Piecing this post together, I am happy to share the sun with you, from fellow Wisconsinite Angie Cope, who wishes us warmth this February. 

Katerina Nikoltsou returned the above add & pass, to my surprise. Maybe 5 hands here, with the final work by MomKat, adding red stickers & stamps both ink & paper. That add & passes amount to anything remains a surprise to me.

All of these works (& the envelope) are stamped "faint press". From Chris Wells. The upper poem (sideways) is titled two lunes (fall 2015). The painted work may be read in part: "Familiar with the - LACK - violation - time is - HOURS: FRI" 

The back of this postcard is unlike its colorful & vibrant recto - it is DARK, as in "DARK MATTER - A Voyage of Discovery with Eleven New Graduates. Do Not Park in Front of Mailbox". 

& now a 1st for Construction Sea - Two 3-part exclusive series by Joel Chace:

Joel Writes: "This is an "explanation" of how the title page and the three poems connect --

The three collage pages (if that's the right term, even) have a "newspaper headline" title AND an associated "muse" (one of the nine Greek classical muses). The name of each representative muse can be seen at the bottom of the headline/title page.

In addition, each of the collage pages is conceived of as a sort of

deconstruction of the original headline. So the letters on pushpins occur

in the exact positions they would occupy in the original title or headline.

So the letters appear to be placed randomly but are not. This is why

I've included the headline, complete with the precise number

of pushpins on each title page."


eMTeVisPub will be producing a chapbook of similar work by Joel Chace by the end of the year. I appreciate the 3D quality of these works & their fragility. The above are exclusive works in that Joel has not yet posted these anywhere else & in that he sent them to me as email attachments - Construction Sea has only posted works received in the mail or made in person previously. 

Indeed - This is a virgin add & pass.

Katerina Nikoltsou sent a single work along with her add & pass return. Opening the envelope & fishing out the painted card, I saw the work as an egg cracking. The verso is stamped with both ink & paper & bears a brief message.

3 visual poems by yr blogger & IUOMA friend, Matthew Stolte

with a "snapshot" of my "studio" - to note, the yellow & orange mini paper cutter in the lower right was one of the best & surprising investments I ever made. 

Another fine postcard collage by Thom Courcelle (both sides above) - COBTASTIC

Above, works from V. Bruns aka Sparkle Brown.  This mailing was jammed-packed. Pictured here is the inside of a small TLP, Monkey Year merriment & monsieur Fish Turban with Scallops. I believe this guy is my new spirit human. 

Also (not pictured) a peace project was included in a full sheet of paper. I'm not sure I will add to that project - for now, Fish Turban Man is a success in spreading peace. 

With Thankfulness to all! 

& With a special thanks to Joel Chace for an exclusive look into his world of pushpins & depth.

PS: Recommended new publications from Xerolage:

Xerolage 59 — "my favorite martian comics" by Lin Tarczynski

Xerolage 60 — "alula" by Mara Patricia Hernández

Xerolage 61 — "Arcturian Punctuation" by Stephen Nelson

Xerolage 62 — “SEE LEX IONS“ by Judith Copthorne

The primary investigation of Xerolage is how collage technique of 20th
century art, typography, computer graphics, visual & concrete poetry
movements & the art of the copier have been combined. Each issue is
devoted to the work of one artist.

24 pages, 8.5 x 11, $6.
Subscriptions: 4 issues/$24 (US rate, inquire for outside the US)


10375 Cty Hway Alphabet
La Farge WI 54639

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