Pam McVay


Nine Mile Falls, WA

United States

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http://I don't have one
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I love exchanging art with people all over the world.
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16862 N Hummingbird Lane
Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026

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  • Bonniediva

    Pam! The elephant heart you sent me is so wonderful! I posted it on the homepage! Big hugs! Bonnie


    Hello PAM, Than you very much , is beautiful. C'est une merveilleuse peinture que vous m'avez envoyée.Je l'adore!!!Quelle grande artiste vous etes. Mille mercis. A bientôt .mARTine LATRILLE

  • Sabrina S

    Thank you, I'm delighted, Pam. Also a good day for you and have a lovely weekend. :)

  • Gail Anderson

    I've accepted your friend request, and have some art that will go in the mail to you in the next day or two.

    As far as the orchid house goes, I do not live there.  It was painted like this in 2003 to protest a local ordinance in Lubbock that says "No more than two unrelated people can live together."  The house has long since been repainted a normal color and the protesters have moved on.  And the ordinance is still in effect in Lubbock today.

    In addition to mail art, I'm involved in Postcrossing, a postcard exchange.  I have that same house picture on Postcrossing. One Postcrossing member from Louisiana told me that the house had the same colors - purple and yellow - as Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

    Looking forward to exchanging mail art with you. - Gail Anderson

  • Maria Consuelo Guacuto Blanco

    Hi Gail

    I invite you Nuevo%20Provecto%20ARTE%20CORREO.docx

    I would love your participation


  • Deanna Doyle

    Thanks for the friend add Pam. I just sent you an A&P started by Bill Porter. I hope that ok.

  • Fast Eyes

    Hi Pam, Gin said she was sending one of Jon’s A&P books. If you haven’t decided where you’re sending it next, I’d be happy to have it.
  • Fast Eyes

    Thanks so much Pam.
  • Fast Eyes

    Thank friend.
  • Fast Eyes

    Oops- thanks.
  • Amy Irwen

    Hi Pam...thank you!

  • Amy Irwen

    Wonderful Pam...thanks for the heads up !

  • Fast Eyes

    I picked up mail today - Jon’s book - and your piece is beautiful. Enjoyed the adds. Thanks!
  • Edna Toffoli

    I loved Pam! here anxious and happy!

  • Edna Toffoli

    Hi Pam, we received your mail art and loved your participation. Thank you.

  • jon foster

    Thanks for your interest.

  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin

    Thank you.


  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin

    Thank you!

  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin




    I sent you a collage to the specified address.

  • Sabela Baña

    Pam Thanks for you wonderfull mail art. I send you mail art I hope you received soon. Pleas when I received sen me e-mail.The best wishes. 

  • Edna Toffoli

    Hi Pam, Today we get beautiful surprises !!!!
    Thank you

  • Sabela Baña

    Pam, I like you are received. Thanks

  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin

  • Yayoi S.W.

    Glad to hear it made it to you!

  • emily louise

    happy to exchange mail art--it may take me a while, I'm very behind in my mail art but will send you something eventually.

  • Terry Owenby

    Hello Pam, I'm sorry for how long it took me to respond to your message. I'm a little slow in sending mail art right now but perhaps after the first of the year? I'd love to trade postcards or ATCs, whatever you like. Just let me know. :-) Thanks.

  • Grethe Bjørnhaug

    Hello Pam. Thank you so much for your beautiful card I received a few days ago. I have sent something to you today. Grethe 

  • Bill Porter

    Thank you, Pam, for your kind words and for the friendship. I hope that you enjoy the book as much as I did. Have a marvelous day!  ~Bill @ The Olathe Poste

  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin

    Letter returned from the USA.
    I will send again.

  • Edna Toffoli

    Hello Pam, thank you for another participation. About the books, unfortunately I do not read very well in English, but thank you. The mail art work has helped me a lot with the teaching of art in the classroom. Best regards.

  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin

    Hi Pam,

    Did my collage deliver to you? I sent it again.

  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin

    Yes, I write your address just like that. Someday in the future I will write 99026-9390

    The first time the US Postal Service returned my letter. The second time ... for the time being it is not clear ... Sorry if they destroyed the collage. 

    We will wait! Have a nice winter!

  • Amy Irwen

  • Judy Staroscik

    Pam, Glad you like my mail art.


    JUDY and JOEY

  • Sabela Baña

    Hola, when I received send you e-mail. Thanks I hope.

  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin

    I am very grateful to you for the wonderful watercolor drawing and all the other gifts that you generously presented. Thank!
    I love this elegant envelope decorated with you, carefully collected postage stamps. The spirit of art and the spirit of spring - how close it is! Let the meadows of creativity flourish.

  • Sabela Baña

    Pam Very thanks for you wonderfull mail art. I send you the tree  I hope received soon

  • Jayne Barket Lyons

    Hi Pam! Finally blogged about your card. Mail being sent to you this week. Happy Spring!

  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin

    I wish you a good spring! Let all the powers of Heaven and earth smile to you now.

  • Cherub Ayers

    Putting art in the mailbox for you now!

  • Charlotte Geister

    Hi Pam, Iam happy that you like the print! thanks for your friendship!


  • Cherub Ayers

    Thank you Pam for the wonderful, detailed post card!  

    I put s postcard In the mail for you today!

  • Patricio - The Celestial Scribe

    To become your IUOMA friend sounds much more celestial than to be a celestial scribe. 

  • Patricio - The Celestial Scribe

    The huge Nine Mile Falls-Republik van Patland geographical gap does not longer exist.  Thank you very much for your mail art.  It´s time for this scribe to do homework.  Best from Patland

  • Heleen de Vaan

    Thank you very much, Pam, for your beautiful Owl!

    I've posted it in the zentangle-doodle group,

    Due to some family circumstances I am very much behind in replying (so please have some patience in waiting for my mail art reply), also I'm behind in blogging in my animals-website  (I hope to be back there later this year), and I hope to post your great owl there in some months from now, too.

  • Susan Gnaedinger

    I so enjoyed receiving your envelope!!!!!!!!!!!...

  • Susan Gnaedinger

    I posted mail art to you today. I was a little slow at getting it posted....

  • Charlotte Geister

    Hi dear Pam, please don't bother! I just enjoy getting a card from you ! Hugs back and I hope your fingers get better!


  • Charlotte Geister

    Hi Pam, your delicate Feather arrived with the fine colours! Thanks so much! 


  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin

    Dear Pam,


    I am very grateful to you for the artistic message with the ocean, fish, with all the beauty of nature! It's fine.