Zine by Lady & Lord Fugue w/Haddock, Music Master & DKA Post (Hickory, North Carolina, USA)

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 1

Mail art by Lady and Lord Fugue of Sky City with Network luminaries Haddock, Music Master and DKA Post (Hickory, North Carolina, USA)

October 3, 2015 - I have admired the lush and complex imagery of IUOMA member Lord Fugue that I have seen online for a while now even though he is mostly unknown to me. So I was thrilled to receive a substantial package of work by Lady and Lord Fugue. A main attraction in this mailing for me is this (add & pass?) zine (what else can I call it?) that features work by USA Eternal Network veterans and luminaries Haddock (Oregon, USA), Music Master aka Tom Cassidy (Minnesota, USA) and DKA Post aka Darlene Altschul (California, USA).

I have been an Eerie Billy Haddock fan for a long time. Haddock is given credit for inventing the Tacky Little Pamphlet (TLP), among other things. I am also a great admirer of Music Master, especially his collabs with John M. Bennett (Ohio, USA). Here is the inside of the zine:

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 2

And the back cover:

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 3

Lord Fugue included a kind note:

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 4

Some great art on the reverse side:

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 5

These were also included:

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 6

All of it came in this great envelope:

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 7

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 8


DKA Artpost aka Darlene Altschul:


Music Master aka Tom Cassidy:


Eerie Billy Haddock:


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Comment by De Villo Sloan on October 4, 2015 at 3:04pm

Hi Susan, thanks. I am always glad when I can pass along some network lore. Lady & Lord Fugue attracted some m-a legends for this great piece they sent.

Music Master aka Tom Cassidy is definitely real & does do a lot of collabs with John M. Bennett. Those appear on FB these days.

It's funny, when I first began to discover this (sort of) group of artists that includes JMB, C Mehrl, Haddock, Rev Malok, Blaster Al, etc. I did not know anything about them. I liked their work a great deal, and there was no internet.

For some reason, I really came to believe that most of these people were fake identities created by Blaster Al. I don't remember when I discovered that I was wrong; probably when the internet opened up. (I always knew John Bennett was a real person & he has been a major influence on me in vispo.) But I had no sense of how huge the network really was & thought it was just a small group of cranks, headed by Blaster Al.

I especially like Tom Cassidy's colorful images on old book pages:


Comment by Susan McAllister on October 3, 2015 at 10:55pm
Hi DeVillo, I came to mailart late in life and, therefore, I have missed a much of mail art history. But I can always could on a little education from your blogs.

I, too, am a great admired of Music Master's work. I have noticed there is sometimes a similarity to JMB's work. I have even wondered if Music Master IS JMB. Thanks for solving that question for me.



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