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I love the idea of making something and immediately sending it away to someone, for free, for fun. I usually take a day or less to make my cards and it suits my short attention span. It's very gratifying to hear that someone was both surprised and pleased by their small gift. I also like the occasional collaboration with other mail artists.
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814 Jackies Lane
Eugene, OR 97404

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  • ArtbyJac

    Thank you for the jams. I will work on em after I move in a few weeks. 

  • Ann Golden

    Want to finish my part of the trio you sent. Need to now if Background is SE Asian or ?. For selection of collage elements.

  • Gail Anderson

    Just wanted to let you know that I received your "Oh! Happy Day! card today and love it!  As for my maiden name of Coots, I have been researching some family history on  Through their family tree feature, I traced that part of our family back to Scotland.  Originally, the name was Coutts.  Then there was a huge family fight, and some of the members of the Coutts family came to the United States and the name was changed to Coots.  I remember my Dad telling me about this years ago, but it didn't seem real to me until I saw it for myself in the family tree.

    All of our immediate family has taken the DNA test from Ancestry.  Earlier this year, my husband was contacted by a half brother named Michael.  We had heard rumors about the existence of a kid outside of the family fathered by my husband's Dad, but until the DNA tests were taken, we didn't have any proof.  Michael has met my father-in-law and hopes to meet our family this summer.  Our family is talking about going out to California on vacation, but we haven't made any definite plans just yet.  My father-in-law and his wife live in Goleta, California, which is right outside Santa Barbara.  Michael and his family live in Madera, California, which is about 4 hours away from Goleta.

    My husband will be home soon, so I better sign off.  Sorry that I haven't made any ATCs for the Facebook group, but work has been busier than usual.  However, I do enjoy looking at the ATCs that other people in the group have done. Talk to you later. - Gail Anderson