What are your thoughts about this project? Would be interesting to know what you think. Do you participate. Since when, How much times. Do you know the concept? Will also try to publish a few samples here (or others can help me with that)

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I got a fantastic almost poster size color beauty today. It included a discussion piece which I will ask my husband, the mathmatician for assistance with. Who do I send it to? It came by way of Osaka Japan and looks like it had no postage.It looks like MANY of the IUOMA members show evidence of being in this.Really cool. It's #807. Will try and post tomarrow!

Acabo de receber a célula 807...Obrigada...

Só para entender o processo: faço interferências e retorno para o Japão, ou para uma das pessoas da lista?

A outra célula que recebi, retornei para o Ryosuke...

A célula é sua manter e começar uma coleção ou emiti-la a qualquer um.

Muitos participantes cortam-nos ou rasgam-n e usam-nos como o material da arte.

A lista de nomes é uma introdução a outro que está aberta a trocar a arte com você.

Ryosuke cria uma edição nova cada 10 dias. Você deve emitir-lhe algo hoje para sua edição seguinte.

(Traduzido com o Yahoo Babelfish)

How you participate on this project? what's the concept behind it?

The concept is we are all all part of a FRACTAL in the network.

Rysouke Cohen described the origin of the project's name in 1985:

"Well, I’ll title my work “Brain Cell”, because the structure of a brain through a microscope looks like the diagram of the Mail Art network. Thousands of Neurons clung and piled up together are just like the Mail Art network, I believe."

Send an image or 150 stickers to be added to his next collage to:

Ryosuke Cohen c/o Brain Cell
3-76-1-A-613 Yagumokitacho,

Moriguchi City, Osaka 570 Japan

He does a new on every 10 days. Many participants send him a new image or set of stickers every 10 days to be part of each new Brain Cell he produces.

When was the last time participated in Brain Cell?

Ryosuke produces a new one every 10 days with or without you.

852 and 855 arrived today. What should I do


Enjoy them. 

Respond back to Ryosuke with a Brain Cell contribution of artwork or stickers for his next issue.

I am a very recent BCell addict and it's one of my favourite things to receive in the mail art network. I now send every week, I hope I'm not bombarding Ryosuke with too many postings!? I just don't want to miss any!


Sending something every week will add up to extras that he will not use.
I mark my calender with a reminder to send him a contribution the1st, 11th and the 21st of each month.

Oh Boy

Thanks so much for that info, I'd hate my contributions to be discarded...I'll also start marking my calendar, good onya, Oh Boy!

I still don't get it fully. There is a big difference between sending 1 image and 150. How does he reproduce the one image? Do you send him your stamps? Does he really send out 150 every ten days? That would be incredible.




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