Rain Rien (1950-2013)

From Rain Rien's partner:
Rain Rodgers (Rain Rien) has completed his journey on earth now... he left about 11:30 this morning (24-10-2013). He had a peaceful night, after such a long struggle with colon cancer. I miss him so much already.
I know many people have been touched by his big heart, wild creativity, and generous spirit. I am happy that he is at peace now.
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  • Bradford

    This is an email from the old Yaywho! group, "rainriensgroup", dated 25 FEB 2004: 

    stop sending me these fuckin Emails your some how sending them to Kevin@kevincarmodyart.comSTOP IT!
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    From: eva porate
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    Hi Joe, I just have to say that the young "Lady" in the 3rd panel of your triptych does certainly
    look as though she is enjoying herself! Is this  part of a series that you are working on? Also
    what kind of code are you using. Translation is impossible at this point.
    Are you aware that your last name comes up as Jamaica on spell check . HA


  • Jennifer Kosharek

    I miss Rain daily... we used to communicate through facebook and the mail. He was such a kind human.  

  • Bradford

    I enjoyed his eBay lots.  He'd take something from his archive, copy/alter said copy and list it in a most amusing way then expect folks to pose questions to him about the lot. 

    The interplay was always a blend of manic, droll, and surreal notions.  I used to have an archive of said eBay activity, my questions as a potential bidder and his replies.  I bought several of his lots and always paid in a convoluted Mail Art way (before PayPal was mandatory).  His comments were always cherished.