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Minneapolis, MN

United States

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February 2014
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[UPDATE as of December 2019: (Then Revised December 2021)
I have SUCKED at mail arting for the past 4 to 5 years. I haven't been able to make it, send it, open it, post pictures or blogs about it, respond to it...life has changed significantly. I'm clearly unable to get back on a steady roll. I'm popping in and doing a Wreck this Journal (by US Postal MAIL!) art project right now, which is the only mail art I can commit to - but it's REALLY FUN AND COOL.]

What my bio USED TO SAY prior to 2019:
I like art, that of others and also making it. It's hard for me to make anything without knowing that it will have a place to go, so mail art motivates me by giving me a project with a purpose. Getting surprises in the mail ain't too shabby of a benefit, either.

When I started in mail art I made a lot of carefully cut collage postcards, which was fun, helped loosen me up and build my confidence. I now enjoy making and receiving original hand drawn or hand painted art, fun little doodles, sketches, drawings that take longer to complete, copies of zines, hand carved rubber stamp prints and lino / wood block prints.

Please don't be shy, I don't think you have to consider yourself "good" at drawing / painting or have ever even spent a lot of time practicing in order to doodle out and color a postcard that will delight me. My heart sings when I see people’s free hand drawings / paintings / carves, they are wonderful eye candy to me.

My mail art is often light hearted or whimsical, I hope to bring a smile and positive feelings to the recipient and also to focus my own mind in a happy direction while I create. I sometimes let myself make political or societal statements with mail art as well, though I walk a fine line trying not to bum the recipient out without offering some type of solution or hope in how we can make the world a better place.
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  • SaraMarie Bottaro

    It would be wonderful to swap zines with you!

  • Sabrina S

    Hi Gnome, I wanted to send you a surprise Mail Art but then I found out: there is no address! Noooooooo! If you want something pls let me know your address. :)

  • Sabela Baña

    Yes.Merry Christmas