Hello everybody, i just sign up to IUOMA,  and i would like to to know how do you ask someone to exchange mailart with you? It can be a little bit intimidating for a newbie to ask someone to exchange mailart since there is so much talented people here, and many of the members have been exchanging mailart for many years.... so I feel a little shy about asking. Any tips would be appreciated ;)

All the best

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Don't be hesitant, as this is a very friendly forum.

Try something simple like this:

Dear Val, I'm new to IUOMA and wonder if you'd like to exchange some Mail Art with me? If you say 'Yes', then I'll send you something, and you can send me something back in return. Happy Mail Arting, Suyapa.

Go on...send it to me, and lots of other people who you'd like to exchange Mail Art with, and see what happens.

Regards, Val

I've exchanged few mail art since I'm in IUOMA (lack of time, lots of work!).

But I think always the best thing is send something first. IUOMA artists usually answer. People here is really friendly. Just try!

Hello , Gracias for the tips.

HMA that really a good idea to send something first.

Val, I will go for it and do that -sounds great! If you do not mind i will prepare my first one and send it to you :). I will find the right moment to get inspire , i let you know ;).

Thank you!!!! mil gracias!!!

I await your mail art with interest.

How do you 'read' stamp art? That's difficult. To me, it's comparable to poetry, in that you can read all sorts of things into it, or not, as it's subjective. My stamp art (see www.val-herman-art.eu) is usually thematically based: I get an idea and then I get some stamps; or I get some stamps and then I get an idea. and then I bring them together. I might turn them into a collage or an assemblage. Sometimes, all of the work of art depends on the stamps, othertimes the stamps illustrate something else that I am trying to express. There's no real 'rules'. Just do it, and see what happens.

Good luck! Val

Val , I forget to mention that i like your work. i was looking at your site and love the work you do with the stamps. it is very interesting to know that the placement of a stamp can say a lot. I am interested in learning how to read stamps messages ;)




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