Once in a while, I receive Add and Pass items and don't know who is into receiving them after me who will send them on...

Please list here if you are into Add and Pass currently!

Thanks. :D


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She:kon my name is Kayenderes and I live in Canada.  I would love Add and Pass mail if you can send to me and I will pass on.   thank you so.   Please let me know

I'm in. I'm already on the list on a Facebook Add and Pass group. 

I live in Canada and would love add and pass anytime and many

Please forward and send to me.    thank you so.   We are 150 years now

a country in Canada.  

Add and pass.. currently accepting!! send away!

bonjour, je ne connaissais pas, je veux bien essayer.Merci de m'envoyer.

I would love to join this group

Do I list my address here"



Bonjour, venant de lire vos explications sur l'ajout et e transfert d'art postal , j'aimerai participer.Qui veut bien m'envoyer ?Merci?.mARTine

Thank your very much .


You can send me any Add and Pass.

Ciao Ciao

I prefer not to get Add and Pass but if one lands in my post box I shall add to it and send it on its way, of course. Just wanted to clarify this point.

i'm into add and passes now..

This is a very good idea Carla. I never have been keen in A&D but now that I make an origami envelope I simply cannot include them, not even postcards. So please do not send me any. A friend of mine recently shredded a lot and made collages with the bits, I cannot do that because it breaks the chain. It would be useful to publish a list of both people who are into them and also of people who are not into them. 




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