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-  Apply the Art Detox curative patch on the part of your body or other topical zone distressed by art-overexposure or other forms of artistical numbness.

-  The efficaciousness of the product is guaranteed as long it is attached to a visible zone.

-  This product does not contain harmful chemical substances.

-  Document your cure and get more Art Detox medical recommendations from the blog


*  designed by Dr. John Mountain, technical assistance by Dr. Darlene DKA Altschul / photo Dr. Vittore Baroni


At ART DETOX, we say that "exposure to art is harmful," but it is a psychological damage, not a physical one. The patches are supposed to "neutralize" the negative effect of the constant art-exposure upon our brains. ART affects our life on a daily basis, but it is precisely the overexposure to ART what we try to combat with the Paper Bags Test  and with the Patches Action.  Art is "toxic," this is a fact. Art is “toxic” as it coerces, determines and influences one´s "taste" and this creates an addiction to repeat the same stimulus over and over and overlook new and different stimuli. To artists, it is equally toxic as it leads to imitation, plagiarism or appropriationism. It restrains one´s capacity of imagination and creativity. Insulation from art-stimuli (by the paper bags on your head; or by the neutralizing effect of the patches) should clean our neurological systems, and tune them up to reach a state of hyper-sensitivity in which both art and reality will be experienced in full. We do not aim for a permanent insulation from art, but for a sort of "diet" (art diet) that cleans our brains and capacitates us to fully enjoy the art stimulus in the future. Like drug addicts in the need of a higher dose to achieve the same level of "pleasure," people are submitted to art-overexposure resulting in their senses getting numb. We try to get their (and our) senses sharp again. The harmful effect of art-overexposure is quite subtle and it works in a sort of "brainwash process." The AD-patch works as a "placebo." At ART DETOX, we are against the use of any chemical substances to achieve a healthy and complete art-detoxification.

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I need a patch.....
I need a nurse...
I just downloaded the patches. I need them badly, I realize that I am so involved in my artwork that I see life through a window misted with art. I want to see my husband as a man and not as a life model! I want to relate to trees as nature and not as patterns against the sky! Help! I want to live again! 

I have only worn them for a short while and ohhh! the relief! Tante grazie! I must try them in an art gallery. Interestingly, wearing the patches on the glasses do not seem to hinder their efficacity, on the contrary it appears to enhance it.

I'm glad the patches proved useful to you Martha, too much of anything (even mail art) may constutute a hazard to your health!
I agree, moderation in all things. Wearing them on the glasses is great,one can still see enough of the floor to avoid stepping on doggy-do (a delightful expression of my boss) and peeping sideways one can avoid being run over by a bus. In this way the patches not only detoxify from already adsorbed art but stops the wearer from new contamination from visual attack. I strongly advise those that do not habitually wear glasses to stick them on sun glasses.


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