a knuckle-dragging neanderthal of a newb, is nonplussed

NOTA BENNY, i just posted the same message as a blog post; my befuddlement knows no bounds. f this is not good etiquette here, please cut a rank beginner a break, okay? thanks a zillon!

thurs 03/09/2017 15:30

THIS ISN'T MEANT AS A GRIPE OR COMPLAINT!but i'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed and confused by the site. there's so much here for me to take in and figure out. i do not know where to post messages like this one so that the wider IUOMA can see them-- here, on this page? on *my* page?  is it preferable to frame my messaging as a blog post or in the discussion forum?

where and when and how to introduce myself further -- i ain't sure, do folks read each others' profile pages and use them to communicate, or by putting up their messages in the public space?

where IS the public space?

where is the bathroom?

how do i invite people to be friends? and find folks whose interests are simpatico?

when's dinner?
how does one engage with the chat?

do i just need to look around more and figure it out for myself? like i said up there, all in capital letters, this isn't me bitching and moaning, nor yet trying to be a great big attention-sucking lamprey sponge waah-waah monster; i'm just the new kid in the village who is having a little trouble learning the local folkways.

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Vel--Yes, the IUOMA web site can be daunting. I've answered your questions below. But give yourself time to explore the site.

Go to this link for some basic info to get you started.


Also go to this group link.


1. You can post on your page, and the message will be posted on Main Page (public space), which is where I read your pleas for help.

2. Communicate with individual mail artists by going to their page and adding a comment. For a comment to be private, use the Friend Invite, & after acceptance send Message -left menu on your page.

3.To send a 'friend invitation' look at the right side bar menu under your name.

4. Sympaticos: look at photos of work, read profiles.

5. To update your Profile go to Settings upper right menu on your page. Your Page & Profile is how you introduce yourself. Add some photos of your work to your Photos section so others will get to know you too. They will show up on the Photos section (top menu).

6. Chat--go lower right. Click on red or green dot. Red dot means disconnected, green dot means connected to Chat. Go online and list of others currently online shows up. Click on a name and Chat.

RESPECT  for others is the key to being a mail artist on IUOMA.

Bathroom is upstairs-- go right, go left at intersection, go to end of hall turn right, then left--got it??? Sorry, the key is downstairs under the mat.

Finally. This is so good to find. The post and the answers. I'm new and technologically challenged and thought I was beginning to suffer from post traumatic mail art syndrome. Seriously. This helps. My mental health is safe for now.


love the answer Carmela.

Glad this discussion is started too, a discussion can always be found by others too. Getting started on IUOMA is quite an experience. It takes a few weeks of exploring to get used to all the functions this social network offers.

best wishes,


I'm also a bit confused, but you could try a 'blog post' from your 'Vel Crowe My Page' (top menu)...they seem to appear on the left hand side of the page.

There are various ways or various "rooms" where you can get started and Carmela sent you some very good pointers and Ruud is right, it takes a while to explore everything. But it does not matter where you start, just jump in the deep end! Set up your profile and post some stuff so people can find out more about you. The easiest thing is to favourite and comment on other people's posts and photos, quickly you will get to know some folks. Join some group if you feel so inclined. Just go up to the bar and start talking to someone. :-) Don't hide in the bathroom! 

LOVE the guidance that Carmela, Ruud, and xx Jones posted here! Thanks!!! I'm more or less a newbie here too and have enjoyed simply strolling here + there to learn what's what! 

A fabulous site--it's as though I've tumbled down the rabbit hole and rather than being frightened or feeling lost--I'm enjoying the exploration!

OH, could someone please point the way to the caterpillar's mushroom? I'm a bit hungry for a wee snack!

the site confuses me to so i just keep clicking and see what happens! -Sugar Cube

I'm totally confused by this site. It's kinda funny that a website for artists should be so visually muddled. :^)

You are not alone. This is a confusing site. 

Oh! This old and eternally relevant post has come to life and has been updated!



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