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At 9:06am on February 12, 2020, Charlotte Geister said…

Hi Jack! Yesterday your real beautiful envelope with the moticos and the coffee clutch arrived! I love to have a fat heap of money at hand! It looks very perfectly made and it is really the first time that I have seen such things. THANKS Very much!! I am happy that I took part at the H. Höchs birthday box project and learned to know you! And thanks for the small newspaper; I can understand the most, but I think I often do not grasp the irony because I do not know the circumstances you have in mind. ( Now my vocabulary gets lost!) But I noticed with joy that you quoted Wolf Vostell, an artist, that is a bit forgotten at the moment. The fluxus movement was quite en vogue when I was a pupil and lived in Düsseldorf, where Joseph Beuys was teaching. He was very, very popular in the city and among the students, because he was always present at the art university and had a real inspiring way of teaching. I was quite in awe at that time with the art students. 

I will try to make something for you the next week, Friday there is the opening of an exhibition with my collages and the paintings of a friend, so I have to make preparations. And thanks for the information about Olympia! I have never been to the USA, so it is not so easy to get a feeling for the different regions for me. But I have a friend, an english teacher that is californian and I will show her the coffee clutch!  Best Wishes and hugs


At 9:44am on February 8, 2020, Charlotte Geister said…

Hi Jack, your description of the weather sounds as if you were living in Lower saxony! We have had a lot of rain, no snow ( already for some years!) always a grey sky and the last two summers no rain, so that the prices for vegetables are getting more and more. Now a storm is announced for sunday and the beginning of the week; not weather for a biker like me. Does Olympia lie in the country or more in an industrial zone? Here the land is flat and we have a lot of farmland, the university and only some specialised great firms. I am looking forward to the moticos ! Have a fat weekend! Charlotte

At 8:28am on February 7, 2020, Charlotte Geister said…

Hi Jack, thanks for your friendship! I am looking forward for the moticos and for the  cascadia coffee clutch! Are you writing as a journalist? I like the dada- poems, made from newspaper scraps and poems of Hans Arp and Hugo Ball, but my favourites are the poems of Meret Oppenheim, a surrealistic artist! Have a nice day and sunny weather! Here it is grey again! Hugs


At 11:01am on January 28, 2020, Charlotte Geister said…

Hi Jack, thank you for writing! I live in the middle of Germany, where the best german is spoken! In an old university town, where the brothers Grimm lived and collected the fairy tales in the neighbourhood. But I cannot understand the bavarian dialect and the "schwyzerdütsch" of the swiss people I do not understand too. I have always read crime literature in english, but not the real difficult writers. But I have not used my english often, because we always go to France on holidays, and there you have to speak french. I really adored the wonderful H. Höch stamps you made for the birthday box, so clever done! I am not good with the computer and so I do not know what  a motico is. But I would like to take a look!

At 7:59am on January 24, 2020, Charlotte Geister said…

Hi Jack, your special card with german words arrived! I am fascinated, that is the first time I get something in german from a non-german! thanks sooo much! Very threatening but very good composition! I will send something soon!


At 11:14pm on January 1, 2020, Li Araki said…

Modern Martyrs, LLC (I need this!) Deadfall Farm! (Get in the car!) Academy of Aesthetic Arts! (I need a 2020 makeover!) and so much more... I've said it before-you're a hilarious genius!  Best wishes for a very happy New Year Jack!

At 10:15am on December 13, 2019, Petrolpetal said…


Just checking you're at the same address - Moore Str??

At 6:01am on October 24, 2019, Mail Art Martha said…

Jack! I have put a Fluxus Buck in for download with a bit of an explanation. I wish I had known at the begining of the year it could have been a nice project.

I received your postcard, great shot of the poor hardworking Peeps.Thanks so much.

At 5:33am on October 24, 2019, Afritha Hasana said…

Thank you cascadia artpost. Received your post card for 25th anniversary of fluxus bucks,its was looking so good thank you..but as i am very new mail art i don't no what is fluxus bucks can you please tell me what is this

At 12:52pm on October 12, 2019, Michael Leigh said…

Sorry Jack only just seen this post. I guess you found my address elsewhere?  I don't really come to the IOUMA site that often and hardly ever scroll down to the messages for some reason!   Love the 25th anniversary of Fluxus Bucks card.  I sent you some snail mail the other day so hopefully it will turn up iun a week or so.  All the best,  Michael

At 10:00pm on October 8, 2019, Mary Anne said…

Its arrival will be mighty welcome.  My first little piece sent out has disappeared into the ether so am feeling rather hard done to . . .

At 8:54am on September 24, 2019, Li Araki said…

Cascadia Coffee Clutch!  Hoof to Mouth!  Work the litter box corner!  Frozen Berries at the Strawberry Festival! and on and on and I can't stop laughing!  Dear man you are a hilarious genius--thanks as always...

At 10:07pm on September 4, 2019, Mary Anne said…

Can I send you a ticket or two for your 'ticket ticket' thingummy??

At 7:48pm on August 12, 2019, Aner Govrin said…

I have received your wonderful mail art. I love it!

Thank you!

Would you like to receive a wonderful object?

Aner Govrin (Post Object) 

At 8:29pm on July 30, 2019, Aner Govrin said…

Yes, Please do

Aner Govrin

Mapu 28 

Tel  Aviv

Israel 6343427

At 8:27pm on July 30, 2019, Aner Govrin said…

Yes. Please do

Aner Govrin 

Mapu 28 

Tel Aviv 


At 8:20pm on July 30, 2019, Aner Govrin said…

I would like to send you a mysterious object as part of a new mail art project

At 10:46pm on June 17, 2019, Cherub Ayers said…

Mail art going out for you today!

At 10:20pm on June 14, 2019, Cherub Ayers said…
I received your wonderful mail art today, thank you!
At 3:26am on May 21, 2019, Bonniediva said…

Hey Jack,

Yes, it's very sad. Nat was very young. I appreciate you art and your mail! Thanks, bonnie


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