• The air you breathe. O ar que respiras.

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    The air that you breathe and that all other life forms share in our biosphere.

  • exchange "faces"

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    Do you collect free post cards! Do you want to exchange them with one with a face on it? Then, send me as much as you want of any free post card you have or you can find and i will sent you back one with a face on it!

  • Asemic Writing for Mail-Artists

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    Asemic writing for mail-artists

  • Architecture/Architectural

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    I have found architecture and architectural elements fascinating for as long as I can remember. And was surprised there was no group already created that revolves around this topic or these images.  Open to anything revolving around architecture/buildings/or the elements that make up these parts of…


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  • Group for Cat-Lovers

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    A group for people who love Cats -- everyone's invited to join, and their cats, of course. We welcome all Cat lovers and any and all Mail Art that features anything about Cats or Kats. Group formerly known as Katerina Nikoltsou.

  • Facebook on IUOMA

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    Post a link to this group in your facebook timeline: https://iuoma-network.ning.com/group/facebook-on-iuoma/

  • ADD & PASS

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    This group is for members to connect with other members who are willing to send and receive Add & Pass mailart. It is not project specific, but rather simply for finding individuals who are willing to receive and forward miscellaneous items. Please join and include your address. Feel free to add ph…


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    Are you addicted?Do you have a problem? Here at the collage club we can help you. A problem shared is a problem halved . A virtual COLLAGIST ANONYMOUS. This is the place to post all your collages collaborations & cut n paste madness ... Who is your favourite collage artist? What glue do you favou…

  • Black and white

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    A group devoted to the art of trees: free medium. Without trees the world would be dead and a place of disaster. With trees the world can tackle global warming. Hug a tree and you hug the earth, you hug yourself and your neighbors. Without trees, no love! Without love, no trees. A sequel to the mai…

  • Monster Party! - Monstrous Mail Art

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    This group is all about Monsters sent through the mail. If you are sending creatures, or receive a nasty one, we want to see it.

  • Hand Made Postcards

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    Hand Made Postcard Exchange. Please no commercial postcards. Categories / media - drawing, painting, watercolor, print making, mixed media, original photograph. Mailed postcards have an advantage being postmarked they record the time and place where created. Note: pastel, collage and embellishments…

  • Post-It

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    A group for those too cheap to buy ATC cardstock.


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    SCRABBLE. A game for anyone. Family- and people- oriented. Timless. Peaceful. Social. Lockdown acttivity. MAIL ART A passtime for anyone. Artist- and people-oriented. Timeless. Peaceful. Social. Lockdown activity. And now.... Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys, Artistes and Artistes.... SCRABBLE…

  • Pawel Petasz (1951-2019)

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    On Facebook I read: "Sad news about Pawel Petasz in Poland died in April. No idea this had happened. No mention of it on FaceBook as far as i know? He did some wonderful mail art and will be greatly missed." published by Michael Leigh (UK) This group is made to honor him and to share some things t…

  • DECOS - Do you miss them?

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    Do you miss Decos? What’s a DECO? It’s a sort of mail art friendship book, but with a theme. Each book has around 6 to 10 pages inside and a THEME. You do a page according to your art style and following the theme, and you mail it to another DECO person. It’s like an ADD/PASS, in a way. When it’s f…

  • Michael Scott

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    11th Hour Pagescapes and other work relating to the mail artist Michael Scott who lived in Leeds. U.K. and was active throughout the 70's and 80's.

  • Hannah Höch (fan club)

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    Some mail artists add a stamp print to their mail art, saying 'Hannah Hoch Fan Club'. Until I received these stamp prints I never had heard of this artist, who was born 1st of November 1889. She has been a collage / photomontage pioneer. She was part of the Dada movement and also became involved in…

  • Gothic/Halloween/Horror Themed Mail Art

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    Love all things Gothic? Halloween? Creepy? Crawly? Horror? Lets create some weird and wonderful mail art that might be slightly spooky....