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    This Group celebtrates Boring, ordinary, dull, commercial Postcards that feature aspects of our everyday life – such as streets, roads, houses -- and are, in a strange way, interesting because they are so uninteresting. Join in and share your Postcards of our Boring world.

  • exchange "faces"

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    Do you collect free post cards! Do you want to exchange them with one with a face on it? Then, send me as much as you want of any free post card you have or you can find and i will sent you back one with a face on it!

  • Feel Mail

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    Mail that wants to be touched. Whether it is a soft fabric or a stimulating material, such as paper fiber or metal, whether it feels smooth or ribbed, anything goes as long it's inviting to your fingers!


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    Call them circles, call them dots, use a hole punch, use a template, draw them, scribble them, paint them, collage them. This is all about circles and how we make use of them.

  • Digital Mailart

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    post your digital mail art here

  • Test Tower (1953-2018)

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    Received this news today (19-1-2020) from Jack Latteman: Dear mail art friends,   Several mail artists have asked me recently what has happened to Test Tower, also known as Ron Stenberg, who most recently lived in Chehalis, Washington, USA, about 30 miles from Cascadia Artpost in Olympia. Thanks t…


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    "WHO KNEW MICHAEL VOO DOO?" is the question that appeared on the edge of an envelope that I received from Adam Roussopoulos (detail pictured to the left), and after finding out just a handful of facts, I'd like to know more about this enigmatic mail artist. Michael Voo Doo was a prolific mid-1980s …

  • Architecture/Architectural

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    I have found architecture and architectural elements fascinating for as long as I can remember. And was surprised there was no group already created that revolves around this topic or these images.  Open to anything revolving around architecture/buildings/or the elements that make up these parts of…


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  • IUOMA backgrounds

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    On this website there is Always a basic image that forms the background image of the website.It used to be the orange IUOMA sticker, and end 2012 I used the IUOMA snow logo by one of the member. Please upload images in this groups I could consider using as a background. I also appreciate if you pub…

  • All About Birthdays

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    Birthdays are a wonderful thing.  My birthday has been highlighted this year with all sorts of Birthday wishes from fellow IUOMA members.  I want to be able to send and surprise my friends on their special days too but it is hard with friends all over the world and only one day notice. This will be…

  • Mail Art UK

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    I'm just interested to see how many mail artists in the UK right now. Are you one?

  • Pawel Petasz (1951-2019)

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    On Facebook I read: "Sad news about Pawel Petasz in Poland died in April. No idea this had happened. No mention of it on FaceBook as far as i know? He did some wonderful mail art and will be greatly missed." published by Michael Leigh (UK) This group is made to honor him and to share some things t…

  • Hand-Carved Rubber Stamps

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  • tsundoku

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    as one so afflicted, here's a group for people who use books for mail art purposes or even just labor under the yoke of book addiction, those yearning masses who amass books intended for reading but which, mostly just pile up.

  • Tristan Da Cunha Permanent Exibition Supporting Group

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    Helping to Start a Permanent exhibition on the Island most  Far and isolated on  the planet  TRISTAN DA CUNHA Please send one of your Art Work to : Post Office & Philatelic Bureau Tristan da Cunha, TDCU 1ZZ South Atlantic Ocean

  • Conceptual Mail Art Projects

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    This is a place for listing mail art project ideas – however impossible, theoretical or incomplete they might be. Think of it as an archive or a dumping ground for projects that haven’t yet or cannot, practically speaking, be realised. Think of it also as a bank of ideas that may inspire  other mai…

  • Embassy of Occussi-Ambeno

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    A group for Occussian artists and philatelists, and for all who enjoy the stamps of the Sultanate of Occussi-Ambeno.

  • friends of Guido

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    on this the daye of his birth... a friends of Guido group ... gone but not forgotten .... share your memories here ...


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