RECEIVED: USA Mail-Art 4 the X-Files from Amy Irwen (Minnesota), KDJ (Florida), RCBz (Minnesota), Jen Staggs (Texas)

Mail-art by IUOMA member Amy Irwen (Rosemount, Minnesota, USA)

December 23, 2011 - A few months ago I created a blog tag called X-Files. The intention is to document pieces of mail-art that are anomalies or defy conventional interpretation. Maybe it's just me, but I think I have received a number of great pieces for the X-Files recently. NOTE: A strange coincidence that X-Files mail-art comes exclusively from the USA? More specifically from Minnesota?

The work at the top of the blog by Amy Irwen recycles collages shreds and trashpo I sent her. This very powerful and relatively large collage is, for me, like looking in a funhouse mirror at reflections of some current mail-art movements; it's simultaneously beautiful and frightening.

We see a surrealistic blending of MinXus with roaDKill (actually two opposing aesthetics). The mink has been turned into a hunting target and seems to have tire tracks over it. I also note a piece of a bus schedule I found in the street one day walking to the post office (Finger Lakes Mall is the end of the line). Here is the reverse side of this amazing Mail-art Guernica by Amy Irwen:

Amy kindly included the lyrics to Loudon Wainright's one-hit-wonder classic: "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road." Also in red is the original "roaDKill Lives" stamp designed by Angie & Snooker the Amazing Mail-Art Dog (Wisconsin, USA). I very much appreciate this work from Amy; however, I am not sure why I am associated with roadkill art. True, I wrote about it when it was a main focus of work by Diane Keys (Illinois, USA), but I was really only the messenger. This strange melding of roaDKill and MinXus-Lynxus never would have occurred to me, but it makes sense on some level.

I got blisters on my fingers, Ringo

In an Investigative Mail-Art blog I wrote about the D-KULT, I described KDJ (Orlando, Florida, USA) as Diane Key's "iron-fisted lieutenant." I have had some heated exchanges with KDJ concerning the defective D-Koder ring I received. Especially involving the DKULT, there is some confusion about me and Dark wall (who is a real person). For reasons too complicated to explain here, Dark wall's D-Kollectibles business (which trades in items related to DK and the DKULT) uses my box. The "Shroud of Elgin" and it's magic powers are topics you need to address to Dark wall. This piece by KDJ is addressed to me but might be meant for Dark wall:

Mail-art by IUOMA member KDJ (Orlando, Florida, USA)

The "Shroud of Elgin" is a purple shirt that, according to legend, was stolen from DK in March of 2011. It was spirited across the U.S. border into Mexico where evidence of its powers began to be known. In recent months, it was returned to the U.S. and small shreds are being circulated to those in need of miracles in the mail-art network. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, check out this blog by Nancy Bell Scott:

At one point, claims were made that the "Shroud of Elgin" could repair any harm caused by defective D-Koder rings.  Here is the reverse side of KDJ's mail-art:

In addition to the note, I also like the Zalop and Ray Johnson stamps. Thanks DKDJ.

"What we have here is a failure to communicate"

As I had feared, my already frail friendship (nonexistent) with the brilliant and much-admired mail-artist RCBz (St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA) has continued to deteriorate since I last blogged his work. He is not sending me mail-art anymore, just a puzzling and ambiguous note that I am sure is the last if I do not in some way respond to what has been, in retrospect, a great amount of patience and generosity on his part:

Mail-art by RCBz (St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA)

RCBz seems to be fast friends with Marie Wintzer (Saitama, Japan), and I would say from seeing his work he would be more inclined to MinXus-Lynxus than roaDKill, were he to be particularly drawn toward either. Cheryl Penn (South Africa) did receive some excellent work from RCBz recently that deserves a gander:

RCBz has an extraordinary knowledge of history and geography, which is reflected in his work. I notice his reference to the historic Auburn Prison (now called a correctional facility) I recall Auburn and Buffalo, New York were in hot competition for years, each claiming to be the hometown of the Electric Chair. It might have settled this way: The Chair was invented in Buffalo and first used in Auburn. We have many things like that to take pride in.

Immaculate concept(ion) art?

Many IUOMA members will immediately recognize the piece below by Jen Staggs. Not unlike the Shroud of Elgin, it too gave birth (no pun intended) to a mail-art myth. I am really proud to have received one of these prints by Jen. Before the pregnancy stories ignited, I thought it was beautiful, definitely the finest work I have received from her so far. Now it's also a little bit of history:

Mail-art by IUOMA member Jen Staggs (Dallas, Texas, USA)

Belated thanks, Jen. Be assured a very special shred of the Shroud of Elgin will soon be on it's way to you.

Thanks to all contributors to the Mail-Art X-Files. Remember:

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Comment by DKeys on December 24, 2011 at 4:23pm

That's terrible Marie! Erni will HAVE to break you out of there. But while you're waiting do you think you could unscramble this farm word? RRWSACECO

Thanks for your kind words DVS, all DKult wants for christmas is enlightenment for all sentient beings,money and power. I think we must start campaigning for the release of Marie, but only if she agrees to head up DKultJapan. 

DVS I hope you can get that printer ink before christmas. You really need to get those shrouds in the mail before the spaceship comes. 

KDJ's head injury seems to have been a blessing in disguise at it has led her to make hilarious, yet subversive mail art. I'm wondering if this was the 'suspicious' mail art that got Marie in trouble. 

It really was Jen's birthday I think, but at this point I don't even know if Jen is real. I am on the lookout for some roadkill baby clothes just in case. 

I KNOW DW is real because he speaks my language.

Comment by Marie Wintzer on December 24, 2011 at 12:41pm
Upon close inspection of my computer the Germans have decided that there were way too many suspicious mail art photos. German jails are not fun, I'm telling you. Well, at least I have a wifi connection. And decent sausage and beer....
Comment by De Villo Sloan on December 24, 2011 at 3:32am

woh, it really is Jen's birthday! It's hard to know what's serious around here. Well, that makes it even more spooky with the story of the immaculate contraception or whatever that surrounds the bodice piece - this being Xmas and all. 

Comment by De Villo Sloan on December 24, 2011 at 3:27am

DK, I must tell you I am honored that you have shared an End of 2011 Message in these humble threads. Your "crazy wisdom" is coming to match Erni's master Trungpa Rinpoche or Ron Hubbard and Scientology. RCBz will be receiving a shred of the Elgin Shroud. So will Jen and her baby. I had to venture out to get a new cartridge to print the authenticity certificates. I agree KDJ has done much to overcome her head injury.

As for Marie, yes, I received a communication that some sort of incident occurred at the German border when she attempted to enter Alsace. Frankly, I think she's been pressing her luck for a long time. I know nothing more. I am hoping she will check in. 

Comment by DKeys on December 24, 2011 at 1:34am

Marie in a German prison?  Will I be able to send MA there?

Comment by DKeys on December 24, 2011 at 1:28am

It's Jen's birthday and I was told I started a rumor that she delivered her baby today by C-section so they would share the same day.  Great trashpo Amy! Poor RK bunnies. I'm always sad when i see them. i'm ashamed to say that there is a certain hierarchy in how bad I feel about RK--feel the least bad about squirrels, but thats just wrong. DVS-why on earth didn't you just send something to RCbz? You could have just regifted some mail art sent to you? And can anyone unscramble this ? It is a farm word and it's driving me crazy:  RRWSACECO

KDJ continues to be my heroine and my drug. She has been promoted to head of recruitment for securing a clan of synchronized swimmers and selling a bulk order of DKoder rings to the Harry Potter skool. She has assured me that a new and improved ring will be going out by the first of the year. I have no reason to believe this, but she guarantees it will not cause any sueable damages. Any minor injuries should be cured with the shroud of elgin, and because she even doubts its effectiveness, we are including it free. All you pay is shipping. KDJ's head injury also occurred long before the shroud became miraculous. But it DOES work-just ask the very real DW and DVS. he is not telling anyone that his replacement limb arrived and the graft worked just fine. He might have a harder time making art with it, which might explain the delay in responding to RCBz. I hope he gives you a third, fourth, and fifth chance.

Comment by De Villo Sloan on December 23, 2011 at 11:35pm

where @ dk?

Comment by De Villo Sloan on December 23, 2011 at 11:26pm

it's performance art. fluxus minx = a flunx. is no one concerned Marie is spending fluXmas in a German prison. Where is DharmaDaDa Erni?

Comment by De Villo Sloan on December 23, 2011 at 11:20pm

& minkronicity on the critters that busted out of the Greek Mink Ranch

Comment by De Villo Sloan on December 23, 2011 at 11:19pm

Art is a fleasel upon an easel. Roadkill = flat-ulence?

Skybridge, nice poetry for a Frosty day?

Jen's work is sort of Bodice-celli. I looked and they don't seem to make maternity clothes for pets.



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