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Mail-Artist since:
2009 (and not aware being mailarting since 1979)
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Why I am involved in Mail-Art:
Making illustrations is my life.
Furthermore: I like to see other people's creative outbursts, love to see creative additions to envelopes. I like stamps, like to communicate via art works, I'm fascinated by how snail mail works: put a stamp and address on an envelope and a whole system of people and transportation means is bringing that single envelope to wherever you want.
Count up all previous words and see: Mail Art is inevitable.

P.S. If you want to create and send me mail art about your favourite (weird or common) animal I will be most happy; I'll like to post it on my http://realweirdanimals.blogspot.com blog.
My Mail-Adress (snail and/or E-mail)
Postbus 581
1180 AN Amstelveen

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  • Suus in Mokum

    Ha Heleen, nice blog. Breien was makkie maar de steken oppakken moeilijke klus. En dat werden er steeds meer dus... Keerje afspreken in Cobra Museum?
  • Toni Hanner -- tonipoet

    Heleen, you've been blogged!

  • Toni Hanner -- tonipoet

    Glad you like the baggy suited lizard!

  • Minneapolis Gnome

    OMG - look what Heleen sent to me!  THANK YOU!!!!


  • Willemien Visser

    Leuk VRIENDINNEN te zijn

    en FIJN dat je mijn mail art mooi vond!

  • Sara Marie Niday

    Thanks! I'm excited to be back / get started!

  • vizma bruns

    Hope you will use the mini orange boekie for tiny drawings, perhaps! Don't be scared to use it!

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    Glad the baggie boekie arrived, take as long as you wish to add 'n add :-)

    (even until Christmas, no hurry).

    'just knew you would like the pink elephant...and the cats washi!

    Isn't Benjamin Franklin too funny? Ha!

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    The "minion" is a magnet...for the fridge,


    also can be clipped on a page as a book mark!

    (Clever little UHU!)

    The store in my seaside village only had three of these...you  got one :-)


    Glad you like the animals!

  • Keith S. Chambers

    Hi Heleen, glad to know the envelope made it's way to you and that you are enjoying the contents. No worries about getting anything back at me in any pressed time . . . next week, next month, next year [we're almost there], or the next blue moon . . . I've no expectations, so only if you have the time and desire. Peace out . . . K.

  • Karalie

    Thanks for blogging!  Happy you noticed the bird theme with the stamps! :O)

  • Ptrzia (TICTAC)

    hi Heleen, so nice of you. thank you very much! i owe you mailart...since the last experiment gone wrong. i sent you a banana case anonimously like the one i received... ;-)

    my side of the postal system seems to 'seriously' lack of sense of humour. sad.


  • Ptrzia (TICTAC)

    oh my...it looks like i missed your post! but for some unknown reason it's a year notification from the groups i belong to in iuoma go on and off. so if now and then i don't do a little tour around to check what's new i miss events, blogs etc.. "my punishment" for not being so active here :-)) anyways thank you for the cool post!! i was waiting and hoping you got mine to connect it with yours http://tac-tictac.blogspot.de/2016/05/blog-post_29.html

    i really got angry at the post system...as the employee was reluctant to accept it and i thought they ditched it afterwards. 

    !!good to know they didn't!!

  • Dimitra Papatheodorou

    Hello, I have not a deadline to altered book pages project but I can say 2 months from now is ok to give time to everyone to send back their pages. If pages are  back to me earlier I will take some photos from the collaborative art book . Thank you for your participation.

  • stripygoose

    Hi Heleen - thank you for the Happy Year of the Rooster card - it's beautiful. blogged here in a tiny pop-up gallery. I love your new project with the staring girl and am pondering it right now :>)

  • stripygoose

    ...and the stripy envelope!

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)


    see the blog:

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    The Mystery of the ORANGE Creature!

    (from the markers/stampers that you sent me)

    maybe someone at Orange Lovers can tell us what it is?

  • Terry Reid

    Well, Heleen, my best to MomKat when best next you write.

  • stripygoose

    Welcome to the migration Heleen!

  • Rachel

    Hi Heleen! Bedankt voor de superleuke snailmail! Het was echt heel leuk om zulke post te krijgen! Nu moet ik mijn enveloppen gaan pimpen :-) 

  • FinnBadger

    Glad both items made it to you. :)

  • Kayenderes

    I would like to swap some mail with you.  Can you accept me and also let me know.  I was at Women Congress back in Amsterdam a few years back.  thank you

  • Kayenderes

    Called World Womens Book Fair

  • Mail Art Martha

    This is Kevin our regular postman and honorary Mail Artist. He takes a keen interest in what he delivers. And yes I agree Clowns were frightening when I was  a kid and now I do not find them funny at all. Slapstick humour is not my thing. The idea was Jack's and I do anything for a laugh so I agreed. It was a great experience of mail art collaboration and I enjoyed it very much. 

    Here is Kevin. I made a stamp 

  • jimmyconnors

    Hey, the address is now officially fine. Unfortunately, at least one of the postal workers deliberately refused to place things addressed to Jimmy Connors (pictured); she was even able to make the connection between the P.O. Box number and the name (almost at least) when asked. Well, according to the contract she had every right to act that way as Jimmy Connors was no offical user of the P.O. Box. Why some of the letters that were addressed to Jimmy Connors c/o F. Schneider were also returned and others have been delivered even when addressed to some other completely different names I can only speculate. I'll post what I have received before and after mentioning the addressee - when I'll find the time.

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    Wow...thanks for blogging, Heleen, 'tis a great blog you have!

    i always try to add an animal somewhere on the mail art/envelope 

    when i send to you :-) 'Love all the critters you create too:

  • jimmyconnors

    hey, inhabitant of Postbus 581, your letter to the inhabitant of Postfach 100749 has arrived. I have to wait some time until I open  the original letter though because I like those Deutsche Post plastic covers so much.

  • stripygoose

    You're welcome - and as many people say to me - no rush!
    Have a nice day :>)
  • Kevin Geronimo Brandtner

    Hey Heleen! Thank you for your welcome :)

    Great that you are interested in the bookmark heads project! I will send you some heads as soon as possible :)

    All the Best Geronimo

  • Chorianopoulou Maria

    Hi!It will be a real pleasure to receive your mail art for my Project THE POST!
    Maria from Greece!

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    Happy Happy February! Thank you so much, Heleen!


    Happy February from Heleen!

  • Kevin Geronimo Brandtner

    Thank you very much Heleen! I really love them!

  • K Rolina Artist

    You are welcome Heleen!

  • Toni Hanner -- tonipoet

    Heleen, thank you for the collab Banana Post you sent to Kat and she passed on to me! Minions, bananas, bananas, bananas! So much fun!

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    HAPPY EASTER, to you and  the family, Heleen!

    glad my goodies arrived on time!

  • xx Jones

    Hi Helen, thank you, I am glad you got my mail and liked it! 

    Oh, it would be great to get a cow sometime, but no rush ...

    I've been very slow myself!

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    What a nice friendly owl!

    'love it! Many thanks xxx

  • Bill Porter

    Heleen,  Glad that you'd like to work on a "trees" A&P, it will be on it's way to you shortly. Thank you!  ~Bill @ The Olathe Poste

  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin

    Hello Heleen

    I send you a collage in the framework of the program ADD & PASS. Please add and send on.

    With good wishes in the new year,

  • Norma Soulet

    Hi Heleen,

    Yes, please send me the Add N' Pass.



  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin

    Dear Heleen

    Thank. Returning the collage to Moscow would have had meaning if there was still free space on the paper sheet. I could complete the collage and send it to Brazil.

    Or do you fill in the sheet yourself with signs?

  • Eduardo Cardoso

    Hello Heleen. My profile is up to date. The address I have there is the current one. See you in the mail. :)

  • Bill Porter

    Hi Heleen, thanks for letting me know about the A&P. To answer your question, send it on to whomever you like.  ~Bill@The Olathe Poste

  • Lorella

    Thanks for your help Heleen .

  • Mary Anne

    an envelope for Hannah's Birthday Box posted to Heleen today but it was severely 'labelled' by the P.O. clerk so heaven knows when it will arrive . . .

  • Carien van Hest

    Dank je wel, Heleen! 

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    Bananas...on Onion Rings are blogged :-)

    Thank you, Heleen xxx

  • Mark Rossmiller, Ph.D.

    Can you direct me to the guinea pigs?