• Envelopes

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    Share envelopes you really like, special envelopes received or sent. (Photo: mail art from Richard Baudet)

  • Smiles & Smirks

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    Art with a measure of humour is required by Walmarth Corporation for its chain of supermarkets, located in the Queendom of Retailia and in Cascadia Artpost. Through this collaboration Cascadia Artpost and Mail Art Martha are continuing to give impulse to Trashpo, the artistic vision of Diane Keys. …

  • Magpies, Ravens, and Crows--Oh My!

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    I'd love to make and trade art featuring corvids (the fancy name for the crow family). I know there are crow lovers out there! Get in touch. CAW!

  • Fluxus

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    post your Fluxus - remix/collaborate with others

  • Thee Add & Pass Book Club

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    A place to collaborate and organize group add & pass books. This group is for anyone interested in starting & participating in add & pass books/booklets. 

  • tsundoku

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    as one so afflicted, here's a group for people who use books for mail art purposes or even just labor under the yoke of book addiction, those yearning masses who amass books intended for reading but which, mostly just pile up.

  • Ask Anything

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    There are a lot of basic questions on Mail Art that are often asked and answered. This group might be the first place to look for answers. I will do my best to answer, but hope that other members can help out as well.

  • Mail Art UK

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    I'm just interested to see how many mail artists in the UK right now. Are you one?


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    Em Visconde de Mauá um destino para seus arquivos postais. #salãoARTEcorreios

  • wabi-sabi art

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    qui pubblicherò solo quello che accade nelle mie performances in "wabi-sabi art" here I will publish only what happens in my performances in "wabi-sabi art"                                                            riangreen

  • Journal

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    Let's create a digital journal of handwritten notes by members of IUOMA! Upload one (and only one) page of your own handwriting to this group's main message thread as your submission, then invite your friends to do the same! Please note : only handwritten contributions please!


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    Z Y X W V U T S R Q P O N M L K I H G F E D C B ? repeated 4 times

  • Pollinators

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    No Pollinators, no food.  A group celebrating pollinators of all kinds.  free medium. The Bee and Insect Pollinators, Bird, Lizard, Bat, opossum, Butterfly, wasp, beetle.....

  • ArtiStamps Creators

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    A Group for all that love and make artistamps. Stories, concepts, special issues, All there is to know

  • Victorian Christmas

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    Continuing the Victorian tradition of a Ghostly, Gothic Christmas, a darker, interpretation of the holiday, older, more fundamental: winter, death, rebirth. There’s no need to give up spooky after Halloween.


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    "WHO KNEW MICHAEL VOO DOO?" is the question that appeared on the edge of an envelope that I received from Adam Roussopoulos (detail pictured to the left), and after finding out just a handful of facts, I'd like to know more about this enigmatic mail artist. Michael Voo Doo was a prolific mid-1980s …

  • A Touch of Vintage

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    Are you drawn to vintage magazines, photos and ephemera? Do you tend to incorporate vintage and retro elements into your art? Do you find yourself buying vintage inspired materials at your favorite arts and crafts store? If so, this group is for you!

  • Used Containers

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    post here your used containers dishes to be washed -paint cans - empty boxes any container for anything !! let's make to see where life has passed !!!

  • Belgium Ambassade IUOMA

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    The Belgian Embassy for Mail-Artists. For Belgian Mail-Artists and their friends and neighbours.


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