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Double Ray Johnson

for the original, go to:

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13th Annual "Anything Goes…Everything Shows!"

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Happy new 2019!

Merry Christmas and a happy 2019!

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Another Backup made

All the data on this NING network are backuped

and a lot of data it is by the almost 5.000 members IUOMA has....

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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19133 blogs

Including this one, on IUOMA network there are now 19.133 blog postings by the members. That is a fantastic archive and body of work by the members who wrote these since the beginning!

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Misty Kimel, With Bubbly Memories Photography by Ashley Stephens and Jon Foster.

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mail from Heleen de Vaan - Netherlands

Have to fill this in to let Heleen know what I think of her latest sending.…


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Mail to Ryosuke Cohen - June 2017

Latest mail to Ryosuke Cohen:

Just to keep the flow going and thank him for another Brain Cell I received.

He sent out #981 now, so in 19x10 = 190 days the expected #1000 might come out. It is June now, so end of this year we might see the historical issue of a very long-time project.…


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10 milion pageviews

Some statistics for you.

So since IUOMA is online at NING we had 447,876 visitors who saw 10,102,150 pages on the site.

So quite some numbers......

Thank you all for that!…


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Incoming from Richard C - April 2017

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Reading mail from Miss Noma

Miss Noma sent a book for me to read:

and yet another book to explore too:…


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Outgoing envelopes

Some outgoing envelopes:

These go out today. Yes, I know I am not always able to answer all the mail-art I get in. I hope people understand this. First of all, I get in a lot, and second, I don't have the time nor the finances to answer all mail.

So this batch is a small correction in tha statistics.

Please remember: Mail-Art is a gift. You are sending out…


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The Embassy

In the main-menu you can now easely find the several Embassy Groups in which artists from a specific country have joined. Mostly the group is run by a mail-artists from that country. Very easy when you want to inform your local network of mail-artist.

If the Embassy of your country doesn't exsist yet, consider starting a new group for this specific purpose.

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Ben Banville (aka Zona or Xona) died...... RIP

Message from Steve Random:

Dear Ruud,

    With a leadened heart I must relay the passing of Ben Banville (aka Zona and later Xona), don't know if you corresponded with him in the Mail Art heydays of the 80's, but he was one of the best at art and just happened to be my best friend. I will put something on my page, but thought you might want to know and pass along.


see also:…


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from Borderline Grafix

thank you!

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1000 coming closer

the numbers increase....

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Harley died

For those who know him, just got the sad news that Harley, a long-time mail-artists specialised in artistamps and rubberstamps, died.

The original message I got from Jack Latteman:

This message received from Tristan Francis

Robbie. I am sad to tell you that Harley shuffled off this mortal coil this afternoon. This is a different planet now.
My best to Lady Dragonfly
Hugs, love and strength...

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Back-up of this network

End of the year the traditional backup of the IUOMA network on NING is made. takes some time to gather the about 200,000+ files from the network and safe them on an extrernal drive.....

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The money will be used to keep the IUOMA-platform alive. Current donations keep platform online till 1-oct-2020.   If you want to donate to get IUOMA-publications into archives and museums please mention this with your donation. It will then be used to send some hardcopy books into museums and archives. You can order books yourself too at the IUOMA-Bookshop. That will sponsor the IUOMA as well.










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