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Alicia Starr - The Ones Who Cut Holes in the Clouds - The Bhubesi Women - The New Alexandrian Library Small Book Collection.

I asked Alicia extend the mythology of the Bhubesi Women - The Women Who Hold Up the World, and MAN did she just.  No-one knows quite where they came from – except that they exist.   Margaret Barsage Cebar was one – that’s why Alicia knows.  They tumble through time, cutting holes in the clouds.

You may know some of them, or dream of them, they operate in non-linear…


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The New Alexandrian Library Book Collection - Adding Rebecca Guyver (UK) - The longer this goes on the more I'm nostalgic for the moment right now. (Plus others)

And adding Rebecca Guyver - a book that Rebecca says was an experiment - I have to say a successful one! A constructed container which acts as home for words and images.

 I think that most of us who know Rebecca know she lives on a farm - I'm certain I have a Romantic view of farming - but for certain I know there is such a thing as farm-envy.

O Henry may be…


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ZOLEP JAPOL and ZOPOL - words in Flux from Ruud Janssen (Netherlands)

I think I said a while back I was the Protector  of Z. Just to ensure my position, Ruud has awarded further Z words in the building up of the back of his Fluxus 'dictionary'.  Its good that Z is getting attention - its not always pleasant to be at the back of the Q.  For a lexophile/logophile - take your pick, this is a wonderful score to participate in.   A reminder - Ruuds Fluxus Score has been in the making since 1988 - IUOMA is one such word.  On receiving a new word, the following…


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The exhibition is finally up and running.  I have done an on-line catalogue of HOPEFULLY (!!) every artists work I have received.  The catalogue is available for free download: 


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The World is a Town - Nadine Wendell-Mojica (USA) - I'm tired of you knowing you're beautiful!

A wonderful contribution to The World is a Town project from Nadine Wendell-Mojica (USA). 

So Nadine lives in Hollywood, and we’re all aware how many people inform their world view on Hollywood Dictates.  Even in The World Town it looks like auditions are called for.

You can audition for anything in Hollywood - you can be a showgirl or anything you want…


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Sometimes you just HAVE to share and advertise!! Guido Vermeulen from Belgium of course!

My bout of slightly green has disappeared (referring Dean and Ern) - I received the most fantastic package from Guido - in an envelope titled - self-portrait in B - Minor - MAN! I know this minor key - but it makes the most spectacular life symphony... 

The original paintings for the Zine pages the contributors will by lucky enough to receive were in the…


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Adding Miguel Jimanez El Taller de Zenon (Spain) to Pal Csaba - (Hungary) Bound with Knots and Dean Marks (France) and the New Alexandrian Library Book Collection - leave your bicycle outside.

I wrote a huge lot and the wind has arrived and is sweeping all my words into the Ether - so I'm afraid you'll have to make do with images from this work I have been very remiss in posting. But I'm claiming the 1000th amendment. 

Overprinting is a favorite…


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The New Alexandrian Library Book Collection - New additions from Susanna Lakner (Germany), TICTAC (Gemany) and Suus in Mokem (Netherlands)

One of these days some VERY important collector who wants to save all the books sent to me is going to knock on my door and say - we are burying beautiful and important works for generations to come to find. We WANT your collection. What will I say???? I would be HUGELY loathe to part with all these beautiful books. Let me give you some new examples, and you'll see what I mean.  From Susanna Lakner - Playing it Safe in Public Places.…


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Zines 1 and 2 - Mail Art Makes the World a Town - COLLATED

The proof of photography :-) - Zines 1 and 2 are collated, going to the printers for binding on Thursday, should be in the post by Monday.  Zine 3 needs some pages, so send please!!! Zine 4 reminder title - Town Asemics in a Mail Art World.  Many thanks Lesley Magwood Fraser for coming to help - LOTS of talking which resulted in one or two re-arranges - but we got there :-) XX…


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Male Art - for The New Alexandrian Library Small Books Collection - Erich Sundermann (Austria) David Dellafiora (Australia), Samuel Montalvetti (Australia) and Guido Vermeulen (Belgium)

Corresponding with Erich means entering a world of make believe where lines are simple and borders are easily crossed. The Zine page call for Mail Art Makes the World a Town resulted in a full visual narrative titled The story of Sigi.

I'm not too sure how I'm going to deal with the Story of Sigi in the Zine - but as the starter page for Zine 3 - its GREAT!…


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The New Alexandrian Library Boekie Collection - Additions - Theresa Williams (USA) - The Ragpicker and Torma Cauli (Hungary)

Theresa wrote a note which accompanied her beautiful book - which I really appreciate.  I know post modernism allows us free reign interpretation, but sometimes I think manners disappear in that wake. I always remain intensely curious about the first voice - the voice of the author/artist.

Theresa writes that she was excited to see I was interested in the idea…


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Belated - But Ever so Welcome - The World is a Town - Stephanie Blake (USA), Mona Lisa - ARAC, LMF and Heleen De Vaan (Netherlands)

Belated but ever so welcome - a reminder of the wonderful projects that have gone before. I am busy sorting through all the work I have received, cataloguing, photographing filing (!) getting ready for the Big Time.  I intend to issue a pdf catalogue so I hope at least a few of you will download it!

From Stephanie Black (USA) The World is a Town. 

It’s a world…


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New Alexandrian Library Boekie Collection – Boys are Up – Mink Meets Pink – De Villo Sloan (USA) and Cuan Miles (South Africa)

Mink of the Tangerine Oncoming by De Villo Sloan. How delightfully scrambled shades of red can warble  when mixed with a kind of pulp-fiction old movie poster and garrulous words. Free Verse in action.

Somehow, I’m going with Christopher Smart and a turn at Mr Potters asylum and a change from curable to incurable.  I know I may be talking in code, but this is…


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A Blast From the Past - if it aint the DeskTops! From Red Hat Roberto and Fancy Bell Scott and Mona Lisa From Thom Thom. AND Alicia Starr sends an alter ego...

Just when you think the call is tucked up and ready for the lights to be switched off, along comes the kid who says ONE MORE PLEEEZE. So I'm pairing Roberto and Nancy for the first appearance - remember DeskTops? These beautiful late-comers make a re-visit to a project a thing of delight.  Roberto sent these a WHILE ago - I have not posted these - APOLOGIES Roberto - but thank you! I see your scotty-dog came along for the ride.  He's almost camouflaged - where's his red hat?…


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The New Alexandrian Library (South Africa) Boekie Collection. Blog 2. Marie Wintzer - Leda or The Search for Beauty and De Villo Sloan - Principles of Hology.

Leda – Or The Search for Beauty by Marie Wintzer.

Minxus  tirelessly walks the arduous road in Search for Beauty.  Marie wrote and told me that she had visited an exhibition in Japan featuring the work of Leonardo Da Vinci.  That visit inspired this series on beauty.    

In Greek mythology, Leda was the daughter of an Aetolian king and a Spartan mother. …


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Not Hi Ng Does ZALOP

My first Mail from Not Hi Ng - Not Hi Ng.  Not Hi Ng???  Not then What? MAN!!! I know I shouldn't be curious!!!

Added by cheryl penn on May 12, 2012 at 9:30am — 6 Comments

And the Performance Continues - The Po and an Unnamed Artist.

Any Clues? This CD arrived without a return name/address.  Someone at the PO very kindly sealed it in a plastic bag, even though NO damage had been done. Have to say, I'm impressed with this service!

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Mail Art Performance - Dean and the PO

Many mail artists attempt to perform with the help of the PO. Dean succeeded. He didn't put a cork in it.

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The New Alexandrian Library (South Africa) Boekie Collection. From ViZma Bruns - AdieU

ADieU by ViZma Bruns, Australia.

In the discussion thread, ViZma said this about the book I FINALLY received.

“It's a kind of historical personal piece based on my family's immigration to Australia from Latvia, and of losing relatives in the war, it actually made me cry a bit. That's why I didn't want to let go of it!! But I made a photocopy. And Cheryl…


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From Marie Wintzer - The Complete Series - A Line

I don’t think there is much that Marie has not covered about A Line in terms of definitions in this work.  I am VERY pleased to have received the full set. 

Albert Einstein said that an attempt at visualizing the fourth dimension was like taking a point, stretching it into a line, curling it into a circle, twisting it into a sphere and punching through the sphere – welcome to another dimension – a world of beautiful photographs that come in full circle  - Marie’s Lines. …


Added by cheryl penn on April 26, 2012 at 10:50am — 21 Comments

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