Toni Hanner -- tonipoet


Eugene, OR

United States

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I love the idea of making something and immediately sending it away to someone, for free, for fun. I usually take a day or less to make my cards and it suits my short attention span. It's very gratifying to hear that someone was both surprised and pleased by their small gift. I also like the occasional collaboration with other mail artists.
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814 Jackies Lane
Eugene, OR 97404

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  • Gail Anderson

    Thank you so much for the little card pieces!  Very nice!  I'll send something to you soon. - Gail Anderson

  • Mail Art Martha

    Toni, thank you for a beautiful postcard.

    Yes I do like postage stamps and did some collages including stamps too. It was fun.You have reminded me and I shall do some more.

  • Mikel Untzilla