David Chirot (xxxx-2021)

Group for the works of David Chirot with links to publications, texts, etc.

Sad enough in June I got the news he passed away.

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  • Bradford

    Sad to hear, great that you honor him so, and thanks for letting us know.

  • De Villo Sloan

    Many friends are doing various things to remember David Chirot and gather his work, which is widely dispersed.

    I am gathering, editing (when needed), all David's work he contributed to Asemic Front. I'll be posting these as I get them done for those who might want to see or save David's work. 


  • De Villo Sloan

    Here is a link to another recent piece on David Chirot:

    This is by USA poet Jerome Rothenberg at the online journal Jacket


    This is interesting because Jerome Rothenberg is a poet of note who is one of the few avant poets who was linked to the old Fluxus. Jerome championed David's work. I think JR was someone who understood the significance of what David was doing.

    So anyway - Thank You Jerome Rothenberg, you champion of the New Poetry, teller of Tales of Beatnik Glory - I salute you Brother!