What are your thoughts about this project? Would be interesting to know what you think. Do you participate. Since when, How much times. Do you know the concept? Will also try to publish a few samples here (or others can help me with that)

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Brain Cell #782 arrived in Greece today. Here is a section from the large print-out. It is nice to see my feMAIL ARTist stamp just along side a photo of our Ryosuke. May he be well and strong after his surgery.

Brain Cell 782, upper section. It has a great collections of rubber stamps, some larger size in this edition. also there are a few artistamps, too. I am wondering if perhaps his assistants are able to do most of the work, and Ryosuke can rest and supervise. Good health to him!

Just to mention Rosuke became friend on my facebook. If he use assistance, I don't think he let him/her use his own facebook though.

I mean I think he is health as sounds so he is doing whatever he can. I think Japan has longer life expectancy and almost half of the population is the senior citizen, so they have a good hospital care. And good national health insurance too. (^_~)


Brain Cell ~ 784, made Jan.10, 2011, received today.


See also my blog.
Good to see Ryosuke is still active!
785 arrived last week!
Anyone receive the most recent Brain Cell? No.786? or No.787?
Me thinks that my "sandpo" stamp got on, but I have not seen it.
Please post here if you can? Thanks!

Brain Cell 789! arrived today, and my name is on the list of contributers, but as often happens, my stamp is not on this edition. Someone has #789 with a "sandpo mail art" stamp?

Upper and lower sections of Brain Cell # 789

Hi Katerina,

I think that it is about an error by putting sheets in envelopes.

My name is in the list of brain cell N°788, but I am not on the sheet of stamps.

My stamp is on the sheet N°789, but my name is not on the list...

It's a game...




I am not sure how he attempts to keep track of each person's image or stickers.

He does a new Brain Cell every 10 days. I send him another image every 10 days. I put the date in each of the images I send. Often his date of production will have an image I send 3 to 6 months earlier.

If you send him something every 10 days, your name will be on the list and your image will be on the sheet of every one he will do. They may not match up with when you sent it, but at least you will be a continuing part of this unique project.

Thank you E and Oh Boy. It is always an honor to get on Brain Cell, and I have several were my stamp is not on but address is, and that still is a good thing as many other mail artists and myself can communicate . I saw a most recent Brain Cell on someone's page or perhaps a group post and it had my Sandpo stamp, but I cannot remember whose post it was. Well, the best is to send again and again, every 10 days perhaps. Thanks!

Yay! Isn't IUOMA and our ning site just the best place for communication and exchange? 'Found the missing Brain Cell! Uli Grohmann in Germany received a Brain Cell with my Sandpo stamp but not the "Fly". I got he Brain Cell with the "Fly" but not the "Sandpo". So, yes, we will exchange in the mail! Perfect! Thank you, Uli!




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