random stacks of those cardboard boxes  (& seldom (if ever) do I utilize the email address). My admission into your fold is a result of that "ning" thing (plus your generosity) & the only way that I could find to continue participating in your Marvelous & Grand Service --the I.U.O.M.A. Thank you. I am (& have long been) appreciative  of your prophetic & thoughtful insight toward the phenomenon of correspondence art ("mail art")-----was it John Evans that first used that term?  In any event, I find the IUOMA to be a  joyous & convenient  source for checking in on the "state of the art." Of course, I am always interested  in the mail but I am not seeking more ,more, more --- I already owe a thousand postcards & letters (things are kinda winding down here). Also, it is not likely that I will be posting a photo (or photos). That stock image of a "stump", "block of wood","chip off the old block" seems to work just fine. All best to you & yours & the IUOMA! Richard Canard

Richard Canard's Blog

05.06.14 Dare Ms. Diane K., That stuff that fills the plastic bubbles is called "Trash Champagne." Sin sincerely, Richard Canard

Posted on June 5, 2014 at 5:54pm 1 Comment

05.06.14 Dare Ms. Diane K., That stuff that fills the plastic bubbles is called "Trash Champagne." Sin sincerely, Richard Canard

Today's mail...

Posted on February 12, 2014 at 6:57pm 0 Comments

!2.02.14  Today I received a postcard from Ms. Angie Cope that reads:....... "I think IUOMA is a metaphor for life.  Wait--maybe not--But when I go there I feel like everything I see and read is so cool but is just the tip of the iceberg. So many blogs and comments buried--waiting to be discovered...rediscovered."..... Now, isn't that a terrific valentine for Ruud Janssen & all of us here at the IUOMA??? 

Da Beatles

Posted on February 8, 2014 at 5:47pm 1 Comment

08.02.14 Dare USPS & the IUOMA,  I understand that it's been half a century now (Yesterday)  since "The Beatles" first discovered America...& I can't tell you exactly what followed but I do know that I was not the only one  responsible.... Anyway, late at night (after I turn out the light) I am perfectly willing to admit that part of the blame is mine.  .....the walrus, richard canard 

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At 7:18pm on December 28, 2021, Matt Ferranto said…

Deer Richard, is that you? I'll have to send something to you in Carbondale. 

At 4:42pm on February 27, 2021, Carrie Booth said…

Hi Richard,

this is something I have been considering as I am aware that these things take a great deal of time and effort - therefore I am also trying to get people within the UK (where I am from) involved as the postage will be quicker and I also would accept work via email too. Thank you for your suggestion, this is something I am vey conscious of at the moment. 

All the best,

Carrie Booth

At 4:12am on September 20, 2019, Oh Boy said…

Thanks for taking a look at the pictures. The Art Detox series highlights my photoshop skills. I'll send to the "archive" soon. Oh Boy

At 6:01am on July 26, 2016, Toni Hanner -- tonipoet said…

Yippee! I got home from vacation and found two postcards from you! Poems and trash--hurray!!! I will get something back to you soonly!

At 12:38am on January 29, 2016, Lucky Pierre said…
Coyote is a legendary trickster, n'est-ce pas?
At 6:07pm on December 7, 2015, Ruud Janssen said…

Dear Richard C.  When I post a letter and there isn't enough postage on it, I get a message from the postal office and can actually see the proof: a scan of the letter. When they are right, I have to pay the postage due. In mail-art cases sometimes the computer is wrong, ans the scan proves the postage was correct. So the digitizing of our mail-art in the Netherlands is already done and I do get glances of it now and then. The postal office just loves to scan our mail and see if we pay the fee......

At 2:40am on December 6, 2015, Claire (aka Cleo) said…

Hey Richard, "Friend" me! Please!!! (I wanna message ya...)

At 1:21am on October 15, 2015, jon foster said…

Richard...I came into a box of mail-art from the Winston Salem show in 1979. Can you give me any information about this show, or point me in the right direction? My goal is to share all of the art and I want a little backstory to go along with it. Thanks guy!

At 7:48am on November 16, 2014, Richard Canard said…

16.11.14 Dare Mister Shab Levy, ...& thanks for your response... & again I repeat: I have never sent anything to Ms. Koshgarian  & as you say, it was "a general remark"...which of course was my point....(I placed myself right in the meddling middle).Please understand that there are no problems here as far as I'm concerned...I am naught but a clown  & seriously interested in bad jokes  & "shabby" art. I did manage to check out your website, however ( & what a stark contrast  we are). You sir, are obviously a disciplined, technically skilled  & accomplished artist. I also enjoyed viewing your comprehensive visual Art History Section (a few new inserts for me but was also surprised not to see any reference to Joseph Cornell or Ray Johnson...(but then, you did make it clear that it was incomplete). & as far as your viewing my own so-called "creations" on the web are concerned-- I must confess that  I can barely use the electronic mouse & have no website....but most artists & quasi-serious mail artists can usually be found fairly easily. Sinsneerly, Richard Canard    

At 11:50pm on November 15, 2014, Shab Levy said…

Dear Mr. Canard,

I know Karen from an art-book group that we belonged to and I am sure that she wasn't commenting on your creativity or quality of work, rather as a general remark. Please let me know where I can see some of your creations on the web.

Shab Levy




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