• Horses

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    a horse is a horse of course of course...

  • Orange lovers

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    When I was preparing this mail to send to two Orange lovers, I found out that there still is no IUOMA-group for Orange lovers. So here it is! If Orange is your favourite colour, and if you want to share Orange mail with the world: join! (by the way, my favourite colour is Turquoise...) Bewaren


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    A group for those who enjoy simple mail art.

  • Magpies, Ravens, and Crows--Oh My!

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    I'd love to make and trade art featuring corvids (the fancy name for the crow family). I know there are crow lovers out there! Get in touch. CAW!

  • Informal Art Exchange

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    No calls, no deadlines, no themes, just a place to share your art in an informal way. By joining this group you indicate you are willing to exchange art by mail with the other members. The only expectation is to use common courtesy. Let's have fun!

  • Greek Embassy

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    A Place for the Greek and Greek-friendly minded IUOMA-members

  • Visual Poetry

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    Esa otra manera de expresarnos...... Another way to express yourself

  • Fluxus Bucks Creators

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    'Fluxus Buck' is an artistic project from Julie Jefferies aka. ex posto facto (U.S.A.) which she started in 1994. A 'Fluxus Buck' is an artists' banknote which she distributed into the Mail-Art network. Others created Fluxus Bucks as well

  • ArtiStamps Creators

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    A Group for all that love and make artistamps. Stories, concepts, special issues, All there is to know

  • Pacific Northwest Mail Artists

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    This group is for mail artists in the northwest corner of the U.S. and British Columbia.  Exchange mail art with your region's artists and maybe meet in person.  We are planning quarterly meetings in the Seattle area where we will make mail art together and share what we are working on, as well as …

  • Journal

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    Let's create a digital journal of handwritten notes by members of IUOMA! Upload one (and only one) page of your own handwriting to this group's main message thread as your submission, then invite your friends to do the same! Please note : only handwritten contributions please!


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    Z Y X W V U T S R Q P O N M L K I H G F E D C B ? repeated 4 times


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     AKA Anna Banana Appreciation Band (ABAB) The theme is Bananas & Anna Banana.  Many of our members are « bananas » themselves, others are »fruity », a few are « nutty », and one is completely « ape ». If you are none of these, don’t worry we can help you with specially designed projects and exams …

  • Mail-Art Projects List

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    This is group for all general Mail-Art Projects. Includes a link to a blog where 99 authors publish their projects. Want to see all projects: follow the link for Website. Please only comments about mail-art projects or announcements. Other comments will be removed.


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    "WHO KNEW MICHAEL VOO DOO?" is the question that appeared on the edge of an envelope that I received from Adam Roussopoulos (detail pictured to the left), and after finding out just a handful of facts, I'd like to know more about this enigmatic mail artist. Michael Voo Doo was a prolific mid-1980s …

  • Belgium Ambassade IUOMA

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    The Belgian Embassy for Mail-Artists. For Belgian Mail-Artists and their friends and neighbours.

  • caffè Italia

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    Cari Amici, visto che esistono altri gruppi dedicati a una nazione, vorrei tentarne uno per L'Italia, non per isolarci ma per restare in contatto noi col resto del mondo.  vi abbraccio , bruno cassaglia ps miei blogs: brunocassaglia.blogspot.com

  • All About Birthdays

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    Birthdays are a wonderful thing.  My birthday has been highlighted this year with all sorts of Birthday wishes from fellow IUOMA members.  I want to be able to send and surprise my friends on their special days too but it is hard with friends all over the world and only one day notice. This will be…


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    SCRABBLE. A game for anyone. Family- and people- oriented. Timless. Peaceful. Social. Lockdown acttivity. MAIL ART A passtime for anyone. Artist- and people-oriented. Timeless. Peaceful. Social. Lockdown activity. And now.... Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys, Artistes and Artistes.... SCRABBLE…

  • 26 Boxes, an Envelope &

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    A 26 week postal dance being  choreographed by mail - with the intent to cross art forms and metaphors. On 26 December 2020, there were 26 named boxes waiting to be filled, emptied, refilled, delivered, maybe thrown away. 24 were sent out in envelopes. 21 have been returned. Some are moving back an…