Mona Lisa - Never Mind the Prado Museum - LOOK HERE!!! TICTAC (Germany), David Stafford (Sort of), Angie Cope (USA), Laura P (USA)

More incoming :-) - I think I'll begin with the one that isn't REALLY Mona Lisa - from David Stafford.  The contents of the envelope are the MOST wonderful calendar - but I'll blog that separately - this was on the envelope :-))!  OF COURSE I asked David for a Mona Lisa....!!

From TICTAC (Germany) - again, the quirky interpretation is just wonderful! - Dolly Lisa of course!

AND a stamp booklet of her Mona lisa Winehouse stamps

From Laura P (USA) - Mona Valentine. I know - did you notice? WHOEVER took that dainty bite out of the card???  She is obviously as delicious as she's always been...

 From Angi Cope (USA) - Mona Another Time, Another Place, what if? I think she is traveling like a far-seeing ghost?

For the Mona Lisa Call - I am getting some fantastic responses as you can see from the postings below - keep them coming please :-) - whoever could have thought that an image, now about 500 years old, can still generate so many interpretations? I think there has to be a book made of all these somewhere along the line.  Anyone know any interested publishers??? Anyone heard of a shouting envelope? If you made this stamp  Vizma I am VERY (capital letters) impressed - its da Vinci's  head of a man shouting as part of his studies for The Battle of Anghiari  c 1503.  As a matter of interest, these were to da Vinci the perfect visualization of what he called pazzia bestialissima (most beastly madness - no bones about that one as you'll see later...

You cant see the small print here -  Leo is writing - Dear Cheryl, Something in the mail 4 you tomorrow Leo - and the complex fold on his right - um left um - is an envelope construction plan. I think it eventually became plans for a helicopter.

O - And this - this is good...

Liketelevisionsnow is not an often correspondennt - is that reasonable English? But his works always make you think - this heralded the arrival of his work a few days before - it bespoke good things to come!

State your view - View your state - a very clever play

Well, LTS, I think Mona lies in State, a bit Cut Up??

Lonely Lisa from Emmy arrived in a suitable envelope, obviously feeling all dressed up with nowhere to go.  Never mind - she came to stay at EXACTLY the right address.


Veiled, hidden by  complex layers, fragmented, juxtaposed with visual narratives from current publications, old stories in new settings - I think this Mona Lisa is lonely due to the postmodern condition.  Don't worry - eye see you :-) - thanks Emmy - she's beautiful.

From Alicia Starr who is fast filling the gallery with her mysterious Mona's. This time she faces the Mirror of her own Enigma

And she does not just face the front - to everything in life there is a flip side - here too. But this one is the one I think that sits in Alicia's kitchen and says "A little more salt my dear"? - That right Alicia?

RCBz surprised me (with delight!) with THIS!

He says I have to come up with a name for the gallery :-) - its definitely NOT the Dulwich Mona Gallery.  I'll see what I can come up with - or would you like to?


From Roberto Rios (Puerto Rico) (PIRO mail art) - a beautiful rendition of Mona Lisa - composed of many parts of many techniques - a good reference to her virtual disembodiment - I use that term of two levels of course ;-)

Another from Connie Jean (USA)  - See what happens when Mona loses her head to a stamp :-) - King Kong wants her for breakfast! 

In celebration of the finding of what is believed  to be the earliest copy of Mona Lisa at the Prado Museum Madrid, I bring you the LATEST, hot off the press versions.

From Rod Summers (Netherlands) – WebCam Mona Lisa

From RCBz - Mona (Medi-lert) lisa

In his usual fully comprehensive style, RCBz also supplies an artwork justifying his interpretation of Mona :-) 

From Alicia Starr - her  mystery deepens

From Nancy Bell Scott - Mona WOULD have had freckles had she been into the sun - A TINY Mona on a match box from Hotel Tabard Inn

As I think many of you know, I have a call out for your original version of a Mona Lisa image - I will send you one of my original pieces if you're keen :-) X

An unexpected Mona, complete with new head gear from Chrissy Schmid (USA)

I sent my original Mona Lisa to Mail Art Martha - I'n not sad she's back - altered again - but thats the point I guess? The Mona Meme - EXCELLENT :-)))!

When I first started the call I wa getting myself in a knot about what does or doesn't constitute original artwork - I think this is ANOTHER sort of manifesto on the subject - a great one at that! 

I received the MOST FAB set of stamps from TICTAC Germany of Mona Amy Winehouse - its a full sheet and then some :-) - so professional - I got an email about who printed them - hold on and I'll tell you - TICTAC - many thanks - generosity rules!!!

The really weird thing? You think these calls go out into the way and beyond and NO-ONE hears you call in Ether - and then? A SURPRISE! Mona Visa from Connie Jean (USA).  I don't know her, but she SURE has a handle on Mona  - the reason for the secret smile is out!  Well, it could just have been ONE reason I guess :-)) - Connie - I will be sending you a Mona back - perhaps another surprise?????? 

A collaboration with Moya Evans

The Authentic Massacre of the Innocent image.  A Lady MacBeth -ian tale:

With Blood on your hands, a new image is born.

"Infirm of purpose!
Give me the daggers. The sleeping and the dead
Are but as pictures; 'tis the eye of childhood
That fears a painted (MONA LISA)

Rod Summers sent this most beautiful portrait of a younger Mona Lisa in answer to my call. I imagine this is a very similar visage  to that of the wife of Marchese del Giocondo as a young woman.  Its supposed to be in the unfathomable smile.  I think its more the eyes.     da Vine,  better known as Davine Ramakers, you make a beautiful real life Mona Lisa - thank you.  And thank you to da Otto (Otto Ramakers), via da Roddo for your participation in making this artwork possible.

I have, in short a MOUNTAIN of mail (lucky me!) which included this version of MOna Lisa from Diane Keys - no, let me correct that - from seven year old Willow - was she an alien? Sure has survived just short of being a pyramid.  For sure you're pretty! 

And another - many thanks Willow - and her Mom? who express the one as the many :-) X

Katerina joins the Mona Brigade with her FAB 4-fold format ORIGINAL Mona Lisa:

She asked me PLEASE not to make her enter the discussion on original art or not - MOMKAT! Do I ever cajole? OK - I'm laughing :-))!!! A copy is a copy is a copy is a copy is an original - get it??!!

Mona faded a bit with each copy - that means no two are ever exactly alike, each is different by the slightest color variation - AND she's all cut up!

MomKat - HUGE relief this piece did not suffer the Monkey Fate - THANK YOU!!! :-) X

Catherine sent this note with her monotype "Mail Lisa"

Dear Cheryl,

This is Mona lisa's sister, Mail Lisa :-) - well known for her correspondence to "special" people all over the world! Hope you like this portrait of her. - AND she comes with hugs :-)!

She came in her own specially designed ZALOP envelope. 

Many thanks Catherine - ANOTHER excellent original Mona Lisa - oops - Mail Lisa :-) X

The Mona Lisa – also known as La Gioconda is possibley one of the most famous paintings in history. We all know it still remains shrouded in mystery. Perhaps that is its most enduing quality? The identity of the sitter has been the subject of centuries of ongoing speculation.  According to official reports she is the wife of Marchese del Giocondo (as the alternative name for the portrait suggests).  When completed the King of France apparently bought the portrait but da Vinci did not want to part with it, so the king allowed him to keep it until he died. 

From Alicia Starr (USA) whose work is ALWAYS a wonderful surprise -  an unbound book – a Mona Lisa Portfolio, full of prints.

There is a little envelope which says OPEN – when I did and these stamps tumbled out, the words of one caught my eye – Letters Mingle souls – a mysterious woman again by Ter Borch.  I guess that’s what mail art does too?  Here is just a selection of these handworked images.

A note from Alicia read:

Dear Cheryl, this little book was almost ready to post when the Mona Lisa project came up.  I consider these pieces almost accidental (those are often the BEST!) Torn pieces from old magazines and fed into my black and white printer with a photo downloaded.  It may appear as digital art but its not. Your projects inspire and wire. Thanks A. Thank YOU Alicia :-)

I can almost SEE the theory of animus and anima in this work. Really wonderful - THANK YOU Alicia :-) X!!

From Lisa - Skybridge Studio -  An elusive rendering, handworked.

What lives within. I think that’s what this image is about, It has an ethereal quality – who/what resides within her heart?  What is she keeping close to her chest - a FAB image - Many thanks Lisa - you continually send me the most wonderful work :-) X

Going to Look FAB tonight

This is VERY funny Petit Pea! A note from Marie said:

“I thought Mona’s hair was a bit boring and too dark for her skin tone. She is having her highlights done right now! Its an “original Marie”. I chose the square format, my favorite one. Added stripes and squares to the photo like I do with my own photo’s. The frame style I have also used before to make it mine. And now the Minxus Alsace stamp”.


As an added bonus, I think you are all aware that the aliens cant read your thoughts when you have tinfoil on your head. So its a win win :-) - many thanks Petit Pea :-) X

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Comment by cheryl penn on March 16, 2012 at 11:48am

I have stared a new Mona Lisa blog - please visit the pieces - they're FAB as all these are :-) X

Comment by Marie Wintzer on February 29, 2012 at 11:20am

I didn't know, but yes they do! :-))) which makes the whole concept EVEN better! Some people do think...

Comment by cheryl penn on February 29, 2012 at 11:12am

EXCELLENT! They're selling postcard from the gallery? :-) X

Comment by Marie Wintzer on February 29, 2012 at 10:48am

Great new additions. So it's all about the eyes it seems.

And, do you see the rack in the Mona Gallery RCBz sent you? (Exit&Shop). I got a card from that rack! And it looks great.

Comment by cheryl penn on February 29, 2012 at 10:14am

Please also see

Angie - for some reason I CANNOT load your image into my album - but never fear :-) - like Mona Lisa - I will endure - or keep endeavoring - one of those :-))X

Comment by cheryl penn on February 23, 2012 at 8:45am

I confess to being impressed anyway :-) - ANYONE who can bring those little rubber blighters under the knife with any sort of success deserves a gold star - and you have a draw FULL of them...

Comment by vizma bruns on February 22, 2012 at 1:42pm

Oh Cheryl, I wish I could impress you with my rubber stamp carving skills, but the screaming man was bought online...special isn't he? You DO know that I'm really crappy at carving don't you?

This really, really must eventuate into a book,....if I bump into Murdoch or Packer I'll demand a book deal for you.

Comment by Marie Wintzer on February 20, 2012 at 11:40pm

Alicia! Keep them coming! Those are great!

Comment by cheryl penn on February 20, 2012 at 4:58pm

Jeepers!!! If it works, send it back!!! :-)))X!

Comment by Alicia Starr on February 20, 2012 at 4:36pm

Cheryl, funny, your mona is hanging in our kitchen inspiring me to be a better cook.



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