fun foam fish stamped envelope by Amy Irwen

work by Amy Irwen, DEC 26, 2015

postcard of work by Amy Irwen 

Claire Dinsmore

Cheryl Penn book of poetry, 2015 SEPT

DeVillo Sloan

David Stanley Aponte postcard 

James B. Chester

index card works by Jim Leftwich

BE TLP by J.M. Bennett via Dr. F. Orklindt, I.S.

McMurtagh & J.M. Bennett

mailing from Katerina Nikoltsou

stamped Stamp Sheet by C. Mehrl Bennett

mailing from Serse Luigetti

New Year, Twenty Sixteen - Poem by Sheila Murphy

postcard by J. Block

My holiday season into winter was richer than I expected, in terms of mail art received. 

It began with a mailing from an initial IUOMA friend, James Chester, Vallejo CA. A cut (vintage?) file folder stamped NO REFUNDS in gold-tone lettering. The tape across the back temps me to open it, though it is a single sheet. Stamped, "Wish You Were Here - Wonderland". 

J. Block sent a collage postcard, the front of which reads, "Bust Venus". It (as the envelope from Dr. F. Orklindt, I.S.) bears a Martin Ramirez stamp. Amy Irwen sent a postcard of her own work & David Stanley Aponte sent a bright pink postcard, in part stamped, "IT IS NOW, & IN THIS WORLD, THAT WE MUST LIVE". 

Claire Dinsmore sent a somewhat curious mailing of imagery of The Chapel in Grand View/ Wernersville PA, "our new home". Her work is new to me. The envelope is baroque in a vintage fashion & the hand-written address is gorgeous. 

I consider myself lucky to receive an annual New Year's poem. This year's title: New Year, Twenty Sixteen by Sheila E. Murphy. Take a moment to read.

Serse Luigetti offers a blue sheet of imagery & a TLP by Proxma Press. I used a torn up red sheet of his work in a postcard project of my own at the end of 2015. 

Cheryl Penn makes books of poetry with handmade covers. The red & black cover of this collection - Book made for An Encyclopedia of Everything - The Expanded Version. Aleatory Poetry. September end 2015 - is almost gritty with brushstrokes & paint. "So, how was YOUR day?". "MAN!/ we were ALWAYS/ in alternate realities/ a sink hole".

I received a mailing from a Dr. F. Orklindt, I.S. Check out WARDOSE by McMurtagh & John M. Bennett. Also enclosed, BE TLP by John M. Bennett. As noted above, also bears a Martin Ramirez stamp. 

Katerina Nikoltsou sent work & a TLP of her own, in collaboration with C. Mehrl Bennett. A new letter arrived this week - I hope to get something in the mail asap in return. 

Amy Irwen sent another ambitious small work of art. She writes: "hand paint on foil - hand drawing - hand made stamp out of fun foam!", & that she is "very happy" with the work. The envelope with the stamp is a work of its own & likewise much appreciated; It is wonderful to receive & send such work. 

Though I have been selfish of late, as C. Mehrl Bennett knows, in that I've been holding on to my work (I will do a color collection of new work this year). C. Mehrl Bennett produced a wonderful stamp sheet using my TrashPo. She hand-stamped the artist's proof & I've framed it for the apartment. That sheet is the image pictured here. She asked I sign & return only 2 of the 15 (16 in all) sent. & so I will send out full sheets as the year allows. I don't as yet produce stamp sheets but much appreciate such stamps sent & enjoy glue sticking them on envelopes as space allows. (Note: "Gluing" does not do justice to describe the action involved using glue in glue stick form, as glue stick has played a much larger role in my life than I could have guessed. I aspire to graduate to an adhesive of stronger constitution.) 

Jim Leftwich sent a collection of works on index cards. Not unlike Sheila Murphy's poem, these visual poems garner attention due to their (heavy card stock like) weight. A variety of media is employed. "MY BIRD/ AS SEEN ON". 

Finally, one work here from DeVillo Sloan. DeVillo has a new blog: You will find there works similar to works here & with much more analysis. We do what we can. 

Many Thanks to all of the artists/ poets here & for making my new year rich.

PS: Dear IUOMA friends - ENJOY!

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