mailing from Claudia Garcia - Argentina




works by Chris Wells - faint press


2nd Ed collab stamp sheet by C. Mehrl Bennett



more stamps & things from a 2nd mailing by C. Mehrl Bennett



Scuba Flying sheet by Katerina Nikoltsou & C. Mehrl Bennett



Dean - Artist in Seine



DS Aponte postcard






"moon" mailing from Giecek Ranch




Full sheet work from Lubomyr Tymkiv - Ukraine



THIS IS (homage) ART postcard form Lynn Radford


from The plagiarist codex by mIEKAL aND, 3rd Edition


mini A&P zine from Mete Sarabi


back of envelope (with beard) by Mete Sarabi


THIS IS (real) ART postcard - Moan Lisa


Visual Poetry by Matthew Stolte



fish to Moan Lisa by MTS


another fishy work by MTS


MTS - mashed glyph


MTS - mashed glyph


MTS - more fishy work




the "4" books series, inside, MTS


the "4" books series, covers, MTS


the use of a Politician's free bumper sticker


Richard Baudet


Toni Hanner - envelope


Toni Hanner - postcard size work in envelope

Notes: Mete Sarabi sent a mini add & pass zine I look forward to working in. Whereas the front of his envelope is addressed & stamped plainly, the back features a mini-portrait, accented with masking tape. Richard Baudet addresses his envelopes in a scrolling calligraphy & features many stamps from all over. Perhaps I have a requested stamp sheet left to send (I assure you at the very least, Richard, C. Mehrl Bennett has sent a 2nd edition of the stamps). C. Mehrl Bennett sent me a 2nd edition of the sheet as well. This edition features her stamped words over my trashpo, which Bennett has selected meticulously from the messy, overworked ex-"To Do" list into stamp-size mini-works.

Chris Wells sent a photo print of his work as well as a dark, hand-worked piece that is striking. Toni Hanner sent a work in a custom made envelope - a postcard with buildings & doughnuts. I had the idea she made mostly mathmaku, but this mailing proves otherwise. Dean - Artist in Seine - sent a large postcard that features burnt matches glued to the bottom, which look like they were lit after being applied. Allumettes!

mIEKAL aND sent a 3rd edition of a colorful book - The plagiarist codex (copyleft Amendant Hardiker). In the image on the right, 2 figures point to what looks something like a cassette tape - "real meaning involves another's thoughts".

not only did Moan Lisa send a postcard with her (h/is) THIS IS ART stamp, but Lynn Radford sent one of hers "in honor of Moan Lisa's solo art exhibition FEB 26- April 1, 2016". The postcard also bears a 5089 stamp (I use one from Moan for eMTeVisPub myself).

I continue to enjoy trading with Lubomyr Tymkiv. Unique black stamp forms with/on foreign commercial materials, limited edition cards & envelopes. Another envelope from Giecek Ranch bears a large, stamped moon. Ed sent along 2 full size works & some smaller materials as well, including a somewhat mysterious ATC with a camera film shot taped to it - of an old man on a stone bench. I may dig up some old film & do a series of ATC cards like this myself (thanks for the idea, ED!).

Works here also by Claudia Garcia, David S. Aponte & myself (MTS) [The "LOOK" piece was done after I had a dream of it. It was something of a collaboration work done somehow with John M. Bennett. I'll be sending a series of works like this to him to see what he can do in waking life].

 I hope you enjoy this post & Many Thanks to all who participated in this Spring Madness.

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