black and white

fotogfrafie digitali in bianco e nero

digital photographs black and white

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now, every shit is art

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Today with globalization contemporary art was the seviço economic power, art today is being used as currency for enrriquecimento particular station today making "artists" to sell anything saying it is art ... now, every shit is art...biennale de…Continua

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Commento da Bruno Cassaglia ieri

Commento da Bruno Cassaglia su 11 Novembre 2018 a 22:19

Dear Friends Mail, since I have posted so many images on all my groups, now I would try to suspend a bit ', and post only the Mail Art for those who want to follow my digital work, I will give directions posting the various links of my blog. I believe this is more ethically correct. a fraternal embrace. B.

Commento da Bruno Cassaglia su 11 Novembre 2018 a 22:18

Cari Amici Mail Artisti, visto che ultimamente ho postato tante immagini su tutti i miei gruppi, ora vorrei provare a sospendere un po', e postare solo la Mail Art. Per chi vorrà seguire il mio lavoro digitale, darò indicazioni postando i vari link del mio blog. Credo che questo sia più eticamente corretto. un fraterno abbraccio. B.

Commento da Bruno Cassaglia su 11 Novembre 2018 a 17:33

Commento da Bruno Cassaglia su 10 Novembre 2018 a 20:21

Commento da Bruno Cassaglia su 2 Novembre 2018 a 23:55

Commento da John Gayer su 1 Novembre 2018 a 7:20

I did a little googling on this subject of brown running out of black ink and learned that black ink can be made up of a number of different pigments. With the right conditions it's very likely that more colours could have become visible.  

Commento da Linda Rogers su 31 Ottobre 2018 a 14:51

Thanks all.  Those pieces actually were done using only black and white inks and paints but when I put a glaze on to seal them for mailing without envelopes, some of the ink from my drawing pens,  I think only,  bled brown tones.  It was an accident but I didn't mind the effect. 

Commento da Bruno Cassaglia su 31 Ottobre 2018 a 9:01
Commento da Amy Irwen su 30 Ottobre 2018 a 17:22

Linda Rogers this piece is great!


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